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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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((Maybe her being taken away? Or go back to the restaurant to check after waiting so long. Up to you. =D You can interpret it in any way you like. Hmm....if Marie-Alison had died just then, then it would have been the end of this RP. =[ ))

11/26/2009 #121
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After waiting about ten minutes Liam started to look for her. He saw a man draging somthing away from the door..wait, someone! Marrie-Alison! "Hey!" he shouted, running after them.

11/26/2009 #122

He heard the exclamation and began to run with her. He watched her soft and gentle face, giving him more confidence, determination to get away. No! I've lost you before and I WILL NOT lose you again!

He attempted to turn round sharp corners and lose whoever it was behind him. It felt easy, she was too light. It's sweet to know she still has MY rose. He smiled to himself as he increased his pace.

((Are you going to catch him now or lose her and then search for her again? The police not being much of a help so Liam's perseverance will find her?))

11/26/2009 #123
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liam puffed on after him. I've got to save her! He'll probily rape and kill her! I've got too!

11/26/2009 #124

He had thought about this possible issue beforehand. Ha! It's a little too suspicious holding a person and walking around like this. He turned a final block corner to his ready waiting car. He gently placed her into the passenger seat, threw the bag into the back and revved up the engine. Bye! He laughed to himself and silently applauded the try. She's MINE.

11/26/2009 #125
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Liam tryed to leep and grab the car bumper

11/26/2009 #126

"Crazy shit!" He cursed as he watched the insane boy in the rear view mirror. He continued to swerve and kicked the car into full throttle.

((Find her and save her after he gets away. Adds more time for build up and a reason for her to thank Liam more later. =]))

11/26/2009 #127
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He coldn't keep hold and rolled into the street.Watching the car gun out of his sight he scooped himself up and ran after the car. There was blood in his mouth and a tooth was missing.

(If i were the evil guy, I'd throw the car in reverse a few times right now :o)

11/26/2009 #128

"This guy just won't stay down!" He turned an eye to Marie-Alison. "Like no-one would do anything for you.." He slammed the gear into reverse for just one hit on the boy, knocking him down and finally able to speed away. He wasn't sure if he was dead, but frankly, he didn't care. Like he'd be able to find us again anyway.

((=] Suggestion acknowledged. =D But I feel really evil for doing so. D=))

11/26/2009 #129
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Liam flew back and hit the ground, but he froced himself to ignore the agany his body was in and ran.

11/26/2009 #130

He'd seen the boy get up from quite a large distance behind. He ignored him now that he just drove on. We shouldn't waste a single moment together. He's wasted enough. He laughed at the sight of his 'reinforcements', a police car that stopped at the sight of the state of the boy. He knew he'd made it and never had he been so pleased with the law.

The police car stopped in front of Liam as an officer came out. "H-hold it there. Are you okay?" He frowned at the state of him.

Eventually he left the car at a ditch whilst he picked up and carried Marie-Alison the rest of the way into the warehouse. Home. Not the best for a princess, but in time you can have it all. He carefully placed her on the metal bed and cursed to himself as he had to tie her up.He knew that there would be at some point a struggle and she would try to run, there was no choice, but he hated the deed.

11/26/2009 #131
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Liam ignored the cop and ran in the derection the car had gone.

11/26/2009 . Edited 11/26/2009 #132

"Hey!!" The officer called out but just watched in shock and confusion as the boy darted in the direction.

Marie-Alison slowly opened her eyes, confused and dazed. She couldn't tell where she was or why she was there. She felt noxious and dizzy when sudden panic washed over her as she couldn't move her arms or legs. A shiver ran down her spine at a sudden familiar voice and the face of the man she had known.


"You look ever more beautiful everytime I see you. And I see you haven't forgotten me, in your diary, my rose." He stroked her cheek gently. "Don't worry, I would never leave you again..." He found just her presence so alluring he began to move closer, round her, touch her.


Marie-Alison kicked but couldn't scream because of the lump in her throat. She didn't understand what he was trying to do but she didn't like it. She felt the tears stream down her face as she felt it all at once, she couldn't control it and she felt herself break down at the thought of no escape.


He pressed his lips along her, whispering as he felt her struggle. "You still don't understand the love I feel for you, do you? Let me explain it clearly in the simplest of ways...."

11/26/2009 #133

((lol, I cut it down or it would have dragged on for ages. =] It'll be good if Liam walks in this point.))

11/26/2009 #134
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The door brust open and Liam charged in, balling his fist and trusting it forward.

11/26/2009 #135

Marie-Alison jumped at the sudden noise, shaking, she pressed her eyes together tight as tears continued to stream down. I can't see anything anyway, what difference would it make?

He turned around in anger at the interruption but not quick enough to react. He felt the force of the blow and toppled back but immediately got back in an upright position, glaring at the boy.

11/27/2009 #136
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He tried to punch him again and again,he would keep flighting until he was dead. I gotta save my girl! girl?

11/27/2009 #137

He felt the constant pounding but stopped one blow for a moment and grabbed Liam by the top. "You are one stubborn boy! SHE BELONGS WITH ME!" He began to thrust Liam against the back of the wall. Seeing the state he's in, no way can he fight anymore.

He gave one hard kick at Liam before moving quickly back to Marie-Alison, ignoring him. He began to run his bloody hands up her legs as he held the other hand beneath her neck, raising her enough to crush his lips against hers. He was enjoying every moment he could, ignoring the annoying, minor distractions.

Marie-Alison finally screamed and sobbed at the feeling of the cold, damp hands and a sudden force against her mouth. Leave me alone....I don't want to know....I want to forget...... She kicked her legs as hard as she could and pulled at the restraints at her wrists, tears continuing to stream down her cheeks. She couldn't breath properly at whatever was suffocating her mouth and squashing her nose. She fought and struggled at the heavy weight above her.

11/27/2009 #138
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Liam got up again and started punching jthe back of his head. Hard blows, harder then he knew he could throw.

11/27/2009 #139

He felt the hardest blow this time and his head felt light. He wanted to turn and kill the bastard but felt the limbs go limp. No! I'm not losing you! I'll have you, I will! You're mine! I will not lose you, not even if I die. He kept his eyes on her as his vision blurred and he collapsed on Marie-Alison, unconscious.

Marie-Alison continued to struggle as the weight grew heavier on her and partially hit her hard, tears running violently. He had stopped moving, but she still couldn't breathe properly with the weight on her face and the dizziness. Her struggle slowed for a moment or too as she went quiet and just closed her eyes to push it all away. Wh-what's just go away....

11/27/2009 #140
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Liam pushed the man off of her and gave him a two hard kicks in his kidneys. Slowly he began to untie her. "Its Liam," he said. "You're safe."

11/27/2009 #141

Marie-Alison felt the weight removed and the air slowly rushing back into her lungs. She wanted to still cry out, but she had given up on trying, she couldn't see or do anything about it. She felt numb, unable to feel the ropes being untied and left them where they were. Hearing the name, Liam's voice brought her back again, slowly fluttering her eyes open as the tears continued to stream down.

"L-L-Liam....." She began to shake and shiver a bit at the realisation of everything that had just happened, the noises.

11/27/2009 #142
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Liam dailed 911 and when over to her hugging her. "Come on," he said. "Let's get you home, ok?"

11/27/2009 #143

Marie-Alison continued to shake and then squeezed her eyes shut again. She couldn't find her voice to completely form words as her sobs grew in her, she couldn't control anything anymore. She huddled into herself, unable to completely allow herself to move.

(Sorry! My friend called up last minute and wanted to hang out. Happy Thanks giving by the way! ))

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #144
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(That was yesterday but thanks :)

Liam sqeezed her hand. "Its alright, I won't let anybody hurt you again."

11/27/2009 #145

((lol, we were talking about it in class today because we have a new teacher from America. It's great! =]))

She nodded gently but still felt shaken. She tried to get up for a moment, to stand, but the unsteadiness of her legs and the sight of the man made her unbalanced and sick. She slightly loss control of her balance along with everything else.

"L-L-Liam......I, I......." She couldn't think of a thing to say, a reason. She just continued to cry. Her bag was laying on the side of the room, dashed across the floor. She wavered between the choice of taking it or leaving it behind.

11/27/2009 #146
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(I have a prof from Wales I call him "Prof Limmie" lol)

Liam picked her up and snached up the bag. He started back toward the drom.

11/27/2009 #147

Marie-Alison wanted but couldn't urge herself to argue or do anything. She just gently snuggled in towards Liam and cloed her eyes, attempting to drift away and wake up in another reality where this never existed, no matter how impossible it were. She couldn't control her crying any longer, so many years of holding it all back and it all just rushed to the surface of her heart.

"T...........h........ank.......yo...u......." She managed to force out of her rigid breathing and whispered, whimpering voice before she began to drift off a bit. Eventhough she had drifted, the whole time she continued to sob and whimper, the hard part had began.

((LOL. =D I haven't named our teacher yet, although he keeps talking about guns xD I always wonder how teachers remember me.......))

11/27/2009 #148
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Liam laid her on the sofa and hugged her again. "You're safe,Marie-Alison"

11/27/2009 #149

She had calmed down a bit more knowing where she was, however she didn't appear to be back to normal completely yet. Her eyes began to grow accustomed to the onflowing stream of tears so she was able to see a bit clearer.

Liam...... "I-I'm so sorry.....I hurt you....I, I'm sorry...." She gently traced the marks on Liams face, bringing more tears. ", you should have.....should have left me there....." She started to cry even more as she forgot about herself as usual and thought about finding ways to not hurt people.

" would have.....have been okay......" She bit her lip to control the unsteadiness, but knew it couldn't help that much.

11/28/2009 #150
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