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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"No just..stay with me?" he reached for her hand.


4/17/2010 #511

"If you need me to." she said softly.

4/17/2010 #512
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"Its just so c-cold."

4/17/2010 #513

She brought the blankets up to his chin.

4/17/2010 #514
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"Come here?" he aske patting the space beside him.

4/17/2010 #515

She sat there apprehensively.

4/17/2010 #516
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"Hold me?"

4/17/2010 #517

She laughed a little and wrapped him in her arms.

4/17/2010 #518
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Pulling her down with him, he snuggled into her.

4/17/2010 #519

She stroked his warm cheeks.

"Only a cold." she assured him.

4/17/2010 #520
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He began to play with her hair. "You're beautiful Ally."

(Did write any more chapters?)

4/17/2010 #521

(I've been sick & on tylenol, so I'm lucky I'm writing these. :P I've added a few things, but not much.)

She blushed.

4/17/2010 #522
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(By summer I epct a epic romance novel)

He kissed down her face.

4/17/2010 #523

(By summer I expect half an epic romance novel.)

She sighed.

"Bruke, really, I..."

4/17/2010 #524
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"Yes?" he asked.

4/17/2010 #525

"I shouldn't do this."

4/17/2010 #526
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"What's wrong?"

4/17/2010 #527

"I can't get close to you." she said, biting her lip. "It's too dangerous."

4/17/2010 #528
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"We can't let this stop us from living, we don't know how long we have to live."

4/17/2010 #529

"I'm not living anyways." she said. "I'm not supposed to be. I have to pretend I don't exist. If I get attached to you, I put you and Levi at risk."

4/17/2010 #530
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"I'll protect both you."

4/17/2010 #531

"You can't get involved with me, Bruke."

4/17/2010 #532
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He just hugged her.


4/17/2010 #533

(The letter comes in and Bruke wants to leave with them?)

She hugged him back.

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #534
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He snuggled into her and fell asleep.

4/17/2010 #535

She lay there for awhile, thinking, worrying.

4/17/2010 #536
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His arms pulled her closer.

4/17/2010 #537

She looked down at him.

"Everything alright?"

4/17/2010 #538
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"It is now," he smiled, closing his eyes.

4/17/2010 #539

She blushed and lay there, still.

4/19/2010 #540
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