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(Can we fast foward? I have never had such a big lack of muse before)

7/10/2011 #151
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(I have an idea for fight but I dunno if it sounds as good as does in my head, If you got one limmie know.)

7/10/2011 #152
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Maybe Danny joins the Irish vols but doesn't tell Anna because he wants to protect her and she gets angry?

7/11/2011 #153

(You know I love you. :D)

7/11/2011 #154
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(Occasionally I'm known for good ideas. Here's my idea: Worse yet, he's holding pistols for them. Maybe Anna keeps a few things at his place and she finds them wrapped up in her drawer and confronts him? Then maybe she says the only way she'll marry him is if he promises to back out (she heard countless stories from Pat growing up about failed roevoulions and think he'll be killed. Maybe they marry and then in 1916 he's drafted just in time to die in the Somme. She blames the British government for his death and is inspired by the IV in the Easter Rising and then aprochesMichael Collins at a rally for Dev, If your confused Wikipedia actually did a fantastic job with Irish history. :O) Oh and btw, The Irish War of Independence ended 90 years ago today!)

7/11/2011 . Edited 7/11/2011 #155

(Again, you're mischaracterizing Anna. The woman loves guns, the last thing she's gonna do is confront him over a bunch of pistols in a dresser. If anything she'd steal them for herself. And she wants him to leave and fight, she's not going to try and stop him. She's trying to avoid getting married at all costs. She thrives on impulse; the only way she'll get married is if she realizes the danger she's in.)

7/11/2011 #156
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(well...think...then. :P I think you see the Anna in 1914 as the Anna of 1924. I see her as a free-spirit and a thrill-seeker but I don't think she'd "love guns" as a seventeen year old, or wars, she hasn't seen one yet. And Pat would talk about anything but war. He hates it. But my overall thought, is she could learn about running guns from him and ect, so that's why she's so good later. That would be a way bring it up. -shugs-

7/11/2011 . Edited 7/11/2011 #157
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(Post in Civil War please..)

7/11/2011 #158

(Teenage Anna isn't supposed to be teenage Laura. The whole point is that she's mature beyond her years. The guns are a thrill-seeker; she's been around them since she was little. I see her hunting as a younger child, which isn't much of a stretch. She doesn't love wars, but they're part of the thrill. The entire youth population Western world had a major shift in values in the pre-war years, even with grandparents and relatives who had made it through the other conflicts. In context, Anna is almost stereotypical.)

7/11/2011 #159
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Now that I have me head on straight, why doesn't she do a 180 from whatever jeerbish I was saying and insist on going with him to unload the guns? ( Mary Spring-RiceMary Spring-Rice assisting running guns at Howth in 1914. Sometimes I need to think about what I'm thinking about before I think it. :O) (

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Dawn hadn't yet broken but Danny was up, dressed in a shabby work shirt. He walked out in the deserted street and breathed in the morning air. He had joined the Irish Volunteers a week prior after he seen them march through Dublin, although they were lacking rifles, they were not lacking sprit. The very idea of Irish men baring arms for Ireland enthralled him.

The problem with that vision was they had no arms. This morning that would change, Germany had promised over a thousand rifles that would be landed at Howth later that day.

But Danny had one stop to make, He tossed a stone at Anna's window and then another. He cupped his hands and shouted, "Morning Yank!"

7/11/2011 #161
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(We could always make him Irish Citizen Army instead, there were plenty of women who were soldiers in its ranks. Plus, they have really cool looking hats! And Danny a lowly transport-worker living in a shite apperment might make a decent Socialist. :O)

7/16/2011 . Edited 7/16/2011 #162

Anna, still in bed, fumbled around for something and got up. She went to the window, half-naked, and tossed the book at him.

"The fuck are you doin' out here this early?" she called back. "It's bloody six in the morning!"

7/27/2011 #163
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He just smirked. "OH, shut your gob, woman," he said cheerily. "I'll tell ya when you get me in, the whole feckin' county don't need to hear it/"

7/27/2011 #164

She flipped him the bird and shut the door, turning around quickly as her hair flew over shoulder and cascaded down her back. Quickly pulling on the rest of her clothes, she went downstairs to open the door for him.


7/29/2011 #165
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He pushed inside and immediately started up the steps. "Dea-maidin, mo ghrá," he called sweetly over his shoulder, playing innocent. Once inside he shut the door. "I'm here unofficially on Citizen Army business," he admitted. " The Volunteers are smuggling in guns from the Germans, I thought you'd like a wee touch of action. Wannna come?"

7/29/2011 #166

She followed him, resisting the urge to hit him for touching opening her door. Once inside, Anna leaned against it and crossed her arms as she spoke. The revelation of his intent earned nothing but a raised eyebrow.

"First off, what?" she asked. "When the hell did you join the ICA? And secondly, hell yes. Lemme grab my coat."

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"I have my secrets," he smirked. He doffed his tweed cap and again and heading down the stairs again.The pair walked out into the light toward Howth Harbor. The sun glistened off the blue-green sea and fishing boats in the harbor. A light breeze kissing Danny's cheek. He found his ICA Sergeant and clapped the man on the back.

"Danny, good to see you," he smiled.

"I brought a friend if that's alright."

The man chewed on his lip in anger. Damn it! If she knew who else did?

"You're a thick one, Danny," the man sighed, but then turned on Annie. "And do have an interest in the Work's Republic ma'am?"

The Asgard glided into view and Danny whooped.

7/29/2011 #168

Anna shrugged nonchalantly, looking up at the Sergeant.

"I came to run guns." she said. "And if it's for a good cause, hey, why not?"

She grinned and offered him a cigarette.

7/29/2011 #169
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He tucked the cigarette behind his ear and turned a blind eye to the newcomer. He looked from Danny to Annie and whispered, "Good on you," in Danny's ear.

By now the boat was pulling up to the dock and Danny grabbed the rope and tried it off. Hand-carts were waiting to reviece the German rifles. Danny opened one of the boxes and held it, he'd never held a gun before.

7/29/2011 #170

Anna beamed and followed Dan over to the vessel, getting her own box or two and being careful not to rattle them. Second hand guns, she knew, were devil's playthings. Shake one the wrong way and there'd be a shiny piece of metal where her eye was.

8/1/2011 #171
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Danny tossed the guns in the handcarts and draped a blanket over them. He threw a few a apples over the top and tried his best to look some bemused farmer from up the county. He leaned over and whispered to Anna, "I don't think the harbor master is just gonna sit by and let us run guns. There might be trouble."

Sure enough, on the road out there was a squad of armed soldiers on the road. Someone had got a tip.

"Oi, Missy,' yelled a Sargent in a London accent.

(Let's see how charming see can be. :P)

8/1/2011 #172

"Oi yourself, sarge." Anna said with a grin and her best impression of an Irish accent. "Care for some apples? Picked 'em myself."

8/2/2011 #173
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"Hmm, which ones are the best?" he questioned, obviously distracted by a pair of very different kind of apples. As the Sergeant and then his men watched her, Danny and the others rattled by. If the ICA men hadn't known him better they would of sworen there was look of jealousy in his dark green lanterns of his.

8/2/2011 #174

Anna laughed, shaking her head.

"You are quite a charmer." she said, looking up at him with her very sweetest grin. Of course the British would stoop to that level. Adjusting her jacket, she leaned on the pile of boxes and picked up an apple, pretending to judge its quality while trying to show off her curves. "Hmm, this one looks quite fresh. Would you agree, Sarge?"

8/2/2011 #175
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"Oh yes," he smiled. Things went on like that for awhile until a Lieutenant and scolded him. The rebels had gotten away and he was off playing Romeo with some Fenian bitch! He might catch something for God's sake. The man was just short of being dragged away by the ear. The officer didn't bother to check her cart, she seemed a plain harmless farm girl.

The arms taken away and stowed somewhere Danny had no idea, he waited at the end of the street for Anna.

8/2/2011 #176

Anna tipped her hat and winked at the man, then laughed and pushed her cart towards Dan.

"Well that was fun."

8/2/2011 #177
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Danny smirked at her. "That was brilliant, you know," he laughed. Her rifles were to left on the stoop and one of the leaders of the iV he'd not met and since it was far too late to show up to work with any face he had the day to himself.

"Glad you had a good time," he chuckled. "What now?"

8/2/2011 #178

Anna grinned. "Hey, I figured I might come in handy. Everyone loves a woman."

She clutched at his arm and laughed, kissing him and walking down the street. At his question, Anna merely shrugged and looked up at him.

"Whatever you want to do, I have work in an hour."

8/2/2011 #179
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He grinned at her kiss; he was so silly with this girl, he didn't understand it. She just wasn't like any had been with. She didn't need a man to hold her and tell her it'd be alright, she'd make it alright or go down trying. He supposed that's why he loved her, or so he told himself. It wasn't enough time to have a row thought a walk on Steven's Green would do. Still arm in arm they walked into the patchy sunlight.

"Any plans tonight?" he asked. "You could visit."

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