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Emily Horwitz grumbled to herself as the bus bumped along the road. Even as it passed the unfamiliar landmarks of Paris, she found herself utterly disinterested. It was spring break, and her teacher had given all of the students an assignment - to learn about the lives of their parents or grandparents. Her mother, Sara, was an accountant in London while her father, Sam jr (yes I suck at names), was a carpenter. Neither of them were very interesting, and Sara's parents had died in a car accident when she was young. So when Emily came home with the project, her father immediately suggested a trip to Paris to visit his parents. Tickets were bought and plans made and, before Emily even had a chance to protest, she was on the bus.

Her Horwitz grandparents came every Christmas and on her birthday, but other than that it was a vague thing. They'll just come over and be all old. she thought to herself, as kids her age often did.

The bus stopped in front of the old yellow house, and she stepped off with two bags. She sighed heavily as the vehicle drove off and she was standing at the old, wire-mesh gates of Old.

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Her grandfather greeted her, cane in one hand, paper in the other. “Emily, how are you? JR tells me you have homework on break? Not fair, eh? Well sit down and maybe we get this finished. Grandma made your favorite cookies.”

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Emily smirked politely and followed him inside, slugging her backpack over her shoulder. She stopped for a moment to look at the old house, one she swore had been around since the caveman age, or wherever the hell her grandparents came from.

Once inside, she put her luggage on the floor by the door and looked around. Same as it had always been - peeling wallpaper, rickety floors, a half-painted room Granny had promised to finish last summer. The familiar smell of peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies wafted through the air, and even she couldn't suppress a smile. At least grannies were good for one thing - they may not remember names and places, but they always know your favorite cookies.

"Emily, cherie!" Granny called from the kitchen in her thin French accent. "Come in and let me see you!"

Emily reluctantly stepped into the room and looked at her grandmother. She hadn't changed a bit. Her face was still lined and wrinkled, with sparkling green eyes and a whisper of blonde curls still in her greying hair. She was shorter than her, but not much shorter than her grandfather. Her lips turned up into a smile.

"My, haven't you grown!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around her granddaughter. "Sammy, get the camera!"

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He dug out a old Polaroid from the 90s and clicked a few shots. “This thing is ancient, yes? I hear your cousin has a camera in his telephone!”

(Being old rocks!)

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(Can't wait 'til I'm 80. XD)

Emily shrugged. Obviously these people hadn't been exposed to cell phones, let alone iPods. She tucked her own little phone under her shirt and smiled.

"So, where do I sleep?" she asked, trying to remember if there was any spare rooms.

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"I have this old ratty couch left over from the war.."

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Granny sniggered.

"Naw, not that old thing!" she said with a laugh. "That's only for special occasions there, Sam."

She winked and Emily felt very awkward. In fact, she was rather sick to her stomach. She had seen the old couch, something that had gone long out of style in the thirties, set aside in a corner to continue it's decomposition. She wouldn't have touched it with a nine-and-a-half foot pole, let alone slept on it. She didn't even know why her grandparents still had the damn thing.

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He chuckled, blushing. “How bout the guest room then?”

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"Perfect!" Granny said, putting another batch of cookies in the oven. "You go on up and unpack Emmie. Dinner'll be ready soon. After that, Grandpa and I'll answer all your questions."

Emily nodded and hurried upstairs, dragging her bags behind her. She couldn't help but smirk when she heard her grandmother call for her grandfather to come over. Granny never cooked.

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"Its been 60 years and you still can't," hhe laughed.

Dinner was made then eaten. "So what's fist Emmie?"

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Emily swallowed her last bite of the weird food - Gumbo - and sighed.

"Well," she began, "The project says I have to ask someone in my family if they ever did anything interesting in their lives."

Granny laughed.

"My dear, you'll need to take some notes." she grinned. "Your granddad and I had the greatest adventure ever. Y'ever heard of the Great War?"

"World War One?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, that one. Well, we were born just after. Or sometime before, I don't remember. Anywho, I was a nurse stationed right here in Paris. And your Grandpa..."

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"Was a plot who got shotdow in 42."

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"Pfft, it was far more interesting than that." Gran grinned. "He was an American pilot who got shot down."

(Oooh, let's do flashback scenes!!!)

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(Its called copy and pasteing the rp :D I'm for summing it.

“I was a P40 pilot over France; just fresh out of training. I got into my first dogfight and the kur- uh German blasted my tail off. I think it might have been this famous ME109 ploit named Otto Wolf, he was a triple ace..and I know he was buzzing around the area at that time. Anyway, I crashed, and my coploit was killed. I spenta week crawling though farm fields and brush. Living on water and bugs, once I found a pie on an open windowsill, it was a welcome change in my diet. A farmer found me and offered to hind me, but then he turned me into the Germans. Then I was questioned and beaten by them. I overheard a girl who was being..was being..she was in a lot of trouble. I rustled the gun away from my guard and killed him then saved this girl, her name was Kate..? She hid me. Your grandma was a friend of hers…”

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"Oh hush Sam. I'll tell Emily about Kate."

She chuckled.

"Darlin', have you ever heard of a garderie?"

Emily shook her head. The little bit of French vocabulary she knew from her mother and half-american father seemed to be missing an entry.

"Well, it's really just a daycare center, only it's more along the lines of a school. You board there, learn from the headmistress - who happened to be a nun, and Kate's aunt - as have orphans as playmates. My parents weren't the richest folks in the world, so they sent me to the garderie. Kate was my friend. Aw, we used to do everything together. Anyways, after the war broke out, my parents took me to Paris. I became a nurse. A few years later, I met Kate in a boutique. Whyever the hell she was there, I don't recall."

She looked at Emily and leaned forward, as if wanting to tell her a secret. The girl looked curious.

"Emmie dear, have you ever heard of the Resistance?"

(What's gonna happen to Otto anyways?)

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Sam just chuckled. "I know where this goes.."

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"Didn't I just tell you to shush, Mr. Horwitz?" Granny warned with a twinkling smile. "Go get us some dessert."

She turned back to Emily.

"Well darlin', the resistance was a group of people that wanted to help the Allied side of the war. Now, France at that time was really on the Allied side, but the Germans infiltrated and soon enough it was practically an Axis country."

"I know that part." Emily nodded. "Our History told us."

"Good!" Granny replied, pleased that the teachers at least knew something about the time she grew up in. "Anyways, the Resistance worked to support the Allies. Kate was a member of the group and smuggled notes between houses as she worked. And she recruited me into it. I didn't really do much; I honestly forgot sometimes that I was a Resistance worker. I just typed up fake IDs. Well, Kate and I lived close by during this time. At some point the Gestapo - the German "police" - caught her and took her for questioning. Back then, the Germans would do anything to get something out of these people. Poor Kate got hurt really badly when the man was 'questioning' her."

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Sam grumbled and found some pie. "Ladies, for you."

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"Thank you, dear." Cecile said affectionately in that voice she knew Sam couldn't resist. "Oh, I think we have some ice cream in the fridge downstairs. Would you like some, Emmie? Here, I'll go get it. Sam, tell her about what happened with you and Kate."

Without any time for interruption, Cecile flew by with her long brown skirt behind her.

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“She hid me in this little flat she owned and we would eat together, until this boy named Felix called on her..”

10/21/2008 #20

Emily raised an eyebrow.

"What happened?" she asked.

(Kate's alive btw... 'cuz she's fun to RP...)

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"Not really sure what they were up to.."

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Cecile came back up with a tub of ice cream and laughed.

"Emmie, go help yourself to some of this stuff while I flick your grandfather."

Emily quickly got up and spooned out some of the ice cream, licking her lips as she stole a taste.

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“OW! What was that for?”

10/21/2008 #24

Cecile laughed.

"Aw, poor Sammy."

Emily watched from the doorway and couldn't help but smile.

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"You tell it then," he grumbled.

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"Will do!" Granny said gladly. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, Kate and Felix. Well, after she left, I came by to ask her some questions. When your grandpa opened the door, I screamed. I thought he was a Kra- a German!"

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"But once she stopped she helped.."

10/23/2008 #28

"Didn't I tell you to hush, Mr. Horwitz?"

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"Don't ya know by now I never lisein Mrs Horwitz

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