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Sam and Kate's joy multiplied each passing day as their son grew. He was a beautiful, happy toddler with Kate's eyes, Sam's nose, and a mess of curly blonde hair (though they couldn't quite pinpoint where that particular trait had come from, and had to guess it was from Kate's side of the family). In school he did well, passing with As and Bs and always hurrying home to their little house at the end of the day for dinner. He had friends, then girlfriends, then friends again as the girlfriends seemed to disappear at whim. Kate often worried about the effect this would have on her beloved son's personality, but it didn't seem to faze him. David was just happy no matter what the situation.

Although they tried, the parents could never provide their son with a younger sibling. A second miscarriage when David was three left Kate distraught, and it was decided that the pair would be happy with just their little sunshine. Kate was happy to run the household and occasionally volunteer at the hospital or the school, always with breakfast on the table at seven and dinner at six. In the morning she would kiss Sam goodbye, whisper I love you, and tell him to have a good day. At night the scenario was repeated, only with "welcome home" in place of goodbye. At night they'd sit together as a family and watch TV, sharing laughter as any happy family did.

Today, however, was different. Kate was at home making supper and craining her neck to see what was happening on TV. Something about a war. She didn't really give much of a listen, as Sam would probably explain it to her when she got home. Or David. Whichever one came first.

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David came in the room, jacket slung over his shoulder. He went over to the fridge and took a deep draft the milk form the frig. He gave the reporter with thick-rimmed glasses qnd a building head a momentary glance. He took a another sit from the bottle and whipped his mouth the back of his hand. "Hey Mom."

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(Dude this is EXACTLY what they'd be watching! I typed in "Vietnam War Newscast and there's a dude with glasses! Its from 1969, shortly just before the the Draft Lottery in 1969. Or Creepy!)

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(they're in the USA right? Vietnam dodging that was plan right? Canada you take in our sane folks when the US goes nuts. <3 Guys from the Civil War even draft dogged there, learned that yesterday,) David came in the room, jacket slung over his shoulder. He went over to the fridge and took a deep draft the milk form the frig. He gave the reporter with thick-rimmed glasses and a building head a momentary glance. He took sit from the bottle and whipped his mouth the back of his hand. He was the mirror image of his mother he was tall and thin with the same downy black hair. But he had his father's bright green eyes. The bear arms that jutted out from his white tee shirt were tonedd muscular, from now three years' worth of playing football at school. He hugged his mother from behind. "Presque dû apprendre à ses classe aujourd'hui," he smirked, referring to his French 1 class, which he took for an easy grade, his mother have insisted he learn French before English as child. "We had a sub, didn't pronounce anything right. Think gave me a bad grade 'cuz I kept correcting him." He gave his boyish grin which always brimmed with half mocking confidence.
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(Good Weasel! And yup, they caused a lot of ruckus over in Ontario. Think they even caused a riot... XD) Kate, who dearly loved her boy in spite of his antics, laughed and kissed his cheek. He had grown so big since that first day home from the hospital, bundled up in the little blue blanket and sleeping happily in his crib. She remembered how overprotective she and Sam were at first, doting on their beloved child. She nearly fainted when he announced he wanted to join the little league, and later on the football team! Years of angsty teenagerhood, filled with door slammings and silence, followed by driving lessons ("Slow down, David! STOP!!!") and visits to local colleges where Kate hoped her son could continue his education. "Haven't I told you to be nice?" she teased, giving him a kiss. "And it's 'enseigner', if you mean 'you almost had to teach'. Perhaps I should give you some more lessons, little one." She looked over at the television and sighed. "I wish I had the time to learn more English." she said. "I can't understand a word anyone says on that thing."
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(Post in other places damn it! :P I'm not just your personal createor of dreamy Frerch dudes, I have needs to. :P)
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(Dreamy French dudes? Seriously? :P)
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He half teasingly shyed away from her kisses. "I thought dad was teaching you?" he questioned "Something about the war." He gave a shrug, politics wasn't his thing. He then kissed her check. "'Little one might be going to college soon," he smirked.
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"Your Papa, God bless him, has very little time to devote to his son, his job, and his wife's English." she laughed, shaking out her apron. "As long as I can order meat at the grocery store, I am alright."

When he teased her about college, she looked at him very seriously.

"Did you finish your applications?" she said. "I wanted them all sent out by Friday, you know."

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He huffed at his mother. "Ya know I'm just dotting the I's and all, mère," he said with his boyish grin. "I'll get them out, UW Madison isn't too."

(Google translate FTW and WI FTW!)

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Kate rolled her eyes.

"I did not up and leave France to have my only child gallavant around like an artist. If you wanted to do that, I'd send you back home in the basket I carried you in."

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David just laughed. "You'd never do that to me."

(FYI, if you were in college you were exempt from the draft, so maybe he procrastinates on applying and the army gets to him? mowwhaha.)

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"You know I would." she said. "Now go get ready for dinner, Papa will be home soon."

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He smiled and went to wash his hands.

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Sam appeared in the doorway, looking exuasted. "Oh darling," he called happily however, as he always did.

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She grinned to herself.

"Salut, Sammy!" she called towards him, looking up from the sink. "How was work?"

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"Tiring,' he said, smiling weakly. He came up behind her and hugged her from behind.

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She laughed and hissed his cheek.

"Now, now, let go." she said. "Dinner's almost ready."

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Sam just smiled at her and went to relax for a bit.

Drawn by the smells David peered into the kitchen.

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Soon summer came and so did rejection letters from universities across the state.It seemed that straight C's in math (although David had truly done his best) was not impressive to his admissions officers. He didn't understand it; he had stayed up late every night with Sam who had tried to save him from drowning in the sea of X's, Y's and Triangles but it just didn't make sense. David was more like his mother, interested in poetry and theater, he felt more comfortable in a world of his own musing.

But now reality shattered that world. What was he to do? Work third shift with his father? He shivered at the idea. He felt lonely in the house, knowing he was stuck there until he was able to scrape money together to get an apparent and a new service-job.

Needing some air, he wandered out into the yard and ambled toward the mail box. He grabbed the handful letters, mostly bills and a letter from Cece, and lastly there was a thin letter enrobed in a boring brown envelop. His name was scrawled on the top in runny black ink. Below his name there was a red stamp that read: The Selective Service System.

David didn't even need to open the envelope, he knew. He was drafted; all that remained was to find out the details of when and where he would report. It made it real. He felt his heart jump into his throat. He was being forced to go shoot at men a world away. He clenched his eyes shut. He couldn't, no, he wouldn't, do it!

He forced himself to take a raggid breath and walk back to the house. He peered in the kitchen where his mother was putting the last touches on dinner. Usually, the smells made him long for food but he only felt a knot in his stomach.

"Mom," he said meekly, helplessly. "I've…I've... been drafted…by the army. What do I do?"

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(heh heh... straight Cs in math for me... yay for Canada!)

Kate had been disappointed by the numerous rejection letters sitting on her bedside table. She had wanted desperately to see him take up a study, placing him higher in society than she or Sam ever could. He was a very smart boy, after all, and she knew it. It didn't help that he didn't know what to study. That must've been what kept the universities at bay. She had counselled David to at least pick something, even if it was Art History, but he declared it was just easier to go in undecided.

She heard the screen door open and she glanced up in time to see David walk in. With a smile on her face, she was ready to greet him, but when she heard the words out of his mout she paled.

"What?" she asked in a thin voice. "What? No, David, please don't joke!"

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(I failed algebra twice my freshman year of college. Yep, I'm a winner. XD)

His hands trembled as he held up the letter baring the stamp. "Oh Mom," he sniffed trying to bite back tears. "I..I can't do it." All because of math.

(Yeah, screw you math!)

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Kate looked from the envelope to her son, in shock. Her head couldn't make sense of it. She needed Sam.

"Hush now, David." she said, putting her hand on his shoulder tenderly. "Leave it with me. Papa and I will sort it out. Don't worry."

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David nodded and went off to stare out the living-room window at the wind rustle the trees. He felt fear knot in his stomach again. Damn it! This wasn't how life was supposed to turn out. He was supposed to get into University, major in journalism, he was supposed to change the world with a pen, not a fucking gun.The world was supposed to be wide open not confined to what the government wanted.

He slamed his fist into the wall.

Hearing a thud, Sam came running. When he saw the seldom look of heart-ache in his wife's gaze he halted.

"What happened?"

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Kate sighed and peered into the living room. "David Phillipe Horowitz, go to your room." she called over. "Papa and I need to speak."

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Heating his middle name, which he detested and only used when he was in deep, deep trouble he winced and took the steps two a time. Went to his room and put on a Jimi Hendrix 45. The opening cords of Crosstown Traffic blared through his giant headphones, wiping the letter from his mind.

Sam plopped into a kitchen chair, "What did he do?"

(I still have my Popsicle's 45 collection in our basement, no player though. I bet they're all moldy by now. Lol)

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Kate passed him the envelope.

"Open it."

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He tore it open and stood aghast as he looked at the draft notice.

"Non mon garcon," he growled at the paper and then crippled into a snowball. "Kate..we're going to have get him out of the country."

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"Isn't there something we can do?" she asked. "Call someone? He's only eighteen, he'll be in school soon!"

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"No honey, we can't," he said. "They take you when they want you, it doesn't matter." He sighed.

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