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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She smiled.

"You have sisters?" she asked. "How many?"

6/7/2010 #91
disused account

"Three I am the oldest and only boy. I grew up in New Orleans, my ma was born in Normandy."

6/7/2010 #92

"Wow." she said. "So you know a little french?"

6/7/2010 #93
disused account

"It was my first language," he repild in French.

6/7/2010 #94

She smiled and laughed.

"Eh bien." she said, relieved at being able to use her better language without confusing him. "That'll save us both a lot of stress."

6/7/2010 #95
disused account

"Guess the right man fell down from the sky."

6/7/2010 #96

Literally. She smirked.

"Try these on." she said, pulling a few out of the closet.

6/7/2010 #97
disused account

Everything was a size too big, but it wasn't too noticeable.

6/7/2010 #98

Kate nodded in approval.

"Alright." she said. "Now, really, all you have to do is say you're a writer. I'm an artist."

6/7/2010 #99
disused account

"And how did we meet? Where did I propose? What if they ask questions?"

6/7/2010 #100

She shrugged.

"Be the typical man and tell them to ask me." she said, laughing a little. "That's what Jack did, the jerk."

6/7/2010 #101
disused account

"And what if I want every woman at the party to think I was the ideal man?"


6/7/2010 #102

She raised an eyebrow.

"Let me think about it." she said. "We've got six hours before we need to get ready."

6/7/2010 #103
disused account

"Okay, darling," he smiled.

6/7/2010 #104

Kate smiled back.

"Whatever you say, gamin."

She picked up the brief letter and went to her room.

6/7/2010 #105
disused account

(I tried to google what she called him and somehow added a extra letter or two and came up with "a smoked ham.:

6/7/2010 #106

(XD Seriously? In essence she called him cute.)

6/7/2010 #107
disused account

"Come here you sexy smoked ham you!" I think that whole thing was the best Lee qoute of 2010

Thankful her back was turned he blushed.

6/7/2010 #108

(Nyeh, not quite up to par with the Rick thing.)


Kate stood in the bathroom, putting in her earrings.

6/7/2010 #109
disused account

Sam straightened his tie.

6/7/2010 #110

She came out in her red velvet dress and looked at him.


6/7/2010 #111
disused account

"I married a trophy wife."

6/7/2010 #112

A tad unfamiliar with the term, Kate just laughed.

"You look good."

6/7/2010 #113
disused account

He spun around to show off.

6/7/2010 #114

She laughed.

"Alright." she said. "Now remember, I'm Sophie LaCroix, and you're Philippe."

6/8/2010 #115
disused account

"Well Sophie, I can't pronuce our last name."

6/8/2010 #116
disused account

"Well Sophie, I can't pronuce our last name."

6/8/2010 #117

She rolled her eyes.

"So much for French." she said. "All you need to do is say that we're the guests of Monsieur Tremblay. Make everything else up as you go along."

6/8/2010 #118
disused account

(Was thinking it could be a Xmas party and get caught under the missiletoe?)

He noode.

6/8/2010 #119

(Me like)

"Good." she said, reaching to get her coat. "Let's go."

6/8/2010 #120
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