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(Just caught a 10ib King Salmon today! Training for Red Lake next year! :D)

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Lisette laughed.

"Nothing could stop me from writing, Nathaniel." she said with a grin. "I would write on the wallpaper with berries if I had to."

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He smirked.

(So wedding? Er..?)

Da fat fish: :D

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(*drool* and I don't even like fish 0.o MAGIC FISH OF FATNESS)

(I was thinking he might have to do something first, like see his family or go on some kind of voyage. You know, Lordy kind of things.)

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(You are so......special Sissi. -pats head- Present his new bride to his family? Maybe they are distrusting of zee Frogs? Sorry, that's the English/Welsh in me saying hi. Post in other places, missy. :P

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Bleh, I got stuck house-sitting for my parents this weekend so if youse near zee computer extra often remember to post. Just one reply after a post can keep little Lee here from going crazy (well crazier :P)

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(We need drama. I shall let you, O creative one, decide what kind.)

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(Just because my profile piic has a idea over its head doesn't mean I have one. :P I say wedding.

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Lord Royce stood by the window waiting for his guests to arrive. He would be thirty on marrow and the Gaudets were coming for a birthday dinner. He grinned as he saw the coach pull up, the new decade would bring new changes. Soon he would have a wife, he would be in a law practice with a friend in London, parhas he would have a child..someday. His eyes lit up when he glimpsed Lisette in the coach's window.

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(Should we have his parents there? Just for fun?)

Lisette sat beside her mother and Margot, almost trembling in her seat. Her mother had taken great care of her daughter's appearance. Her dress was brand new, the latest style from France that warranted the partial sale of her father's book collection. It was white, gauzy and thin, delicately embroidered with green flowers and vines that became beautiful lace flowers at her neck. The sleeves were short and trimmed in lace, as well as her satin gloves and shoes. Her hair was up and curled close to her head with amber earrings and a coral necklace to show off her beautiful eyes. The family's carriage halted before the manor and Adelaïde leaned close.

"When you live here, you must demand the room with that beautiful balcony." she said.

Lisette laughed and waited for her parents and Margot to get out, following them to the front door.

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Lord Royce now stood in the doorway, adorned with his ever present smile. His heart pounded in his chest, while he would entertain the family, he only wished to spend a few scant hours with Lisette. The thought made his smile flame ever brighter. Soon, they would be together always, and parhas, the halls of his great home would echo with the laughter and musings of children.

(Kath and Ally? –weasal pouty face-)

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(I did Ally!!! And so much for the big posts :( )

Christopher was the first to walk in and shake the hand of the host. "How do you do, Lord Royce?" he asked as he removed his hat and bestowed it on the maid.

Lisette and the rest of the girls gave their shawls and bonnets to the maid and curtseyed to the man. Lisette's eyes sparkled and she could not stop smiling.

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(I told you I never know how to act in this one, so you can't get mad at me for being vague. :P)

Lord Royce sifted his walking can to his other hand and extended out his left. "I am quite well," he said. "I am glad it has cooled off a bit."

He greeted each sister with an air of formality but when he came to Lisette, he couldn't bottle his longing anymore. His eyes scanned down her dress and they danced wildly. He grinned at her, taking one of her stain encased hands, tenderly stroking it for a moment.

"My darling, you look beautiful."

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(Kath. :()

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"Might we pass the time before dinner in the garden?" he asked Lisette, forgetting his other guests. All he wanted to do was be at her side.

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Lisette gave a small smile, and turned to her parents.

"Lord Royce is asking if we might pass some time in the gardens before our dinner." she said. She knew Nathaniel had a terrible time with formalities and things, but she didn't mind. She was more than happy to help out.

"That would be lovely." Christopher replied. "Lead the way, my lord."

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The pair stole out along the rows of Summer Snowflakes, Foxgloves and Dorset Heath. He smiled to himself watching her gaze at them. Were they what she liked, he wondered, his brow slightly creased. He wanted it all to be perfect, a perfect life for his perfect woman.

"My mother chose them all," he said. "When it's yours.." he smiled.

A small table was brought out into the yard and few refreshment.

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Already little Lisette's mind was engaged. The flowers were beautiful, and lovingly arranged, but seemed to suffer from lack of a tender gardener. She began thinking of what she might do with these gardens. She thought of adding some flowers from France, to give her a sense of home, and perhaps a fountain or two if Nathaniel was willing. Adelaïde nodded at the sight of the flowers.

"Your mother had excellent taste, Lord Royce." she said.

"Indeed." Élisabeth replied. "The colors are lovely."

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"I'm pleased you like them," he said and tugged her toward the table.

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As Lord Royce led Lisette back to the little garden table the evening crickets began to sing. A slight breeze rustled the tall oaks about the grounds. He gazed over the gardens, content. Not wanting to leave the sweet summer surroundings too quickly. He ordered the evening's soup-a-la-reine served out in the garden.

However, he was nervous that her family might take offense at eating at such a short table. He glanced over at Lisette, chewing on his lip (a most terrible habit when he was given to being nervous) as he tried to read her mind.

(I learned I can Google things, yay! :O)

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(What does she look like again?)

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(Shall we have ourselves a wedding? I'll let you plan it.. ;)

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(Fine, but you have to come up with some kind of plot for afterwards. And what exactly is Royce? A Viscount, Earl, Baron...?)

According to Papa, St. George's Cathedral was the most fashionable church in London. Lord Royce had to make the arrangements months in advance, and apply for a license to aquire the date they wanted. Everything from that point on was rushed. Materials were ordered from France, then sent to the home of the seamstress to be made into her gown. Every detail had been selected by Lisette herself. Adelaïde had assured her second daughter that Nathaniel would pay for whatever her little heart desired, and her taste for luxury and elegance brought the dress far beyond its intended sum. The slippers and veil were all newly made, the flowers were ordered fresh from the country, invitations were written and delivered throughout the country. The food was to be prepared by cooks in both the Gaudet and the Royce homes, with great care awarded to the preparation. It was to be a night of festivities and joy, as Lisette wanted.

The journey made by her sister Cécé and her new husband all the way from France was a gift indeed, especially since the revelation that Christophe and Adelaïde were to expect a grandchild in the coming winter. It did not show beneath the flow of her scarlet gown, trimmed in black feathers and pearls and graced with a fur jacket. Her husband was a quiet man, closer in age to his wife than Lisette was to Nathaniel, and preferred to let Cécile talk. He was given the task of overseeing the decoration of the church. His wife, on the other hand, took it upon herself to make sure the bride and her entourage were ready.

"Nani, Minou, arrête!" she ordered the twins. Of course by now Nani's ivory dress with the lilac sash had a small tear in the back, and Minou's pants were covered in dust. Who knew a small side table could cause so much damage? "Bon Dieu, you two will be the death of me!"

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Lord Royce had wandered into St. George's in Hanover Square impressed by the roman columns and the domed stipple crowned with a golden cross. It was breathing-taking but not nearly as much as Lisette would be. He had gotten the bill for the dress and most everything else but he had not seen it. It had left him to wonder what it might look like; he knew his musings always fell short of just how elegant she could be.

His party was rather small just his partner at law practice and three other friends who were frequent guests to his balls. They all seemed just as enchanted by Lisette as he was, even in the early days of his engagement she had taken over much of the hosting duties, since he had trouble with formality. Each evening she would bubble and beam with joy and it made him adore her all the more.

As the minster scanned the vows he wondered what changes were to be made to the house? His maids had kept the place clean and full of light, but since his mother had died the place had lost the gentle touch of a woman, he fully expected his new bride's first purchases to be decorations. He thought it odd to be waiting here to be marrying his beloveid of all people.

He had thought he had frightened the poor girl to death when he had spoken French to her, but once the shock had worn off they had found a common joy in poetry. Most men had dismissed her own as silly scrawlings but not him. He knew she had talent and would one day rival his favorites. He grinned to himself. What were those lines from William Blake that made him think of her? Oh yes:

Love and harmony combine,

And round our souls entwine

While thy branches mix with mine,

And our roots together join…..

It wasn't a marriage, it was melding of souls. He smiled.

(For being a man who writes gory, guts-seeping- out type war stories, I can be a hopeless romantic when I wanna be. Oh I have plot enough for Lord Royce. And..I have…WW2 Era Slut Bunnies OO! )

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Lisette turned her head to look at her siblings and smiled, giving a little laugh.

"Let them play, Cécé." she said in a soft voice. "They aren't hurting anyone."

The eldest sister sighed and admired the bride's elaborate gown. It was a trained dress of silver and blue, both Lisette and her mother disliking the recent trend of white, and it appeared so delicate that no one in the family dared touch it until the seamstress came to put it on. First came the shift, made of light baby blue silk, which billowed out behind her in a lengthy train. It was edged in silver lace, and embroidered at the back in very tiny letters were her initials. The top of the under dress was sleeveless, with only two small straps holding it onto her. All in all, it was very simple. Yet with the addition of the silver overdress, it came to life. It had taken the seamstress weeks to perfect the details on the fabric, from the tiny silver flowers in the shirt to the tender puffs in the sleeves. It was beautiful. White gloves and shoes completed the ensemble, as well as the diamond tiara in her up-curled hair attached to a long white veil. Lisette looked like a princess.

"Lord Royce won't be able to believe you're his." Cécé laughed as she adjusted the rest of her younger sister's jewelry. Her heavy diamond and sapphire necklace was a gift from a relative in France, as well as the matching earrings. Perfection.

"Shall I let the minister know you are ready?"

"Yes, please."

Cécé nodded and giggled before hurrying out to let the curate know.

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(Just keep posting with Danny to keep the muse a flowing and I can catch me a plot bunny for this. :P)

Lord Royce saw his future sister in law scurry over to the minster and whisper something in his ear. His heart was pounding now, only a few minutes now and there she'd be. He smiled again.

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The organ began to play, and the twins scurried into position behind Cécé and her husband once they'd returned to the vestibule. Adelaïde had already taken her seat at the front with a crowd of fashionable ladies and gentlemen from France, who had been babbling in the native language until the first chords were struck. In came the Count and Countess Rochefort, Cécile's red curls pinned firmly back under a bonnet, and then the twins, with Margot in her own blue dress and ivory sash. This was the first time she had ever come out into London, and she looked beautiful. Her brown hair was down about her ears, tied and arranged with white flowers, and she held a small bouquet of flowers. She stared straight ahead to avoid the gaze of the crowd. Little did she know that perhaps there was a future suitor hiding in the rows of tailcoats and rustling silks. At the front, the song changed, and the doors opened to reveal the young bride and her father.

Lisette held her own arrangement of flowers, small enough for the silvery threads of the skirt to sparkle in the candlelight and enough to show off the blue of the underskirt. Her veil came over her face so thickly she could barely see and had to use her father as a guide. Her heart pounded in her chest.

Lady Élisabeth Royce.

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Lord Royce heard the music start and his heart thudded against his chest. When he saw her it nearly stopped. All he could do was send a loving grin down the rows of pews. He had never dreamed she could look this beautiful! When she sauntered up to the alter he took each gloved hand into his own.

"I love you," he whispered.

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Lisette smiled through the tickness of tulle and gently squeezed his hands, turning to the minister. She had practiced. She stood tall, straight and elegant, like a future Lady ought to. Even the curate quietly remarked on her state of grace.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony."

He continued on, watching the couple and their gathered friends and family. Lisette began to tremble as the ceremony went on, and her ankles felt weak from standing so long. As discreetly as possible, underneath the dress she stepped out of her shoes and stood on the floor almost barefood except for her stockings. No one noticed the bride shrink an inch except for Cécile, who had done the same at her wedding. She chuckled a little. "Lord Royce, please say after me." the minister finally said. "I, Nathaniel Royce, take thee Sophie Élisabeth Joséphine Marie to my wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth."

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