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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She looked a little suprised, blushing, but smiled and went to bed.

4/10/2010 #391
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He went to bed, but couldn't sleep, thinking all night of the feeling of her lips on his.

4/10/2010 #392

Levi woke up in the night and saw bright lights outside. He ran to his mother in fear.

4/10/2010 #393
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(Ok so..)

4/10/2010 #394

"Shh..." Aliyah said quietly. "It's alright. Mr. Krause's neighbors stay up late."

4/10/2010 #395
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Bruke went get a glass of water.

4/10/2010 #396

Ally sat with her son, talking to him, laughing quietly to ease him.

4/10/2010 #397
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"Is anything okay?" he asked.

4/10/2010 #398

She turned and nodded.

"Your neighbors scared him."

"I wasn't scared, Mom." he defended.

4/10/2010 #399
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"They're good people," he said and went back to bed, still not able to sleep.

4/10/2010 #400

Aliyah fell asleep too, and Levi curled up in Bruke's chair.

4/10/2010 #401
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Bruke woke in the morniang to find him there, "Hey, Levi," he said nudding him awke. "How are felling?"

4/10/2010 #402

Levi groaned and pulled the blanket over his head without a response.

Aliyah came out of the bathroom, her hair brushed and dried, wearing a green cotton dress.

"Oh, Levi." she said. "Boys never want to get out of bed, do they Bruke?"

4/10/2010 #403
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"Nope," he smiled. "Come on, I have juice and a chocolate muffin,' he said putting them on the table.

4/10/2010 #404

"I love muffins." Ally laughed, sitting down at the table. "I suppose if Levi doesn't want it, I'll have it myself."

"You hate chocolate, mom." Levi muttered under the blanket.

4/10/2010 #405
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"Food is only for boys who are awake," he made to take it away.

4/10/2010 #406

He groaned and got up.

4/10/2010 #407
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He ruffled her hair. "Here you go.."

4/10/2010 #408

She took the muffin and ate.

4/10/2010 #409
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(Opps, I meant his but whatever)

Bruke smiled at Ally for a moment.

4/10/2010 #410

(and I meant he... fail.)

She smiled back, remembering last night and blushing.

"How's the muffin, Levi?"

"Good." he replied.

4/10/2010 #411
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He cleared the plate away when he had finshed.

4/10/2010 #412

(Sussi now needs surgery... ew...)

Aliyah stared out the window.

"I want to go play in the park, Mom." Levi said sadly. "Or see a movie or buy candy."

"I know, dearest." she said quietly. "Someday we will."

4/11/2010 #413
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Bruke wished there was more he could do.

4/11/2010 #414

(turns out I'm sick because my wisdom teeth want to kill me. Especially the upper left one. :P)

Aliyah put on a smile.

"Maybe we could listen to a record." she said. "I have a couple marks. If you ask him nicely, maybe he'll go out and get one for us."

4/11/2010 #415
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(I gotta get em yanked this summer too. We can't be miserable and dooped up together, yay!)

"Whatta like?" he asked levi. "And its my treat."

4/11/2010 #416

Levi shrugged.

"I like the ones that tell stories."

Ally looked at Bruke.

"I have some money, it's alright." she said, holding out the paper.

4/11/2010 #417
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He refused to take it and went out and bought a record for Levi and classical music for Ally.

4/11/2010 #418

Levi took his record and grinned, immediately going towards the plyer to listen. Ally simply held hers, looking at it with surpise and joy. Her favorite songs were on the baack, making her brighten with glee.

4/11/2010 #419
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"Do you like it," he asked her, neous.

4/11/2010 #420
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