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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Zina Nevirone

Darla followed him through and clambered up onto her chair, her thumb still in her mouth.

Joey kissed her on the head. "You need to take it out of your mouth to eat, you know?"

Darla nodded and just stared at her plate. Joey shook hers as Anna wandered into the kitchen and sat in her seat. It was obvious she was day-dreaming about something or other.

Joey went to find Jack.

1/21/2010 #61
Lee's ghost re-born

He was getting dressed for there night out latter.

1/21/2010 #62
Zina Nevirone

Joey walked up behind him and snaked her arms around him. "Hey."

1/21/2010 #63
Lee's ghost re-born

He leaned back aginst her. "Hey, beautiful."

1/21/2010 #64
Zina Nevirone

She smiled and shook her head slowly.

1/21/2010 #65
Lee's ghost re-born

He gave her a kiss. "What's for dinner?"

1/21/2010 #66
Zina Nevirone

"Chicken Kiev and chips, it keeps the kids happy." She told him.

1/21/2010 #67
Lee's ghost re-born

(Chips are fries in GB correct? And cookies are buists

"I like it simple," he smiled,

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/21/2010 #68
Zina Nevirone

((Yeah, though we do still have cookies. They're just different.. .. .. ..I dunno how to explain it.. .))

"And you're forgetting the best thing about them. It's quick." she laughed.

1/23/2010 #69
Lee's ghost re-born

(You Brits are just weird :P

He grinned,

1/23/2010 #70
Zina Nevirone

((Technically it's you lot who are weird. XP))

"Well, you can cook tomorrow." She smiled back.

1/23/2010 #71
Lee's ghost re-born

"Ok," he laughed,

1/23/2010 #72
Zina Nevirone

"Wow, you're a pushover." She said as she kissed his neck. She then stripped down and put on a black dress.

1/23/2010 #73
Lee's ghost re-born

"Anything for my Joey," he stated.

1/23/2010 #74
Zina Nevirone

She smiled at him and then kissed him. "Come on, let's go check they haven't killed each other before we've even left."

1/23/2010 #75
Lee's ghost re-born

He chuckled taking hand.

1/23/2010 #76
Zina Nevirone

She squeezed her fingers and walked through to the kitchen. For once the kids seemed to be getting along.

1/23/2010 #77
Lee's ghost re-born

He smiled. "Ready babe?"

1/23/2010 #78
Zina Nevirone

Joey nodded. "Sure you don't need a babysitter to help Colin?"

1/23/2010 #79
Lee's ghost re-born

I don't think so."

1/23/2010 #80
Zina Nevirone

"Okay.. .." She stood there awkwardly for a moment, "Remember, Darla has to go to bed in an hour-or-so."

"Or so." Darla repeated, hoping that's where the emphasis was.

1/23/2010 #81
Lee's ghost re-born

"Got it, mom."

Jack led her to the car,

1/23/2010 #82
Zina Nevirone

Darla looked up at Colin. "It's 'or so', right?"

Joey glanced back at the house one last imte before getting in.

1/23/2010 #83
Lee's ghost re-born

"You can stay up, but shh."

They drove to a fancy French restaurant.

1/23/2010 #84
Zina Nevirone

Darla grinned.


Joey smiled as they arrived.

1/23/2010 #85
Lee's ghost re-born

Coin set her in his lap.


Jack kissed her cheek.

1/23/2010 #86
Zina Nevirone

Darla hugged him, not caring that he probably would push her away.


She turned to face him and kissed him gently.

1/23/2010 #87
Lee's ghost re-born

"Don't ever change Darla," he smiled.


Jack moaned.

1/23/2010 #88
Zina Nevirone

Darla titled her head, unsure of what he meant. "You mean I can never wear my princess costume again?"


Joey laughed, "Come on you."

1/23/2010 #89
Lee's ghost re-born

"No never mind, kiddo."

Jack grabbed her hand.

1/25/2010 #90
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