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He looked into Lisette's eyes and repeated the words."I, Nathaniel Royce, take thee Sophie Élisabeth Joséphine Marie to my wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my trothm" there was no disgusing the excitement that edged into his voice nor the grin when he finished.

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(Does he even have a full name? Or is it just "Nathaniel Royce?")

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(Just that since I'm too lazy to think of anything. :P You can pick one if ya like.)

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(Post in other places! :()

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Lisette smiled and repeated her own vows.

"I, Sophie Élisabeth Joséphine Marie take thee Nathaniel Arthur Royce to my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I give thee my troth."

A gold ring was blessed by the priest and placed upon her finger, with the declaration "Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder", and at last the pair were married. A prayer was said, the couple was blessed, and at last the ceremony and the register was signed. Lisette was now Lady Royce.

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Lord Royce gripped one of her gloved hands tightly and smiled. Lifting the veil he gently kissed her.

(If it wasn't tradition to do so, he can be a trend-setter. :P)

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A soft gasp arose from the crowd, but it wasn't one of shock or digust. It was seen as a romantic gesture, especially by the younger crowd, and Lisette beamed. This time, his rashness was something good. She giggled and blushed heavily. Her first kiss!

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(Oh Roycy XD)

He grinned from ear to ear and lead her out of the church.

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(So what is your plot bunny? For this and for Anna?)

Once outside, the pair climbed into a carriage. The crowd of well-wishers gathered outside and tossed rice and petals, cheering for the newlyweds. Lisette got a last kiss from her parents before Royce tossed the coins for the children, as was tradition in England, and the pair drove off to the luncheon at her parents'.

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(He gets attacked by highwaymen on a bususness trip. And for Anna, you'll know when it happens :P)

He climbed in, giving Lady Royce a hand. He smirked at that thought. He leaned back into the comfortable seat. He draped an arm around her as they clattered off.

"Was it all you hoped for, Lisette?" he asked, a little nervous.

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(Oooh, me like!)

She beamed up at him and cozied up to his shoulder, resting her head on it.

"Everything and more, Nathan." she said softly. She liked that name. Perhaps he would let her use it in times like this, with just the two of them.

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Lord Royce smiled and gently ran his fingers over the part that wasn't pinned. "You looked so beautiful today, I thought my heart was going to shatter from shock."

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Lisette blushed again.

"Forgive me." she said. "I hope I didn't harm it too much."

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He held her head in his hands and kissed her. "All is forgiven," he smiled.

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(AHEM! :P)

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A week after the wedding, Lisette had officially moved into the manor. Many of the boxes were unpacked and sitting in Nathaniel's study, awaiting the assistance of his servants. On the second level, an entire collection of rooms were exclusively set aside for the new Mrs. Royce. A small room off of the library was intended for her growing collection of science publications, including her beloved atlas of the night sky. The room with the balcony that Maman demanded was given over as her new reception room and study, and her telescope was set up outside. The room she shared with her husband was comfortable and large, with the most luxurious bed she had ever slept in. Beside it was her dressing room, with a porcelain bath with scented soaps and other little things. Her armoire was filled with shoes and dresses, yet there were more in the boxes. Nathan spoiled her with these. There were two other rooms that she had not been in yet, as they were still being prepared. One was being filled with furniture and flowers from France, and would become her boudoir, where most of her day would be spent. It was intended to be a place of quiet solitude, with nothing but the comforts in here. The other room would not be needed until later, as it would be where she would give birth to her first child. Lisette did not anticipate using that until the year after her marriage.

Today, she was sitting in her study, in a simple cotton dress with her hair spilling over her shoulders and a compass clutched tightly in her hand. She was poring over a book, her brow furrowed in thought as she did mental calculations. She knew that any moment now there would be a maid asking when she wished to take tea, or what dinner would be prepared. She hated having to be in control of all that, but as the wife of a Lord it was to be expected.

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Lord Royce opened the door to her study and grinned over her shoulder. She was always content to lose herself in a world made of art, history and geography. There always seemed some new fact that awaited discovery! There were times when her knowagde of Africa and its peoples had surpassed his own as too had her knowledge of grammar. He smiled again; he thought she was at her most beautiful when her face was drawn in contemplation.

"What are you reading this morning, darling?"

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She looked up and smiled at him, quickly turning back to the paper at hand.

"I am trying to decide if the way between London and Paris is equidistant to the one from London to Middlesborough. So far from my calculations it's true, but I am still quite doubtful."

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He glanced down at the lines that danced across the hunk of land labeled Europe and crossed to form a grid. He traced his finger along the inky beams.

"It would seem so," he decided after leaning down. "Do you miss Paris often?"

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Lisette nodded, her soft brown curls bobbing with her. It was hard to become accustomed to the English lifestyle. When she spoke with guests it was all too difficult to hide her accent, even if she did so flawlessly. The words that rolled off her tongue with such each were suppressed in the presence of guests and had to be saved until they would be written in a journal or spoken to one of the animals. They did not mind the language.

"I do not miss it as much as I did when I first came." she said. "Yet I still hope someday I might see it again."

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"When all this madness is finished we'll go to together," he promised."I am certain, if we have children, they would wish to know where their mother came from." He gave her one his smiles, that was warm and soft as fresh butter.

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She blushed and turned away to hide it, letting her hair fall in her face.

"I suppose they will." she said with a little smile. "And what will you be doing today, my Lord?"

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"Call me Nathaniel, love," he insisted. "I thought we might go wonder the prmonade before dinner. The house is a bit stuffy today. Tomorrow I must go London on business so I thought we could spend the day together."

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Lisette turned back to him, even more red. She was just so used to calling him Lord Royce, it would be difficult to start calling him by his first name!

"If you would like." she said with a smile. "If you would like I can go and dress when I'm finished, and we can go on our way in an hour or so."

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He smiled at her. "I'd like that very much, Elizabeth," he said using her full name for the first time. "I'll be waiting." His voice was edged with longing. He left her to her thoughts.

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She smiled as she watched him leave, and chuckled quietly after he left. Elizabeth. The Englishness of the pronounciation was enough to make her wince. Elizabeth sounded harsh and ancient, like the Queen of medieval times. Or was it Renaissance? She couldn't recall. From this, Lisette began to ponder what her french name would sound entirely Anglicized. Sophie Élisabeth Joséphine Marie would become Sophia Elizabeth Josephine Mary. How horrendous! It didn't flow like the flowery French sounds. It sounded all too much like the butchering the priest had done at the wedding. She shuddered. Lady Sophia Elizabeth Royce was what would be printed on her new stationary, as her Maman had instructed, and she supposed as long as she could talk to her husband and family in French, she could stand the harsh tones of the Englishmen she entertained.

With the train of thought slowing and the math calculations altogether forgotten, she got up and went to her dressing room. Her lady maid, Sarah, was happy to dress her in a white muslin gown and blue pelisse, with a large bonnet and boots. It took a half hour to get the ensemble completed, which Lisette found to be rather fast. At that she went down the hall, nodding to the servants she passed, and went to meet her husband.

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He grinned as she came down the stairs. "You look radiant, Lisette," he said, switching back to the nickname seeing as how he had noticed her wince.His coachmen awaited at the door. He griped her hand tightly as they walked out into the glittering sunlight.

(Can you post a pic of her dress? That actually helps me see the characters better. I know this may shock you but, I Lee Ghost Re-Born, nothing of woman's fashion. XD)

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(You constantly ask me about clothes. It does not shock me at all. XD Coat on the right, but the colour is more like the one on the left.)

Lisette smiled back and gratefully took his arm, smiling up at him lovingly. She picked up part of her coat to avoid stepping on it as they walked.

"What business have you in London?" she asked.

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"Oh meeting with a client to take a case," he couldn't say much more on the subject. He shifted his body a little closer as they started down the promenade. He smiled softly.

"What do think it would take to liven up the manor?" he questioned "The place hasn't had a woman's taste grace its halls since mother passed. Only bare for boring barristers."

(Ask me how to dress a rifle I can do it, ask me to dress a woman, I'm clueless. :P)

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