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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Lee's ghost re-born

Matt wondered into the dorm his towl slung over his wounded shoulder and ploped into the sofa after putting his begs away.

2/19/2010 #1
(Question: Are we familiar with eachother yet? Or are our characters just meeting?) Ashley ran her fingers through her dark red hair, wishing she'd had the time and energy to shower. But there was a term paper just dying to be finished, and she had already procrastinated enough.
2/26/2010 #2
Lee's ghost re-born
(Hmmm, maybe they know each other? Maybe could pick up after the kiss?)
2/27/2010 #3
(Kays. I'm going to start a few days after the kiss) Ashley peeked into the other room watching Matt quietly, a smile ghosting her pale features. Getting to know him over the past week had been something else. Kissing him was....she paused, trying and failing to push the thought from her mind. Enough of that.
2/27/2010 #4
Lee's ghost re-born
Matt shut his book and sighed in boredpm.
2/27/2010 #5
"Matt?" She suddenly asked softly, biting her lip and standing anxiously in the doorway.
2/28/2010 #6
Lee's ghost re-born
"Yeah?" he said looking up at her.
2/28/2010 #7
"Do you have any books on..erm....medieval torture devices?" She winced. "Term paper."
2/28/2010 #8
Lee's ghost re-born
"Yeah," he tossed her one. "But yov've been working all day, come watch a movie."
2/28/2010 #9
She glanced down at the book he handed her, and then looked back at him, chewing softly on her lip. "Can I ask you something kind of personal?" She whispered.
3/7/2010 #10
Lee's ghost re-born
"Anything," he said.
3/7/2010 #11
"How'd you lose it?" She gestured at her shoulder, for the first time unnable to name the limb directly.
3/7/2010 #12
Lee's ghost re-born
(He told her early in the original game but I'll do it again.) "I was a medic in the army. One night we were out on a patrol and a sniper shot two of our guys. They just tumbled down, didn't see any blood or anything. That's cuz they were wearin so much stuff. I ran forward to drag them back and there was bomb in the streetlight in front of us, and blew ot up. Next thing I knew, I was in hospital in germany with just a shoulder." He gazed down for a moment, the story a hard one to tell.
3/7/2010 #13
"Did it hurt?" She asked softly, brown eyes straying to his shoulder. She didn't mean to intrude, but curiosity was getting the best of her in this case.
3/14/2010 #14
Lee's ghost re-born
"For a little while."
3/14/2010 #15
She slowly walked over and sat next to him, gathering her knees to her small frame and resting her chin in her hand. "I'm guessing you were pretty depressed for a while..."
3/14/2010 #16
Lee's ghost re-born
"Till I came here and made friends," he said. "Like you."
3/14/2010 #17

"Like me." She blushed slightly, tucking a strand of fiery hair behind her ear.

3/17/2010 #18
Lee's ghost re-born

"Well you really talk to me and you mean a lot..I mean I really like..I mean I'm glad you're my friend," he rambled.

(Sigh, why must yo make her sound so hot? lol Oh, I'm gonna be in Texas till the 29th, don't miss me too much :)

3/17/2010 #19

(I have a tendency to make most of my characters completely irrisistible. Sorry. :) And I'll see you after the 29th)

"You're glad? Really?" She was grinning now. He looked cute when he rambled.

3/17/2010 #20
Lee's ghost re-born

"Yes," he chrped, his neck glowing red.

3/17/2010 #21

"Well, that's great to know. You're a good friend too."

3/17/2010 #22
Lee's ghost re-born

Felling bold, her dropped his head om shoulder.

3/18/2010 #23

She froze, shoulders tense as she felt the slight warmth of his skin pressed to hers. His proximity made it hard to think, hard to even breathe. Yet at the same time she felt that this was the number one thing she should not be doing.

3/18/2010 #24
Lee's ghost re-born

He blushed and snapped his back up. "Sorry, I.."

3/19/2010 #25

She didn't reply. Words failed her in that sparse second that seemed to last a thousand years.

3/28/2010 #26
Lee's ghost re-born

Matt blushing deeply left the room.

(Missed ya

3/28/2010 #27

Brow creasing slightly, Ainsley did not follow him. She merely picked up her borrowed text book and left to finish her essay.


4/1/2010 #28
Lee's ghost re-born

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Matt's phone buzzed.

"Matt," said his mom, sniffling

"Hi Mom what's up?"

"Dad and got in a car accident on your way to grandpas.." she sobbed.

"What?!" he yelled in the phone out of fright. "Limme talk to dad!"

"Matty," she sobbed. "He-he passed away.."

The phone slid from his fingers and he ran pounding on Ashley's door, tears starting to fall. 4/1/2010 #29

(ooooo, plot twist. I'm pretty sure you're my new best friend now. :))

Matt entered her room and she glanced up, the slight smile dropping from her face the minute she saw his expression.

"What is it?" She whispered, voice tense.

4/4/2010 #30
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