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"That's why I didn't pick the old man sittin' behind me."

3/9/2011 #121
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He gave her a playful push.

3/9/2011 #122

She pushed him back, smirking evilly.

3/9/2011 #123
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"That all you got?" he smirked.

(Its Rob and Amy all over again!)

3/9/2011 #124

(Yeah, but Rob and Amy were insane. They would've gotten divorced IRL.)

"I could bite your ankles again."

3/9/2011 #125
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"hmmm," he smirked.

(Poor whatever there kid's name was. :( I heard a song that reminded me of Sam and Kate a little..)

3/9/2011 #126

She chuckled and kissed him, softly, and her eyes danced.

3/12/2011 #127
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"My feet are sore from work," he quipped

3/12/2011 #128

"I'm sure." she said, smirking and tossing her butt away. "I'm gonna head back up. You comin'?"

3/12/2011 #129
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"Sure babe,' he said with dancing eyes as he blew out one last whip of smoke.

3/12/2011 #130

Anna chuckled and went up the stairs, winking at James before getting to the second, then third levels.

3/12/2011 #131
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He followed her back to the familiar flat, waiting for her to unlock the door. As he waited he tucked his pack of cigarettes into his front shirt pocket. This was becoming a second home, now, but soon they'd need a real one. He wondered what it would look like, if they could afford the image in his head? As he pondered this things he teasing grabed her from behind.

3/12/2011 #132

She laughed.

"Yeesh, hold on a second will ya?" she complained as she jiggled the key. "Shit, it's jammed."

3/12/2011 . Edited 3/12/2011 #133
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Dan pushed against the door with all his might. "Come on you!" The door pried open a crack and he kicked it, angrily.

(Patrick? *big Alberta cow eyes*.

3/12/2011 #134

"Fuck, Dan, stop messin' with my door!" Anna said, pushing him back. "I don't want to pay for a new goddamn door!"

3/30/2011 #135
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"Do you want in or do you want to camp out?" he teased.

(Did get my PMs.)

3/30/2011 #136
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Seeing as Annie didn't want him messing with his door again, he shrugged. "We need a screw-driver to get in," he said "Don't ask me how I know how to get in with one." He smirked. "We could go to my place, mother sent me some prayer candles, the could really set the mood." He often mocked the church, his mother had so wished him into the priesthood, but he had fought tooth and nail. Region didn't help Ireland, it kept it oppressed. The Penal laws had insured that Catholics would never run their own island. But if took away God, the British were not ruling Ireland by divine providence, they were just an invader, one that could be beaten. And church, only served as an arm of the British pacifying the poor who were most hurt, for if they toiled here they could be equal in Heaven. No one really knew if there was such a place, so for now it was just a piece porganda. The thought committing a 'sin' with Annie in his bed, prayer candles as witnesses, bathing them in their hallo like glow made him laugh. He tugged on her hand. "come on." (Old Kate and Bruke or no more David :P
4/2/2011 #137
Anna smirked, shaking her head. "Whatever, so long as my door gets opened at some point. I've got some good stuff in there." Anna wasn't really all that religious. She went to church on Sundays as a child with her grandmother and grandfather, while her mother sat uncomfortably beside her. Both of her grandparents introduced her to possible suitors there, varying from Joseph the carpenter's son to Richard Harrogate, whose father owned the bank in town. She didn't like any of them and couldn't wait to leave. No one would try and marry her off here, especially not those Duffys she shared her name with.
4/2/2011 #138
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(All of them, bad Sissi!)
4/2/2011 #139
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The pair headed down the street toward where he lived. It was a large broadening house with chipping blue paint. He opened the door and tugged her up the stairs. On the wall going up were photographs of each of the borders, Danny's was sandwiched between a grim looking man in coat and tie and an older man in his mid-sixties who gingery puffed at an old pipe. "Mrs. Campbell, our landlord is a lonely old woman, we have become, 'her boys,'" Danny explained. Going to a lone room near the second landing in the four-story house, he thrust his key in the lock and swung open the door. There was a single bed in the center of the room a washbasin. The cream walls were bare. The afternoon sunshine flowed into the small room.
4/2/2011 #140
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He gently guided them toward his bed and kissed her. "This sneaking to our flats needs to stop soon, mo ghrá," he smiled. "There's going to be a Mrs. O'Dea in the picture, I suspect she'll want me home every night." He gave her ear a quick kiss. He smirked.

5/19/2011 #141
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(Come on, once they're in WW1 it'll be fun! -pokes-

5/31/2011 #142

Anna rolled her eyes. Now this was just being ridiculous. She did not come to Ireland at seventeen to become a Mrs. Anything. Now that the hype and fear that had wormed its way into her heart had died, she realized that the dreaded words that had sprung from her loose tongue were just like the heated moments she had come to live for - spontaneous and without thought. The approach she had taken was becoming ever more useless. But she did like the way his deep voice cradled the Gaelic term of endearment, the way his arms felt around her waist, the tepid kisses that sun burned like her hair...

"But the sneaking's the best part." she said with a grin. "Don't you think so, Danny Boy?"

6/16/2011 #143
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He stroked her face and kissed her forehead. A smile cracked on his lips. "Yes, Annie," he whispered. "I'd follow you anywhere." He pressed his body against hers. "But sometimes it's a wee bit hard t' keep up with you,' he teased.

6/16/2011 #144
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(You really wanna throw a wrench in her free lifestyle? A bald and drooling wrench? ;) Maybe she could get preg and we do the war, and after he dies she gives it up to an orphanage? Cuz she can't handle the eyes and all that cheesy junk. :P)

6/19/2011 #145

"You're not supposed to keep up with me." the little minx whispered back as she did away with the buttons of his shirt. "No one can. That's the whole point, darlin'."

She gave a merry laugh and moved onto the pillow to admire her handiwork. Her eyes darted around the flat for a moment, taking in the details. A crack in the corner. The wallpaper half-torn, half eaten by rodents. Scuffs in the floorboard. A handprint on the head of the bed. A smile crept onto her face. How many times had Danny Boy taken a woman up those steps, made her grip the brass bars?

6/20/2011 #146
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He gently moved a bit closer so she could take in his muscles with her fingers. He glanced in the detection of her gaze and smirked at the finger scuffs. "Och, that twas nothing special," he laughed. "Maid fell cleaning the sheets." There was a gleam in his eyes suggesting that was only half the tale. "Lasses don't go near me now that the 'woman with trousers' has been on my arm." He flashed a cheeky grin.

(Bruke, Lilly, Kath hell I'll take Batman!)

6/20/2011 #147

Anna leaned forward, resting her hands on his hips and kissing the skin over his heart, her nose brushing his shirt carelessly off to the side. She could feel his heartbeat on her cheek, and she looked up at him.

"Is that really all I am?" she asked, eyes sparkling.

6/20/2011 #148
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He sighed at her kisses and his arms wrapped around her. He dipped to kiss her breast. "No girl," he smiled. "You're Anna Duffy. You're even wilder then what they say. They said you got poor Dainile O'dea to abandon his mother's dream of being a priest," he smirk. "Hel,l you saved me Annie." He winked.

6/21/2011 #149
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