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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He tossed it back at him, smiling.

5/1/2010 #571

The pair passed it between them.

Ally came in and smiled at them, going into the kitchen.

5/1/2010 #572
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He smiled.

5/1/2010 #573

She started cleaning, the only thing she could do to keep her mind busy.

5/1/2010 #574
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Bruke contined to play with Levi.

5/1/2010 #575
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"Can I help?" he asked.

5/3/2010 #576

She glanced up and shook her head.

"I'm alright." she said.

5/3/2010 #577
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"Well take a break, you've been cleaning all day."

(Has a plot idea! Woo go Lee!)

5/3/2010 #578

(Do tell.)

She shook her head.

"I'm almost done, really."

5/3/2010 #579
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(Bruke gets a letter from Dev telling of the deportation of Marta

"Okay then."

5/3/2010 #580


She nodded and got back to work.

5/3/2010 #581
disused account


5/3/2010 #582

(You do it? Sussi's sick... eeeeew.)

5/3/2010 #583
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Bruke returned with a letter postmarked Berlin.

(You write it. Lee Tierd

5/3/2010 #584

Aliyah turned to him.


5/6/2010 #585
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He opened the letter, ignoring her.

5/6/2010 #586


I don't really know how to tell you this, but I know that I must. Marta left three days ago. We have not heard from her and fear the worst. The shop was raided the night before and her father taken. We believe she may have gone with him.

I've sent this through a friend of mine to avoid this being read.


Aliyah, fearing that she might have offended him somehow, came forward.


5/12/2010 #587
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Tears formed in his eyes and the letter slipped from his hands.

5/12/2010 #588

She watched the letter drop and hesitantly moved to pick it up.

5/12/2010 #589
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He slumped on the floor, his arm covering his face.

5/12/2010 #590

She read it, not knowing who Marta or Dev were. But the former must have meant something to him, because the only time she'd ever been that miserable was whenIvan had died. She concluded, therefore, that...

Marta is his wife.

She immediately felt guilty.

"Oh, Bruke, I... I'm so sorry..."

5/12/2010 #591
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"She was so young," he said to himself.

5/13/2010 #592

"Is she... your wife?"

5/13/2010 #593
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"No," he said shaking his head. "A old friend."

5/13/2010 #594

"Oh." she said, realizing her surprise and relief might have been too evident. "Oh..." she tried again, softer. "I'm... I'm so sorry, Bruke..."

5/13/2010 #595
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He leaned into her, freash tears falling.

5/13/2010 #596

She wrapped her arms around him and tried to be somewhat comforting.

5/13/2010 #597
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He pushed closer feeling her warmth.

5/13/2010 #598

She looked down at him.

"Are you alright?"

5/15/2010 #599
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He touched her hair. "I think so.."

5/15/2010 #600
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