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disused account

(Where shall we begin?:))

1/17/2011 #1
Yuki Kuran

(well. let's say they've been together this whole time, that's a sort of given, but there's still room for marriage or heartbreak. What do you think of this:

They moved to New Orleans where Julia has two jobs: Bar maid because it was a fun job and paid well, and John convinced her to become a seamstress. I don't know what his line of work could be. Maybe he works in a car factory? I don't know if I want Jonah to still be with them or not...)

1/18/2011 #2
disused account

(All sounds great! Maybe Jona got put in a resthome of some sorts?)

John came in from the shipyard, his shirt spattered with oil. He grinned nonetheless. "Oh darling!"

1/18/2011 #3
Yuki Kuran

(I think they had special boarding schools in the big cities by the 1900s.)

Julia smiled and waved from across the room. One of the younger waitresses winked and took her post. Julia thanked her and ran to John. She hugged him despite the oil and kissed him. "You're early."

1/19/2011 #4
disused account

"I wanted to surpise you, darling," he beamed.

1/19/2011 #5
Yuki Kuran

"How was work?" She looked at her apron. It was already somewhat messy, so it didn't matter.

(side note: 90% of the bars were located on the first floor of nice hotels, so what do you say, this is where they live?)

1/19/2011 #6
disused account

"Good as always," he smiled. Being a shipbuilder was the most liberating thing he could do. His father had horned him to be an intellectual which was not the life he wished. it felt good to work with his hands and learn how to make things last.

1/19/2011 #7
Yuki Kuran

Julia turned and started clearing a few tables, but she kept up the conversation. "Working on anything interesting lately?"

1/19/2011 #8
disused account

"A metal navy ship," he said with wonderment.

1/19/2011 #9
Yuki Kuran

"Why on earth do we need a naval ship?" She deposited the dishes in the sink behind the counter. "Get up here and sit down," she said, slapping one of the seats with a dry cloth.

1/19/2011 #10
disused account

"Yes ma'am," he smirked.

1/19/2011 #11
Yuki Kuran

"I won't be outa here for another hour you know," Julia told him, wiping the bar down. There were only three or four customers. It was a work day and most people wouldn't be here for another two or three hours. "Can I gecha anything," she joked.

1/19/2011 #12
disused account

He laughed. "Water?"

1/19/2011 #13
Yuki Kuran

"I would think you get enough of that at work," Julia said with a wink. She placed a glass of water in front of him. "It's on the house."

"Julia, a tall one for the end," one of the other girls called. She reached under the counter and started pouring drinks into a tall mug.

1/20/2011 #14
disused account

He sat and waited for her to finish.

1/20/2011 #15
Yuki Kuran

The next hour flew by. There were so few people that in no time she was hanging up her apron. "So, have any plans for this afternoon?" She wiped her hands off with the rag and came around behind John. She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

1/20/2011 #16
disused account

"I thought we could go for a walk."

1/20/2011 #17
Yuki Kuran

"Where do you want to go? The pier, the beach, or just let our feet guide us," she whispered in his ear.

1/22/2011 #18
disused account

He tugged on her hand. "Let's see where we end up," he said leaning against her.

1/22/2011 #19
Yuki Kuran

"Not now," she whispered, referring to him laying on her. "These drunks are sure to make a show of us even just hugging each other."

1/22/2011 #20
disused account

He laughed. "Well let's go then."

1/22/2011 #21
Yuki Kuran

Julia straightened up, but didn't release John's hand. "Shall we?"

1/23/2011 #22
disused account

He smiled. "Lead on love."

1/23/2011 #23
Yuki Kuran

They left the hotel, but Julia stopped only a few steps outside the door. She shut her eyes, then opened them a moment later. "This way," she stated, turning left towards the pier. Now the path was up to their feet.

1/23/2011 #24
disused account

He followed, his hand swinging in hers.

1/23/2011 #25
Yuki Kuran

They walked on for a while. She spent most of the time looking into his eyes. They walked down the beech and to the outskirts if town until the sun began to set.

1/24/2011 #26
disused account

He turned to look at the sun and then kissed her softly.

1/24/2011 #27
Yuki Kuran

Julia smiled. "How romantic," she said. "A kiss on the beech in front of a setting sun." She kissed him back.

1/24/2011 #28
disused account

"I've been getting tips from those novels you leave about," he chuckled.

1/24/2011 #29
Yuki Kuran

"You've been reading my romance novels," Julia laughed, a hint of surprise in her voice.

1/25/2011 #30
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