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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Lee's ghost re-born

"Least he's not all cooped up in a barn," he smiled.

8/19/2009 #601

She smiled back and chuckled.

"He'll take good care of her."

8/19/2009 #602
Lee's ghost re-born

"He better or my musket is off the mantle," grinned.

8/19/2009 #603

She managed to laugh and settled into bed.

"Good to know."

Laura looked at Owen and poked his arm.

8/19/2009 #604
Lee's ghost re-born

His arms settled around her.

"Ow! what?"

8/19/2009 #605

She shrugged. "Just wanted to see if you were awake."

Kath sighed and kissed him.

"Good night, love."

8/19/2009 #606
Lee's ghost re-born


8/19/2009 #607

She pulled the covers over her head and tried to catch some sleep.

8/19/2009 #608
Lee's ghost re-born

He fell asleep beside her.

8/20/2009 #609

Laura, bored, got up and walked around the room, sitting down in front of the window and staring outside. While running from Owen's parents was possibly the most amusing thing she'd ever done in her life, it terrified her that she didn't know what was gonna happen next. She glanced over her shoulder at him and smirked. Aw, what the hell... this was fun.

"Pat?" Kath called quietly after waking up from a nightmare.

8/20/2009 #610

(post please?)

8/20/2009 #611

"Owen? she called softly, crawling back in beside him. "Oooooweeen..."

4/19/2010 #612
Lee's ghost re-born

Owen had died in his sleep cuz Lee the powerful god was bored... :P

"Huh? What?"

4/19/2010 #613

She kissed his neck.

"I can't sleep."

4/19/2010 #614
Lee's ghost re-born

"Mm, come here girl.."

4/19/2010 #615

She giggled and kissed him, teasing his lips.

Mrs. Duffy hadn't given up the search for her son and his wife. She tried every inn for miles, determined to not let Laura ruin her son's life.

4/19/2010 #616
Lee's ghost re-born

He moaned.

4/19/2010 #617

She massaged his back and played with his tongue.

4/19/2010 #618
Lee's ghost re-born


4/19/2010 #619

"Mm-hmm?" she whispered, running her hand down his back.

4/19/2010 #620
Lee's ghost re-born

"Don't stop.."

(who are they again? O,o)

4/19/2010 #621

(Annie's parents... Pat & Kath's daughter...)

"Like I would." she replied, nipping at his earlobe before returning to her original place.

Mrs. Duffy came into the inn and asked the keeper if her son was here.

4/19/2010 #622
Lee's ghost re-born

He groaned.

(You know they'd use flase names

4/19/2010 #623


"I'm sorry ma'am, there are no Brighelms or Duffys here."

"Well, any young couples on their..." Mrs. Duffy had to pause for a moment. "Their honeymoon?"

"No, but there is a young couple here..."

"The woman has black hair, the boy red?"

"Well, actually..."

"What room?"

"Tell me you want me." Laura teased, unbuttoning her nightshirt.

4/19/2010 #624
Lee's ghost re-born

"You know I do," he smriked.

4/19/2010 #625

"Still wanna hear it." she said, pulling the covers over them and putting her hands on his chest. "Come on."

Mrs. Duffy followed the innkeeper up the stairs.

4/19/2010 #626
Lee's ghost re-born

"I want you, Lura Brighelm," he smiled.

4/19/2010 #627

"Nuh-uh." she said. "I'm a Duffy, remember?"

She giggled.

"Like hell she is!" Mrs. Duffy said, barging in on them.

4/19/2010 #628
Lee's ghost re-born

He turned in shiock.

(Didn't they get marrid so wouldn't be? And what is with you and mom's busting weddings? Liam and Jo and Ally.

4/19/2010 . Edited 4/19/2010 #629

('Cause dads busting weddings is just funny. fine. Check your DocX.)

Laura just stared at her.

"Owen Duffy, get out of that bed this instant."

"I wouldn't recommend that, Mrs. Duffy." Laura said. "Let me rephrase that, I strongly not recommend that."

4/19/2010 #630
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