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Finally her lunch break came and she went downstairs for another smoke and to gnaw at her sandwhich. It was almost dead quiet, save for the wind and the sound of a tram whirring by.

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Dan couldn't answer phones with the war on his mind. He fished out a crigarate and chewed on the butt. No doubt the British would appeal to the defense of the iles and thousands would listen, some going for adventure, some going because they truly beleaved in the kingdom, and they would be sent as cannon fodder just for their accents. But maybe there was also an opportunity here, to learn how the Englishman went to war and turn it against him. He sighed, thinking.

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At the end of her shift she went back downstairs, walking through the streets aimlessly. She wasn't really sure where to go. She must've passed her apartment three times, Anna figured. Eventually she stopped in the park and sat on a bench. Why was she like this? Why couldn't she think?

She reached into her pocket for another cig, but sighed and put it back. She stared out into the distance, listless, as her grandfather's war stories came back to her.

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After work Dan foot his feet moving on auto pilot toward Anna's flat, she could make sense of it.

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She was halfway up the stairs when Dan came in, and she went down to greet him.

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He pulled her into a playful hug and ruffed her hair. "How was your day?" he asked, not ready to discuss the obvious.

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She just looked up at him, then took his hand.

"Come with me." she said, as solemly as a seventeen-year-old could.

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He sqeezed her hand and followed her.

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She took him up to her flat and shut the door behind them, then stood before him.

"I need to feel something." she said slowly, desperately. "Anything."

Anna came closer to him, looking up into his eyes.

"I don't know what's going on, Dan, but I know one thing. I need to feel something real, right now."

Fuck me.

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Dan gently tugged her against him and pressed his lips against hers, the thought of the war drifting away. All that mattered was she was with him now, the world would wait.

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She ran her hands through his hair and kissed him back, clinging tightly and searching for that feeling again.

(I really should write a novel about this...)

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He took one of her hands and guided it over his heart. He just looked into her eyes for a moment.

(And I really need to read said novel, so get crackin' XD

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She looked back at him, knowing that her eyes were just as empty as his.

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He kissed her passionately hoping it would bring a touch of the warmth it usually did.

(Cross :T

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She grabbed his neck, rubbing the base of his skull and holding herself close to him. She moved her lips along his jawline, willing her heart to beat with his, her lungs to take in the air he breathed, something to bring her closer to him than ever before. This wasn't just sex anymore. This was so much more than that.

Funny how a war can do that.

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He pulled her flat against him and felt her breath against his face. He sighed for a moment, before pulling away to unhook a few shirt buttons, he put one of her hands against the warm skin.

2/19/2011 #76

She stroked his chest and sighed, kissing him again as she undid the rest and slid it off his shoulders.

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"I love you," he whispered, never having said it before.

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"I love you too." she replied, hardly even having to think of it as she undid her shirt, shrugging it off. The feeling of her skin exposed, then warmed by his never felt like this before. It was like she'd done this forever.

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He gently kissed down her body.

(Post in other places! My brain can't take all this mushy stuff. :P

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Dan finished undressing heat coming to his cheeks, he dared not think of what she thought of what God had given him. He kissed her hard and nudged her against the sheets.

(Fade out)

The sex, like the nation was full of passionate electric change. Each simply tried to loose themselves in the other. When it was over, he lay snuggled against her, her warmth seeping into him. He stared into the semi-darkness at the wall. "Marry me," he whispered into the darkness, more a hope swirling in the dark than a command. With war coming, it was the only decision he had to make that made sense anymore. He had no idea if she had heard him. Part of him hoped she did, the other feared the things to come if she did. He shut his eyes, tight waiting.

(There Lee's feeling hopelessly romantic today!)

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Anna sighed softly and turned as she heard his voice, the sheets crinkling softly beneath her. She rested on her elbow and rested her head on her palm, her red hair flowing loosely behind her. It was here she looked her age, naive and vibrant with youth. But her eyes were serious. There was only one answer for a question like that now.

Her free hand fell to his chest.


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A small smile came to his lips. He rolled on his side and looked at her. She was young it was true, but those were the eyes of a woman now, one he made up her mind. Softly he kissed her.

Then his face grew troubled, "But what about America? Your family is.."

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"Shh." she stopped him, sitting up as bedsheets tumbled to her waist. "Don't talk about them. They don't matter."

Anna looked at him.

"Nothing matters right now."

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Dan just pulled her into a hug, smiling just a little as her long flowing hair tickled his shoulder. He moved as close as he could feeling her breath on his and her chest meet his. They were to marry! The thought made his heart flutter a little faster, but he felt torn. Could he really go to war now? He knew that thousands of men would be leaving their homes, and their loves would wait. But that was just it, he couldn't leave her. He couldn't make her face it alone. He dipped to kiss her shoulders. He wanted to be honest and tell her everything, but the words could not escape the back of his throat.

He couldn't wrap his head around how a headline had changed everything. Just four simple words: War Declared on Germany. It wasn't even a proper sentience and yet it brought a heightened sense to everything. It gave him the courage to say those three other words, ones he had feared until now. And now the wild American girl who had rocked his world became the most important thing in it.

But the war also made fear knot in his belly. The war also brought feeling of uncertainty and fear. Could he really leave her, he asked himself again. That answer he deicded was no. How could he leave to fight for "Small Nations" when his own was still pressed under the British boot? But he reminded himself he could use what he learned to fight for Ireland one day. Even if he did not go, would conscription come and claim him anyway? They all said it would be a short war, thump the Hun and go home but he knew different. The Traitors Gate in Steven's Green with its towering arch cut into marble, erected for the men who died in the Second Boar War reminded him that wars were large and once passions ignited one they were immovable, consuming everything. Too many things to wrestle with in the dark.

He was on the verge of cracking now.

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Anna let a little sigh fall from her lips when Dan kissed her shoulders. She couldn't think. For her it would've been wrong to say anything other than what first came to her mind out of instict. Dan needed her. She could feel it in her heart. And if what he needed now was her, then she'd be there in whatever capacity he wanted. She moved the sheets and held his head in her hands, stroking his hair and looking down at him, kissing his ear and feeling his breath.

She didn't want to ask what he was thinking. The moment would be ruined if she did. So she sat there in silence, fingers entwining in dark hair, her heartbeat slow and comforting for the man lying there. Did she love him? Maybe. It wasn't her mind's place to decide.

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(A paragraph ago you said, "She loved him, she didn't have to think. :P Little self doubt never hurt a story.)

He lay there feeling her fingers in his feathy hair, he simply sighed. He knew when the dawn broke he would force his silence too, but he dare not form words now.

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(Read the sentence again. Just because she says it without thinking doesn't mean it's true :) )

An hour passed. Then another. If she'd read the clock she would have seen it was almost two in the morning, then maybe she would've realized she had work in six hours and should probably get some sleep. But she stayed there as the feelings died away, the tension thinned, and the silence turned into whispers.

"What do you want, Danny Boy?" she asked, turning to look at him and pulling a blanket back up.

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(Hmm do we want a wedding or there to doubt? If so I'll save the joining the war thing till after...

He atempted to kiss her into silence.

(Kath and Pat for your Weasy?)

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