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Auggie stood against the wall of the schoolhouse willing the time of his punishment to go by faster. He saw Lilly, the very girl he'd gotten in trouble for, reading at a desk, not quite ready to go home yet. At the risk of getting into even more trouble Auggie turned to glance at Lilly. The Harris boys were so mean to the girl and he didn't really understand why. Yes the girl was petite and she certainly was bookish but that was what made her so special. She seemed opposite of "that dammed Cross boy" as their former school master had called him; he was adventurous, loud and uncaring in his schoolwork. He couldn't explain it, something in that soft blond hair and blue eyes beckoned him and he had felt this semester that the girl needed protecting and had tried his best to ward off the attacks of people who made fun of her. That's why he was in trouble now; he had given Ed Harris a broken nose for calling her names unbecoming of a girl like her when all the boys were alone in the schoolyard. He had just lost it and at that point, the new teacher had walked up. She'd dragged him in by the collar and pressed his nose to wall making him stare at it. His next offense would be cleaning the broad he knew He flashed a smile at Lilly. "Must be some book, "he commented over his shoulder. He swiveled an eye toward Ms. Ava, with his old school-master talking while being punished got you a whack with a paddle. "Do you want me to walk you home again Lilly?" he offered. He knew the Harris boys often ambushed her with insults on the way home but they usually didn't
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(Hmm... a couple Qs: How old are they, can I play Miss Ava too, and how shall we plot this?)
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(Sure go ahead. Hmm, 16 or so? I dunno, I really went to spend time building their relationship, in previous trys they just shacked up. :P Have them walk home for now?)
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(Maybe even younger! Maybe we can do like another thread where we have Auggie and Lily at like 8, teasing each other and stuff, and have Ava and some other dude as another plotline. Whaddya say?)
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(Yes. But I also wanna do a teenage one. Lilly would be about Laura's age then. You'll get a spot in the dedication. :P)
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(Very well; I'll start an 8-year-old and Ava thread, and do the teenager one. And what is this about a dedication?) Lily glanced up suddenly at the blackboard, unaware that class was almost over and surprised by Auggie's voice. She never really knew why he was always in trouble. Except for today, of course, when Ed dared to call her a "dirty Yankee girl". She hated all the new attention. It had started after her brother went off, and got worse when he was killed. Then when Kath got married, even though she called Pat one of her most beloved friends. It was all she could do not to run away and lock herself in the toolshed out back. And she knew it would happen again as she walked home, with those awful Harris boys taunting her the whole way. Even though she was nearly sixteen and ready to graduate, she was still terrified at the thought of that. She was grateful for Auggie's friendship and ability to fend off those who intimidated her. She took a glance at Miss Ava, then turned to Auggie and whispered "Thank you."
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(To Weasal's awesome best selling novel, of course!)

He gave her a brief smile, but then snapped his head back toward the wall. He knew Miss Ava had the eyes of a hawk and caught even the slightest movement. He doubted Jeff Harris would go after her this afternoon, the managed nose of his brother might be enough warning, even for a dim-wit like him. And it would be a nice stroll him for a change, most anything she said him was in a whispered tone as wond their way home on back paths toward her house. He'd like to get to know her.

After all, because they often were seen leaving together, a loud-mouthed Irish girl whom his brother liked, started a rumor that they were walking-out together. The truth was, he barely knew her. He certainly would have liked to.

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The bell rang, and Lily quietly and neatly packed up her books before going up to Miss Ava and thanking her for class that day. The teacher dismissed Auggie, warning him that she would have to talk to his parents when he got home, if the Harris family complained. Lily waited outside, close to the door in case anything happened and she needed to run.
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Auggie stuffed his books into his satchel and slung it over his shoulder. He gave a curt nod to the teacher's warning. Mr. Harris worked for Mr. Cross on the farm so, there was bound to be trouble, not much he couldn't handle, Mr. Harris was a drunk and Auggie had just shown he could handle his boys. His own father might drag him behind the shed and flick him hard with a switch a few times but it was worth it. How he hated those damn Harris twins! They made Lilly's life a living hell because her sister had married a Yankee, who wasn't even born in America mind you. The way he saw it, she had snatched the first man who seemed have any real ambition in this town. His brother was far off in Tennessee far from the aim of his personal gun, so what did it matter? When he was out of sight of the teacher, he couldn't help but smile at the memory of Ed Harris with a bleeding nose. It was bad thing to be proud of, or so Ms. Ava had said but maybe he'd back off now. To get Lilly, he'd have to dodge another fist, which he didn't seem to be talented at. He stepped out onto the steps of the school were Lilly waited, her face awash in a mask of apprehension; the poor girl didn't know where the next insult would come from next "Ready to go, Lilly?" he asked, extending his hand. He had held hers the last few trips as people hissed at her and it seemed to give her comfort. In truth, he didn't mind. It was true was small and a bit shy but she was always so smart and compassionate towards the world. (Oh Sissi.....)
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"Well take the long way round by the lake I don't mind, Lilly," he said squeezing her hand. The pair started off toward the path that would avoid the Harris house and jeers from the boys. "It'll be alright, Lilly, I got you."

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A soft breeze caught a small piece of Lily's hair, and she brushed it out of her face. To pass the time, she looked down at her book of algebra and did some equations in her head. Nothing difficult, but something to keep her mind off of Auggie Cross and the Harris'. Why? Why did she have to suffer all of this? Maggie never got teased, but then again, she was already known at five years old to pack a wallop when she was angry. No one dared tease her. Why couldn't she be like Maggie? Or like Kath, who held her head high and didn't seem to care what others said, even when they said awful things about her baby.

But Lily was small, in every sense of the word. Papa used to say that a breeze could knock her off her feet, easy. Mama had an awful time cutting Kath's dresses down to fit her. Skinny, scrawny, with freckles and her nose always in a book. She didn't use to be like that. When her brother was here, he'd always stick up for her. They'd compete and see who could eat the most at dinner. When he died, she couldn't eat, sleep, or even talk. It took Patrick's gentle encouragement for her to smile again, and Auggie's companionship to make her feel good about life again.

She was fully aware that she was trembling, either from the fact she hadn't eaten much that day or that she could only count two of those three Harris boys... Auggie's hand caught her unawares, and she lept back into the side of the schoolhouse when he spoke. She gasped and held herself up, pale-faced, but after a moment managed a little smile.

"Thanks, Auggie." she said "I'm sorry, you startled me there. I wasn't expecting you so quickly, I thought Miss Ava... oh, never mind."

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"I shouldn't of come up from behind," he said shaking his head at himself. That was how the boys approached, first they made her jump by prodding a finger in her thin ribs and then the insults and taunts would fly until she ran off distraught, hot tears in her eyes. The boys were getting meaner and bolder these days and that's when Auggie couldn't watch it anymore. He thought they might really hurt her if the pair got alone, with her. The taunts went in the direction of planting a southern seed for a Yankee one and other horrible premonitions as these. How could anyone not be moved to help? It just seemed like the right thing to do.

People talked about southern honor and liberty, but he rarely so people act that way. The war consumed them. The paper, preacher and politician had all said if Lincoln was elected society would fall apart because Lincoln secretly wanted to free all the slaves, so folks like his brother went off to protect that society from the abolitionist hands of the black Republicans. Nobody seemed to believe Mr. Lincoln when he said didn't have power to do it if he wanted.

Politics made people crazy, Auggie thought. They were taunting a little girl because her sister got married to a man who seemed to love her. Kath knew that she'd be shunned when she married him, but yet she risked it. So, Auggie guessed there was more to all this than what people said. Auggie noticed that after Jack saw his first battle at Shiloh and the names of dead friends appeared in the newspapers the nobleness had evaporated from his stance. He saw something in Patrick too that stated both men had concluded war was not the way to settle these matters. The Confederate government had bumped down the age of the draft to 17, and that was only a year away. Would he get sucked up into it too?

Auggie began to walk, giving her hand a little squeeze. They might be enemies with the Yankees but people should show some respect, damn it! The sun flittered down through the wispy clouds so it made for a nice afternoon. It was too chilly to go swimming but the lake shimmered on the water was still a pleasant scene. Auggie smiled a little as the warm sun splashed over his face. He gently pulled her toward the hill overlooking the lake.

The poor girl just needed to calm down for a few moments, to vent a little. Auggie spread his coat on the grass and patted beside him. He started out walking her home just out of kindness, just so her mama didn't have to worry until she scurried home, but on sunny days like these as he listened to the girl lament he let his own secrets fall from his lips.

She was the only one who knew that he resented his brother, he was favorite in his parents' eyes; Jack Cross was smarter and braver than he, he'd end up being a doctor or a preacher and after the war he'd court Jenny and it would all stich into the prefect life. Auggie on the hand didn't think he had much talent or a future, it just wasn't fair!

"Don't listen to them," he said to her. "Your sister was just doing what she thought was best, that doesn't have anything to do with you. You're so smart at all that school stuff, I can't do that. You're a good person Lilly Caine; I want you to remember that. I'm glad I know you. "

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Lily enjoyed these walks with him. Not only because he could stand up for her if anything came her way, but because even with the long, lingering silences that came with each step, she felt like she knew him better than anyone else in the world. He was honest with her. It was refreshing, after listening to hushed tones and enduring countless "never mind"s and "not for you to worry about"s. She never liked secrets.

She felt him squeeze her hand, and she blushed to the tips of her ears. A glance towards the trees hid her face, and gave the pretence of admiring the serenity of the plants that followed them along the path. At one point he stopped, as he normally did, and they settled into their place in the grass. Lily loved the feeling of grass on the back of her neck and she lay down, her hair trapping daisies in a golden net. A smile crossed her lips, and she looked over at Auggie.

He was looking at the lake, off in the distance, his face virtually expressionless. She didn't mind. She liked the quiet. It let her heart settle a little, and she felt more at peace.

You're a good person, Lily Caine; I want you to remember that. I'm glad I know you.

She turned back over and sat up as he spoke.

"Thanks, Auggie. I just wish Ma would let me graduate early. Then I wouldn't have to deal with those Harris'. You're really the only thing good about everything right now."

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He sighed turning his gaze upon Lilly, noticing she was sprawled out on the grass, looking up at the light blue sky. He listened to her wish away her time in the little town, he could understand it. She was being blamed for a choice not her own. Auggie couldn't help but smile at the comment about him. "Really? It isn't all bad here. There's the town picnic next week," he teased. "Do you want to go with me?"

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If it had been any other time, in any other town, and she had any other family reputation, Lilianne Caine would have grinned wide and giggled with glee. She would be escorted into the town picnic with Auggie Cross! Her first outing!

Yet the reality hit her very quickly, and she gave a sigh as she wrapped her arms around her knees.

"Pa's forbidden us." she said. "After what happened in the general store last Sunday, when Kath went to buy soap, he doesn't want us in town unless we have to. And he has to be there, and Pa has nothing but spite for everyone right now."

She turned to Auggie.

"You say I'm not a bad person. But why do I always feel like I am? Like I deserve all this?"

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The boy just shook his head. What did they do this? "You don't," he said. He nodded and looked down a moment. "I really wish you could come, Lilly. I'd protect you. Your Pa knows I would." He let a moment pass between them, he wanted to reach out and stroke her cheek and tell her it would be alright; but, his hand seemed like they were made of medal and his fingertips felt like they were made of flames. She might be able to the unsettled feelings in his gaze. He wanted her to know it was okay, that she was okay. That see was worth far more than any of the words tossed at her. He figured he knew what was going to happen: the attacks eventually would be aimed at her father and if he escaped with his life, they'd move farther to the southeast into a Unionist friendly county and Lilly would be gone. Likely forever.

How badly he didn't want to happen was now etched into his gaze. She deserved a normal life! She was such a sweetheart, so gentle and kind, but yet they couldn't see the Lilly he knew. He just wanted her to have a night where she wasn't the sister of a "Yankee Lover" but just a girl. The hand met cheek.

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A sigh came from her and she looked down at her knees, already stained from grass. What was the point of going to a town picnic, when no one in the town cared for you? Well, other than the lemonade and ice cream, of course. Memories of last year's picnic, before Katherine's whirlwind romance, filled her mind with a familiar warmth. She and Anne Wilcox won the three-legged race that year. She had gotten her photograph taken with her sisters, Ma, and Granny. Papa had sold enough produce and eggs to buy a new oven for Ma's birthday that next month.

She felt a hand on her cheek, and turned to look at her best friend. She smiled and threw her arms around him in an innocent, friendly hug.

"What would I do without you, Ags?" she asked.

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He smiled into the hug and stroked her cheek, looking at her for a moment. "I'll ask your pa," he said softly. "And if that's too dangerous we could at least take a wagon ride in the orchard or something," he muse. The poor girl was being stifled by the weight of everything. "I just want you to be happy," he said of their friendship over the recent months. He wanted to linger by the lake; he loved nature's stillness and wreath equally. He was sort boy who'd press nose to the window and which lightening sear in the summer haze. But he knew her mama would be getting dinner ready so they had to hurry back. He wondered if she'd lure him in to eating dinner again with one those flaky biscuits. He reckoned he was becoming a son in Mrs. Caine's eyes or something. He dropped the hand from her face and his hand slipped into hers, the fingers knotting themselves around hers.

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The day began to dim and dusk soon drenched the countryside in a black veil. Soon the Caine farmhouse came into view just down the road. Auggie's hand swung in hers as they walked up the path past the high forest of corn stocks. He liked these little walks, she chattered on about how she wanted to go off somewhere and be a teacher, if Pa would let her; she even tried to help Auggie with the concepts in school, but not much ever sunk in, he just figured he wasn't all that smart. But she would always just insist he needed more help. The thought made the corners of his mouth twist into a smile. She never gave up on anyone, ever.

The pair reached the porch and he gave Lilly a hug friendly hug and she scurried off to help with supper. He had no doubt Mrs. Caine would insist he eat with them so he sat on the bottom step, waiting for the silhouette of Howard Caine plowing in fields to trudge back toward the house. He wondered if the man would let him take Lilly out. Probably not, he lentamented silently. People were just too wound up these days, the union occupation of the town and kath's wedding to one of the soldiers was too much these days.

He bit his lip watching Howard's shape begin its trek toward the house. He suddenly felt nervousness cease him. He didn't know why.

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(Muses dying on history article. help Weasel procrastinate. :P)

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"So you see, the farmer will earn more money from his crops if he sold them at three dollars for six months than he would at five dollars for 3." Lily remarked. "But of course, that depends on when he is selling. It's obivously more difficult to sell strawberries in the winter than in summer!"

She laughed, but realized Auggie was paying no attention to her explanation of the homework. His mind always wandered, she noted. She wondered what he could possibly be thinking of, especially with the math test tomorrow.

Pa saw the pair walking, but didn't think much of it now. They had been playmates all through childhood, and Lily's interest in him didn't seem to go any further than friendship. He smiled and waved as they passed.

"Evening, Mr. Cross." he said. "Go on in. Ma's got stew in the pot, and another batch of those biscuits you love so much."

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Auggie walked along with his fingers knotted around hers as he usually did but despite feeling the touch of her hand, he felt as if he wasn't present. Her words bounced off him soundlessly, it was as if he were somewhere else entirely. That place was the fields that were enrobed the house. His attention was fully fixed on her father who had just finished tying off the last bale of hay and began long strides back toward the house. Each step also brought Auggie closer to the answer he sought.

Her laughter slowly brought him back to his own body and he suddenly gave her hand a light squeeze. The boy had never been so nervous before, but as he came closer still, the boy's heart began to race.

Auggie's own hello was a bit more high-pitched then usual, it was enough to let even the chickens in yard know the boy was anxious about something. As Lilly began to tug him onto the house, he gave her a look that suggested she go on ahead. The boy couldn't explain why he felt such a sense of nervousness and urgency but it had seized him and would not let go. The feelings that matured inside him were far from love, the boy was a good two years away from courting but he never felt so close to anyone before. All Auggie Cross knew was that Lilly was his best friend yet that wasn't enough. He had never felt such things about any of the girls he had fooled with at school. He also knew that if didn't tell her soon the feelings would bubble up and spill over; he might lose the nerve say something. .

"Sir," came his shaky voice after Lilly had slipped inside. "I know things are dangerous for your family but I was wondering if I could escort your daughter to the barn raising this weekend? She hasn't had a night away from this house since the wedding. I'll protect her." The tone boy put on the last three words showed he meant to.

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