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"Oh we're tickish?" he begain to tickle her belly.

3/28/2010 #61

Marie-Alison tried not to laugh but couldn't help but giggle as he out of nowhere began to tickle her. She couldn't seem to control it as she fell back onto the couch.

3/28/2010 #62

She tried to hold back his hand as she continued to giggle on the couch with his hand tickling her tummy. "!" She half squeaked, tears of laughter filling her eyes.

4/1/2010 #63
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He laughed.

4/1/2010 #64


4/1/2010 . Edited 4/6/2010 #65
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Them out of nowhere, he kissed her cheek.

4/15/2010 #66

She felt her cheeks blush bright pink and didn't know what to do when he kissed her or understanding what it was, staring up at him with wide eyes.

"W-what was that?" She mumbled fairly quietly when she managed to catch her breath.

4/15/2010 #67
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"I just..I like you are lot..and..I'm sorry.."

4/15/2010 #68

She felt even more colour come to her cheeks when he said that. "Y-you like me...a, a lot...?" She stared at him blankly, not really sure what to say or make clear her emotions.

4/15/2010 #69
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He nodded

4/15/2010 #70

She buried her head in her shirt, a little embarrassed and shy.

4/16/2010 #71
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He touched her hair for a brief moment.

4/16/2010 #72

"I'm, I'm sorry....I, I'm just not sure what to feel just yet.." She mumbled timidly, really pink as her face was still buried.

4/16/2010 #73
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"Its ok."

4/16/2010 #74

"I'm, I'm sorry Liam..." She mumbled, a hand a little hesitant before she finally decided to place it gently on the side of his cheek as she said the words with wide and shining eyes.

((Lee, I feel so down today T-T ))

4/16/2010 #75
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He pulled her into a hug.

(why's that?)

4/16/2010 #76

She hesitated, feeling it hurt a little when it reminded her of before, being close to someone. Please, please stop Marie. What do you do? What can you do? It's so hard.... She struggled as she didn't know whether to hug him or not. She cared about just holding him and being there as he hugged her so she wrapped her arms around him to hug him back. She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the small hurt she felt as she did so.

((One of my friends just passed away this morning /3

4/16/2010 #77
disused account

(Oh gosh! Wanna talk about it?)

Liam so her shut her eyes in pain. "What's the matter?"

4/16/2010 #78

((I just don't know what to do or feel about now....T_T

"N-nothing..." She mumbled, not really wanting to bother Liam with anything, nor did she know that the hurt had shown on her face.

((She doesn't know about Liam's wife dying in this yet does she?)

4/16/2010 #79
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(Yeah..that stuff is always hard, my uncle died a few years ago and then my grandma. Its never easy.)


"Come on, there's somthing."

4/16/2010 #80

((This is the second friend I've lost in this school and it's so hard....what's worse is that I keep hearing it on the radio, news, internet and's going to be difficult when it starts again..))

"It's nothing...really..." She bit her lip, hiding her face in his chest.

4/16/2010 #81
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(I think we die so we remember to live while we can. of lived forever some people wouldn't do anything.)

He stroked her soft hair. "What is it honey?"

4/16/2010 #82

((Well, that's true. To live every moment like you last I guess... *sigh* She was only 16 and in the wrong place at the wrong time... T-T )

She went a little pink when she called her honey, tucking her head in a bit more. "It's just....just a little hard.." She mumbled quietly.

4/16/2010 #83
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"Why?" he asked.

4/16/2010 #84

"Because, because I don't want to get close to, to lose them again..." She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

4/16/2010 #85
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"You shouldn't let fear stop you from living. My wife passed away three years ago, and I know she'd want to be happy."

4/16/2010 #86

Marie-Alison shook her head unsure of what to say. "Sometimes fear s-stops us from doing stupid things.." She mumbled.

4/16/2010 #87
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"Its holds us back from living."

4/16/2010 #88

"But...but it's, it's so...just so, so hard..."

4/16/2010 #89
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"I know," he nodded. He hugged her tighter.

4/16/2010 #90
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