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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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(I feel a Goofy Movie reference coming on...)

"True, you are already out of college." she agreed. "Your father must be proud."

9/18/2010 #121
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(WAIT! There was a Goofy Movie?! *Lee Squee*)

He tipped her chin toward him. "That's not the part of my life I was thinkin about."

9/18/2010 #122

(Dude, there was 2... &

Her eyes went wide. She knew from every book she'd ever read what Greg was about to do. But she'd never been kissed before! What if she did something wrong? She continued to blush heavily, but smiled.


9/18/2010 #123
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He genly pressed his lips to hers.

(Wait! So the hopeless romantic girl who pretty much controls Greg's every move with a smile, hasn't stolen a kiss from him? O,o

9/18/2010 #124

(Welcome to Girls 101. I see the class is full at the moment, but we'll put you on the waitlist.)

She closed her eyes and kissed him back softly & tentatively.

9/18/2010 #125
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His arms wrapped round her neck.

9/18/2010 #126

She opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

"What's all this for?"

9/18/2010 #127
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(So if I took "My Ex-girlfriend is a horny psycho can cerdits transfer?)

9/18/2010 #128

(No, sadly "My Ex-girlfriend is a horny psycho" doesn't transfer. However it does count towards "Sociopaths and You 224" or "How to Deal with the Horny Ex 195")

9/18/2010 #129
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"I don't want a blond girl in white lace, I want Marget Caine."

(I knew I should of taken that last semster! Nothing like getting a text at 3am that says, "Hey my sexy teddybear." *shivers* Why can't Sussi live in Wisconsin? We have lots of cows; even cow tipping.)

9/18/2010 #130

(Wait, wtf? When did you get a girlfriend? More importantly why was she txting you at 3am? And Sussi can't live in Wisconsin because Sussi likes Canadian Cows. Alberta beef man :D)

She didn't know what to say. She stared at him a moment, then gaped as she stumbled for words. Books were no help now.

"Greg, I..." she looked up at him. "I thought... I thought you saw me as a friend."

9/18/2010 #131
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"I've adored you for quite awhile."

(Jo and or Amy darling?)

9/18/2010 #132

She wrung her hands nervously.

"As have I... adored you, that is..." she said quietly. "But... are you very sure?"

9/18/2010 #133
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(For about four monthes until she went from a cute Conservative girl who gigled a lot to a girl who would do anything to get in my pants, it freaked me the fuck out. This chick wants it baaad O,o)

9/18/2010 #134
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He nodded softly.

9/18/2010 #135

(Oh dear god... well, it confirms a theory I had.)

"How long?"

9/18/2010 #136
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(Do explain. It wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't her. This whole thing was really "You're cute *giggle, giggle* Let's see where this goes. But we really have nothing in common and think if you're going to do somthing like that, I think there should be some context to the relationship. (I'd never let it get that far.) But I sopose its my damn fault, I was flattered a girl actully thought I was "sexy" and would let me do stuff with her. GAH!)

"Snice this rp started"

(age fail!)

9/18/2010 #137

(Yeah, that does generally seem to be the case. But if it weren't, the human species would've died out years ago.)

(Mags is 18, Greg is about 22ish.)

9/18/2010 #138
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"Even snice we we're 12."

(I have a competing theory that every girl that has ever lived on 1st floor is compely fucking pycho lol I'm just going to marry Ian Bryne's daughter, she just doesn't know it yet. rofl. Who's pycho now? the girl aross the hall seems nice, she blats Dave Mathews Band as loud as I do. :)

9/18/2010 #139

(Oh wow, it's a match made in dormland...)

A smile came to her lips, one she couldn't quite make disappear. The girls were supposed to be sweet! And good! And hold back their feelings!

She couldn't. Like Margaret Elizabeth Caine ever could.

She kissed him.

9/25/2010 #140
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He smriked lovingly at her before their lips met.

9/26/2010 #141

She wrapped her arms around his neck and just let go, kissing him and kissing him until her legs ached and she had to let go.

"So you're going to court me now?"

((So how's your love life?))

10/17/2010 #142
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"Do you want me too Magie?"

(Katie admited to liking me, but doesn't to date b/c she thinks long dis is too much. But part of that is a guy cheated on her when she tried long distanice once. I just got to remind her I would hurt myself before i hurt her.)

10/17/2010 #143

((Well, that's what Mr. T used to say...))

"Of course I do!" she laughed.

10/17/2010 #144
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(Well I'm not an asshole *Big hugs*

He pressed his lips to hers again.

10/17/2010 #145


She giggled and looked at his wristwatch.

"Oh, drat, is it really six o'clock?" she asked. "You haven't even shown me your notebook yet!"

10/22/2010 #146
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He laughed and leaned on her shoulder, showing her his scribles.

10/22/2010 #147

She read them out loud, laughing at his terrible scrawl and flamboyantly voicing the characters well into the evening.

10/23/2010 #148
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He laughed everytime she tried to do a hushy voice. He grinned, and he would mary this carefree woman.

10/23/2010 #149

At the end, she closed the journal and gave it back to him.

"We need to head home." she said, a little sadly. "You should ask my Pa for permission to court me."

10/23/2010 #150
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