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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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What's the plan Sissi?
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What was your idea for this? haha.

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Ava Louise Francis, the debutante from Georgia who took off with her teaching certificate in hand to Virginia, didn't tolerate misbehaviour in her classroom. Even though she was very young to be teaching so far from home, the threat of her post being taken from her didn't scare her for a moment. It seemed like all of her incorrigeable students had a parent on the board. Therefore, any warning given to them came back swipe her. All the other students and parents looked on helplessly.

It was another one of those days, where one of her students brought a note requesting an after-school meeting with her. She merely tucked it into her desk, along with the others, and began her lesson like normal. And once they had all packed their bags and closed the main doors behind them, and she had swept the coat-hall and cleaned the slates, she sat down at her desk and waited.

And waited.

She took out some spelling tests to grade, using a special red ink she had ordered from town. She knew that the younger ones rumored it to be blood, but she just chuckled at the thought. Ava was down to the last of the third-graders when the door creaked open.

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Frank Asher slowed the wagon to halt and jumped down on the pavement in front of the red pained school-house. The paint seemed to be chipping in some places; it'd take some work to get it looking handsome again. Mr. Asher however did not. He was lean and muscular and had deep green eyes, they blazed with worry for his child as knocked on the door.

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The door creaked as he knocked, and it opened for him. Ava glanced over at it and sighed.

"It's open." she called to the visitor. She stored the spelling tests into her desk.

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Frank doffed his hat and clutched it his chest. "Miss Francis," he said still standing in dim light of doorway. "I came to talk about my Emily and her learning her letters." He felt awkward about approaching her on the subject, the man could barely scratch out his own name. "Um..She says the move on her. Ever hear of such a thing? I'm worried about her, Ms. Francis."

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Ava paused a moment and looked through her register. Emily... ah, yes, Emily Asher. She was quiet, and didn't speak a whole lot. Her spelling tests were always among the lowest in the class. So were her math tests, now that she thought about it. She had her older girls, like Katherine Brighelm, try and help her to little avail.

"Please, Mr. Asher, have a seat." she said to the figure in the doorway. "Yes, Emily has had quite some trouble with her work. She tries very hard, though, that much I can say."

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"She tries real hard, I watched her," he said, recalling her falling asleep face first in her textbook some nights. There wasn't much he could but turn down the oil lamp and carry her off to bed. He so wanted to help her be seussful but he was only semi-literate himself so he wasn't much help. "She says letters move around," he said, concerned. "I don't know what to make of it. I know you and some girls try their hardest to to her but.." His face creased into a look of despair.

Things would be different if his wife was still alive. But death and fever had come for her last winter. He knew she'd have known what to do. She was such a kind and caring woman and she would drilled those words into her with her gentle smile and soft voice. She knew how to sooth his bad temper and impatience with a touch. But now that had gone from the world and he felt adrift trying to raise this girl and his livestock.

Some in town had insisted that he either take on a hired-hand or a new bride. But there wasn't much time to think about getting either. Harvest was coming. When he tended to his fields his daughter suffered and likewise.

He gave a deep breath. "Look Miss Francis, my wife passed last December and things haven't been.." he paused feeling a lump in his throat. "...Well I was just wondering if you could give Em a little extra time, she tries so hard! What I can pay you is pretty scant right now but we'd offer you supper at least."

(Kath? post in Lilly plz.)

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