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"Looks like we'll have a little soldier girl on our hands." Kath laughed.

10/23/2010 #121
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He laughed. " I pitty the man who tries courting her," he bouced her on his knee. "But I wouldn't mind a boy some day," he mused.

10/23/2010 #122

Kath smiled.

"I promise you," she said in a soft voice, "that we will have a son. We might even have more than one, and more girls too."

She gave him a very quick kiss.

10/23/2010 #123
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He lifted her chin in his hand. "You'd do anything uf it was my idea wouldn't you?"

10/23/2010 #124

"Of course I would." she said. "I'm your wife."

10/23/2010 #125
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He kissed her. "I love you."

10/23/2010 #126

"I love you too, Pat."

Kath turned quickly.

"Maggie! Don't chase the squirrel!"

10/24/2010 #127
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He just laughed at the little girl. "Stay where i can see you."

10/24/2010 #128

"Alright Patrick!" Maggie replied, munching on another caramel.

Kate kissed her daughter's cheeks as she pulled out the little book to read to her.

10/24/2010 #129
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Here the old soidier was laying in the sun with the woman he loved and the two little girls he adored. Not mere weeks ago he been trying to take the life he had away from other men. He wished to cry.

10/24/2010 #130

Maggie ran over.

"Pat!" she said, holding a daffodil in her hands. "Look what I found!"

10/25/2010 #131
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He smiled. "Ohhh that's pretty Maggie!"

10/25/2010 #132

(Can we FF?)

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(Took the words out of my mouth)

(Other Bruke? Jo? Plese?)

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After a few months of living in the Canine farmstead the Bringhelms moved into a quant two story home in the center of town. He has begun to see political office as an answer to pro Jackson Democrats who have tried to negate Reconstruction at every turn. This has not gone unnoticed by your friendly neighborhood KKK lol The tension has both in the cupple worried and they have not ignited their passions snice his coming home.

Patrick grinned over his copy of Harper's Weekly as his daughter smuged her nose on the window to watch the drumming rain.


10/30/2010 #135

(... I don't know about the rest of that stuff, but why would Kath of all people not "ignite her passion"?)

Laura was getting used to the new house, playing in the piled of unfolded clothes that needed to be put away and staring at the new furniture they had. The best part was the toys, tucked away in a room that belonged solely to her, where she spent most of her time.

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"Its raining its pouring and papa, is soring," he chanted into her little ear.

(Meh, I dk, my fingers type before me brain thinks sometimes. now we doin a weddin today or not people, chop chop! :P

10/30/2010 #137

Laura giggled and went over to hug her father. "Again!"

Katherine came out and smiled at the sight, kissing her husband's cheek and wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

2/24/2011 #138
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He held her with one arm and poked her nose with the other. "I love you princess, but I don't want you spoiled," he teased.

2/24/2011 #139

(Oh Pat... XD)

Laura looked sad for a moment, and got up to go to her room and play with her toys.

Kath sighed and looked at her husband.


2/24/2011 #140
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"Yes darling?" he said with a raised eyebrow.

2/24/2011 #141
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6/1/2011 #142

Katherine moved down, picking up the trail of knick-knacks and stuffies that Laura often left in her wake. For some reason, Pat's gaze that used to be calming and comforting seemed to be icy and cold, unsettling her.

"How was work?" she asked as she dumped the toys into a hamper. "You look very tired, dearest."

6/16/2011 #143
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Patrick sighed. He knew the pressure of his job was making him isolated from his wife and child. The coldness in his eyes drained away and it was replaced by the wariness of despair. "Oh, mo chailĂ­n, (my girl) I can't do this anymore," he said slumping down into his favorite armchair. "Mayor I mean. Everyone one wants something from me, Kath. Specally the poor negoes, they aren't citizens and they have no skills so they can't get jobs anyhow. Then our sheriff puts em in jail or tells em they can share-crop for their masters, the price of rented tools is so high they go into debt and are legal slaves. I can't do a thing for them, only Congress can, and they're more worried about making old Rebels pay. If I run for reelection it'll kill me Kath." His black hair now had noticeable flicks of gray. "But if don't, what else is there?"

He gazed at his wife. "I need you."

(Bruke please! Mah.)

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(Post :<()
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Kath, who loved him dearly and hated to see him so disappointed, knelt down beside his chair and lay her head on his chest. She looked up at him admiringly. "From the moment I met you, love, I knew you could do anything you ever wanted to do." she said in a tender whisper. "Laura and I, we're here to support you. We're your calm after a long day. We will both do whatever you need. I know that you can handle it, my dearest sweetheart, I know you can solve this."

She looked up, her fingers stroking his hair where it had begun to turn gray.

"Whatever you need, love. I'm here."

7/4/2011 #146
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He looked into her eyes and smiled. He chuckled in his usual healthy way, the life in his eyes again. "I thought I was too young to be turning into an old man." He bent down to kiss the side of her neck.

7/4/2011 #147

Her eyes fluttered in a moment of bliss, arching her neck for more out of habit. She quickly checked to make sure Laura wasn't witnessing this. With that realization, Kath came to sit in his lap and kissed him fondly.

7/4/2011 #148
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His arms wrapped around and he pulled her tight against him. He gently kissed her and lay his fingers in her hair. "If I haven't of met you, I don't think I would of desired to live through the war," he said softly. He had barely ever spoken of combat or his past, it was all too painful. But now, he wanted too. "Meeting you showed me I could be loved again, marrying you and having Laura gave me something to come back to, a home..I..."

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(Dude! I couldn't remember my mom's cat's name so I shouted, "O Chat Noir" and he came over. I has a French Kitty-Kat! XD)

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