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Kath glanced around the kitchen, searching for the source of the noise. It couldn't be little Amelia, sitting in her chair with pigtails and ribbons while she ate her snack. Or Patrick, she thought. He was probably still working.

"Laura?" the mother called, searching for her oldest daughter. She sounded frantic, and Kath feared she'd fallen or seen something happen to one of her siblings or - God forbid - her father.

Upstairs, a seventeen-year-old girl with long dark hair and deep green eyes sat on her bed. She was beautiful, the mirror image of her father but with the feminine simplicity of her mother. Her cheeks were pale and her hair curled mischeviously from it's careful updo. Kath ran in and looked at her.

"Laura, what's wrong?"

The girl glanced up and grinned, making her look even more like her father.

"I found a dress I want."

10/31/2008 #1
disused account


Pat came in from the field coved in sweat and dirt.

(I hate farmers :D need a sweeter job)

10/31/2008 #2

Kath sighed with relief.

"I almost thought you'd killed yourself." she grumbled amicably, sitting down beside her with a hand on her belly. "I don't want to lose this baby."

"Didn't you say you were gonna stop at Ammie?" Laura teased, eyes glinting.


Laura laughed and opened the book, pointing to the fashionable new bustle dress from Paris.

10/31/2008 #3
disused account

(Think of a better job for Pat?)

"Hello?" he called.

10/31/2008 #4

(Uhhhhhh... tavern owner? :P I suck at this.)

Kath's eyes lit up, and Laura smirked. She closed the book and set it on a shelf, following her mother downstairs.

"Hi Da!" she greeted, stealing a hug. "How're you?"

10/31/2008 #5
disused account

"Oh just wonderful."

(Mayor of tiny town in Wisconsin it is!)

10/31/2008 #6

(*thumbs up* *kills herself laughing*)

Laura ran off to find her siblings. Kath smiled and kissed her husband tenderly.

"I still can't believe her birthday's next week - eighteen."

10/31/2008 #7
disused account

"Oh dear, oh dear."

(There's an Irishman for ya :D Why the lolage?

10/31/2008 #8

(*points to Halloween candy* Need I say more?)

Kath chuckled.

"Come on." she said, taking his hand. "Supper's ready."

She glanced around, then went to the kitchen door and yelled.

"Dinner's ready!"

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He squeezed it and sat down.

(Maybe you should PM Anna and Hawk bout this, she if they wanna get on it. I would, but they like youse more..or should we keep it to ourseves?)

10/31/2008 #10

(It'd be cool havin' em on; I could probably get Hawk on but not so sure 'bout Anna... she likes you better.)

Kath smiled and a pair of boys ran inside, sitting at the table. Their faces were caked with mud, their jackets just as soggy, but their cheeks were red and painted with cheerful grins. Amelia climbed down from her chair and hugged her Da.

10/31/2008 #11
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"Hey darlin',' he smiled and scooped her into his lap.

(ooo! Lilly and Meggie! Not right now you doesn't. its alway nope or she doesn't answer at all..)

10/31/2008 #12

Amelia smiled and played with the little doll she always carried around. Kath watched them all with a proud smile. Her family. Patrick, Amelia, Howard (fondly called Mike, for his middle name), Liam, and... Laura?

"Laura!" Kath called. "Get down here, your supper's ready!"

Laura came back down the steps and gave a look to her mother. She recognized it, then glanced at Patrick. Laura shrugged and sat back down.

"Patrick, love," Kath came and put her hand on his shoulder, "Perhaps we could eat on the back porch? It's a lovely evening..."

The boys didn't need to be told twice. They grabbed their plates and sat on the steps of the new farmhouse where they'd been living since was born. Amelia followed them.

10/31/2008 #13
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He chuckled at his sons' and ran after them.

10/31/2008 #14

Kath followed, turning back to her daughter with a wink. Laura smiled and ran to the front door while primping herself in front of a mirror.

"Good evening, John!" she greeted enthusastically to a rather tall, thin red-haired boy in spectacles.

"Evening, Miss Brighelm." he said with an equally-sweet grin. "And how are you this evening? Well, I hope?"

Laura blushed.

Kath chuckled and sat beside her husband.

"Anything interesting happen today?" she asked innocently. It was alright, she told herself. Maggie was in her chair by the fire, here while her husband was away on business. She would watch the two with a hawk's eye.

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Seeing the boy, Pat lifted his old musket down from the mantel. "Now John you just be real smart ..' He began to clen the old rusty gun.

10/31/2008 #16

("'Cleanin' this gun' began to play on the radio that magically appeared..." XD)

"Da!" Laura groaned, "Ma! I thought you said you'd keep him busy!"

"Laurie, love, your Da's a soldier. His instinct's to watch everything." Kath chuckled.

John swallowed and let go of Laura's hand.

"Don't worry, Mr. Brighelm." he said nervously. "I-I won't do a-anything..."

Kath could barely keep from laughing. Had her early days of being with Patrick been so long ago?

10/31/2008 #17
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He thumbed back the hammer. "I know boy, you just remember this all night; its what you got to look forward to later." He shouldered the gun.

10/31/2008 #18

Maggie, in the parlour, giggled like she was five again. He'd used the gun trick on Laura's beaus a time or two before, and it never failed to make her smile. Laura gripped John's hand with surprising force.

"We're just talking, Da." she said. "Quit cleaning the gun. It ain't workin', like Aunt Lily says."

10/31/2008 #19
disused account

(That does work! It always does!)

"Was just talking with your Ma too."

10/31/2008 #20

(It does for the scared-to-death boys, not so much for the daughters. XD)

Kath flushed red and set the dishes on the counter. Maggie grinned.

"Aw, it's alright Laurie." Maggie was only five years older than Laura, and was more like a friend to the young girl than an aunt. "Patrick's just being a father. Now git."

John and Laura flew off into the next room. Maggie got up and smiled at Patrick.

"Now you know how Pa felt when you were courting Kath."

"I wouldn't call it courting, Magpie." Katherine laughed.

10/31/2008 #21
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He chuckled. "When you get so old, Megs?"

11/1/2008 #22

"Aww, you're still my favourite big brother." Once-little Maggie smiled. "I suppose I'll go make sure they aren't at each other's throats."

Maggie got up and picked up her skirt, following Laura and John.

Kath came up behind her husband and kissed his cheek.

"I used to warn you about this, remember?"

11/1/2008 #23
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He laughed.

(So 2 day old pizza or ham sand which for lunch?)

11/1/2008 #24

(Pizza sounds yummy. What kind?)

"Ma!" Mike complained, tugging on her skirt. "Amelia keeps wanting to play with us! Make her go away!"

"Mike, be nice to your sister." Kath said with a sigh. "Go tell her that Mama wants her."

Mike scuttled off and Kath groaned.

"I really hope this one's a girl." she mumbled. "I don't think I could take another boy."

11/1/2008 #25
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He chuckled and placed his hand on her belly. “Me too. Those two are..” he smirked. ..”Joyous little satins!”

11/1/2008 #26

She laughed.

"I love them to pieces, but lord! They have more energy than Maggie when she was little!"

Amelia toddled in, looking heartbroken.

"Dada," she whimpered. "The boys bein' mean."

11/1/2008 #27
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He scooped her up. “Oh shh..darlin’ we’re gonna have twice as much fun right here.” He put a pot on his head and began chasseing her round the room

11/1/2008 #28

(I'm starting to question what kind of environment you were brought up in.... XD)

Kath laughed and Ammie squealed with delight, running about the house with a bright smile on her face.

11/1/2008 #29
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He tried to trap her behind the sofa.

11/1/2008 #30
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