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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He leaned on Kath's shoulder.

6/20/2010 #91

She kissed him softly.

6/21/2010 #92
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"I've missed that," he smiled.

6/21/2010 #93

"How do you think I felt?" she laughed.

6/21/2010 #94
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He grinned. "Shall we shave?"

6/21/2010 #95

"Go sit down." she laughed, going to get her Pa's kit.

6/26/2010 #96
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He nodded and sat down.

6/26/2010 #97
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After a shave Pat held Maggie by the hand as they wondered toward the cany store. He smiled as the little girl peered at rows of candy jars. "And what does the princess want?" he said lifting up so could see all the choices.

7/29/2010 #98

Maggie giggled and clung to his head, staring longingly at the sugary treats. She knew exactly what she wanted.

"May I please have a Velatis, Pat?" she asked. "The caramels?"

Kath chuckled and glanced down at Laura, who toddled slowly by her side.

8/2/2010 #99
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"Yes, becuse you said the magic word." He handed the cash over.

8/2/2010 #100

Maggie grinned with delight, while Laura stared longingly at pretty much everything. Kath began requesting things for the house - cornmeal, soap, some seeds...

"Ma!" Laura screeched, making the young woman turn with fright, afraid she might find her only daughter being snatched off. But the toddler was just pointing to a children's book with a brightly-colored rabbit on the cover.

8/4/2010 #101
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Pat smiled and kneeled down by his daughter. He tickled her chin. "Is that what my princess wants?"

8/4/2010 #102

Laura giggled and nodded.

"Please, Papa." she said sweetly.

8/10/2010 #103
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Pat was a good father, his one fault was he could never deny laura anything, and she knew it.

"Snice you asked nicely.' He threw it on the pile of things.

8/10/2010 #104

Kath chuckled.

"You spoil your girls rotten." she teased while Maggie sat contentedly with her caramels.

8/17/2010 #105
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"I've only just begun," he laughed.

8/17/2010 #106

She took his arm and gathered up the little girls, eager to take them somewhere with some space and where Maggie couldn't break anything.

8/31/2010 #107
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They walked to a [ark nearby.

8/31/2010 #108

Maggie immediately set about climbing on the rocks, while Laura sat at her parents' feet and chewed on her fist contentedly, drool falling onto her sunday dress.

9/18/2010 #109
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Pat slid his arm round Kath. "It just doesn't seem real. It just seems like I'll be off again."

9/18/2010 #110

She put her head on his shoulder.

"You won't." she said with a smile. "You're home, Pat. You don't ever have to leave again."

9/18/2010 #111
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He tuened to hugg her tight. "I love you, Kath."

9/18/2010 #112

She hugged him back, equally as tight.

"I love you too, Pat." she sighed in his ear.

9/18/2010 #113
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"Do you think we could have another child soon?" he asked. "Although I know Lura is a handful." He pulled his daughter into his lap, and tickled her chin.

9/18/2010 #114

The toddler grinned and Kath chuckled.

"Of course, love." she said softly. "But I don't know if Ma could take having another baby in the house."

9/18/2010 #115
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"I've saved quite a bit of money...we need to get our own sometime."

9/18/2010 #116

She quickly glanced around, then kissed him softly.

"Don't worry your head about it now." she said with a smile. "Let's just enjoy the day."

Although now she was thinking about little houses with fancy kitchens and dining rooms, large porches and bay windows.

9/18/2010 #117
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"Don't think about it, but I can't stop arrg!" lol)

He gently stroked her hair.

9/18/2010 #118

Laura found a stick and began playing with it.

10/2/2010 #119
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He smiled as she slashed it like a sword. He ruffed her hair.

10/2/2010 #120
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