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If you feel the vibe someday. :P

7/3/2011 #1

(What do we want to FF to, exactly? A courtship, wedding, babies, ???)

7/4/2011 #2
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I pick number 1 me lord!

7/4/2011 #3

(Shut up Thelonius! XD)

"He will never come so long as you keep staring out that window, Lisette."

Maman Gaudet was getting very impatient with her daughter. She sat and watched from her chaise longue, knitting a long winter scarf of red yarn for Minou, as her second child peered optimistically out the window. Élisabeth had been waiting since early that morning to see if Lord Royce would call on her. His letter had been very unclear, and she supposed it was written as he was on his way to London. He had promised to see he when he came home from his trip. Now she found herself counting the days, estimating the duration of his time there as well as the traveling days, until he came home. From her calculations, either late today or early tomorrow would be when he arrived, and Lisette was dearly hoping it would be today.

Yet Maman was patient. Nothing would have fazed her anyways, what with Cécé's wedding the previous month having gone off without a single problem, and the eldest daughter was living contentedly not an hour's drive from Paris as she had dreamed. She wrote often, with the family often receiving multiple letters at a time. Now it was Lisette's turn. Each night, Didi prayed that Royce would select her as his bride. He was wealthy enough, kind, and paid much attention to her fanciful daughter's desires. She took a glance at the last offering - a William Herschel telescope - and smiled to herself. With such lavish gifts, did she really have to wonder?

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(Post somewhere else while I think please. You're going to help me with the social ques...I know courting had a bit more weight then dating does now, I dreamed of battles at sixteen, not ballrooms like you. :P)

An uncharacteristic burst of sun splashed over the Yorkshire countryside as Lord Royce's coachmen rattled up to the house. As the door opened to the coach Lord Royce stepped out, wearing his best coat, ascot and his ever easy smile.

He slammed the brass knocker against the door. Under his arm he carried a rather large box.

(Now as for the gifts I want there to be two. One that's meaningful to her in a educating way, and something that's telling of his intention to ask for her hand. (Would he have to ask the Dad? Although he would of consented to the courtship already right? Ack. Lol I can't tell you how to load a 3inch ordinance rifle with canister and fire it at 300 yards, but women. –throws hands up- :P

7/4/2011 . Edited 7/4/2011 #5

(I just had this amazing visual in my head of you in a confederate uniform facepalming in front of a girl in a hoopskirt) (BTW, can you give Royce a birthday? I have an idea for a present.)

Margot, her nose deep in a book outside her mother's boudoir, was startled at the sudden approach of her elder sister. She stared incredulously as Lisette, in her white muslin dress and hair left long in a barette like a schoolgirl, hung over the rail by the stairs to watch Mr. Colroy answer the door.

"Papa!" the older girl called in a hushed tone. "He's here!"

M. Gaudet emerged from the paneled room that had become his and his wife's study. He took a glance at his eager daughter and smiled, going down the stairs as Colroy answered the door.

"Ah, Lord Royce. We have been expecting you."

7/4/2011 #6
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"It is good to see you all again," he smiled.

(I have plenty of faceplams in uniform, however 99.9% have nothing to do with girls. XD I foresee these as Web-cam stories. :O))

7/4/2011 #7

Christophe nodded, then chuckled to himself.

"I trust your journey was smooth, Lord Royce?" he asked. "And that you accomplished what you needed to in London? Colfoy, if you would please take his hat and coat, I am sure it would be appreciated."

Lisette's heart began to race. What if he didn't ask after her? What if his attention had been drawn elsewhere in those weeks apart?

7/4/2011 #8
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(Did I ever tell you about the Night of the Troubled Trousers? That is the unimate Lee reenacting faceplam/ really bad porno title ever. :P)

"It was quite smooth, however I did not enjoy the little rain shower on my way here," he laughed. His coat, which he handed to the maid, was flicked with damp and mud. "Might I make my preseince know to Lisette, I brought her a few things."

7/4/2011 #9

"Yes, yes, very well." Christophe nodded. "You must now refer to her as Miss Gaudet, as her elder sister is now Countess Rochefort."

He turned to look up the stairs.

"Élisabeth!" he summoned. "Lord Royce is here!"

Lisette flew down the staircase, her auburn hair flying behind her and her white slippers almost catching themselves in the mismatched boards as she made her intent to see Nathaniel. She slowed down as she came into view and attempted to look graceful. She stood as the base of the stairs, folded her hands in front of her and gave a shy smile.

"Good afternoon, Lord Royce."

7/5/2011 #10
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He smiled back, although his was more lively. "Good afternoon Miss Gaudet," he said.

7/5/2011 #11

At his comfortable grin, Lisette broadened hers.

"I am pleased that you have come to visit after your trip." she said. "I imagine you must have enjoyed yourself immensely."

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"Oh it was quite boring, I was asked by a friend to look on Parliament's anti-slavery proceedings," he said. "Many old men arguing is all," he chuckled. "But I manged to visit some shops." He presented her two boxes, one small that would fit in her palm and the other, under his arm, was long and slender.

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(Annie, Lilly, sponge-bob?

7/5/2011 #14

(What's the long and slender one? I can do the palm one, easy.)

Lisette blushed at the offerings.

"Really, Lord Royce, you are too kind" she laughed. "My family is honored."

Christophe let out a chortle, then shook his head and sighed.

"Shall we move to the study, then?" he asked. "I believe I must speak with my wife, but I give you two permission to go on ahead."

7/5/2011 #15
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(I was thinking a necklence (small) a green dress (big)? You got any idea?)

"Yes," he said. "Thank you."

7/5/2011 #16

(I've got something even better for the small one :D and never ever buy your fiancée a dress unless she picked it herself.)

Lisette led Nathaniel up the steps towards her father's study, once again passing by Margot as she turned a page in her book. She glanced up for a moment at the two, but returned to the text without so much as a blink.

"I don't believe you have been in my father's study before." Élisabeth mused.

7/5/2011 #17
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(Okay, you lead then.)

"No, I have not," he admitted, letting her drag him along.

7/5/2011 #18

Arriving in the study, Lisette sat on a sofa and gestured towards her father's leather chair.

"Do sit down."

7/5/2011 #19
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He sat down in it.

(I'm only gonna doe this one if you post elsewhere, I have no idea what is ever going on. ;P)

7/5/2011 #20

Lisette smiled, glancing at the packages.

"Are these for the family?" she asked.

7/6/2011 #21
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"For you," he smiled.

(Are they?

7/6/2011 #22
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(Oh don't know if you've made it onto Facebook yet, (It is a requirement of any University student! I'm not kidding, orgs, keeping up with friends there and home, its a time-saver, or a time-sucker if you get distracted like old Lee. :P) but on The Elders fan-page Norm (the bassist) posted a lot of pictures from their tour in France. Just made me think of ya. :)

7/7/2011 #23

"Oh my goodness!" Lisette laughed. "Thank you very much!"

She glanced between the two things, and paused. Having decided to open the larger box first, she tore off the brown paper with great delicacy. She was always worried it would offend someone to open the wrapping paper too quicky. Opening the box, she gasped and pulled out the large book inside.

"An atlas of the night sky!" she exclaimed with delight. "This is beautiful, Nathaniel!"

She was careful about using his first name, looking up for a moment to gauge his response.

7/7/2011 #24
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He grinned widely at the use of his name. "I know you enjoy star-gazing, dear. I thought if you knew what each was, you might get inspation for your poems."

7/7/2011 #25

Lisette blushed at the word "dear", and giggled happily. Onto the next package she went, ripping paper even more softly than before, and her eyes widened at the beautiful object that sparkled there.

"Oh my goodness!"

Her slender fingers cradled the delicate bracelet, made with three rows of coral and pearl beads, bound together with two elegant sapphires. The sapphires themselves were quite a wonder, with small parts of it cut out and minuscule white stones placed inside. Lisette recognized it immediately. Each sapphire held a different constellation. Hers bore that of Aries, her star sign, and the other gem was impressed with Lord Royce's own. Her eyes flickered with the realization and she turned to him in wonder.

"Lord Royce...?"

7/7/2011 #26
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"I wish to make you my bride," he said, looking into her eyes.

(Regcy proposal fail? I hate when that happens. :P)

7/7/2011 #27

(*pats head*)

Lisette's hands flew to her mouth in surprise. Her? Lord Royce wished to make Élisabeth Gaudet his wife? She trembled a little. The very thought of becoming Lady Royce made her heart joyful and glad. Her heart must have called to her lips, because she beamed and nodded. In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to dance like a fool and announce very loudly she was marrying Nathaniel Royce.

"It would please me very much, Nathaniel." she laughed. "So very much!"

7/7/2011 #28
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He grinned. "As it would me."

(What next?)

7/7/2011 #29
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"But you must swear one thing to me Lisette: you will not stop writing just because you are the lady of my house. You are so good at it, I wish to see you better." he gave her is infelicitous smile again.

7/7/2011 #30
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