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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He stared deep into eyes.

"I'll keep making love to my wife!" he yelled back.

4/20/2010 #661

"Alright." Mrs. Duffy sighed. "I will make you a deal."

Laura looked up at him with raised eyebrows.

4/20/2010 #662
disused account

"What, mother?"

4/20/2010 #663

"I'll... I'll give you a percentage of your inheritance if you come home."

Laura smirked.

4/20/2010 #664
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He kissed Lura hard. "Goodbye mother."

4/20/2010 #665

"Wait! I'll... oh, damn it... Owen, I'll accept her. I'll have her for tea if I must, or have her for dinner. Just, please, come home."

4/20/2010 #666
disused account

"Soon," he grunted and kissed Lura softly.

4/20/2010 #667

Laura wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.

Mrs. Duffy left the hall.

4/20/2010 #668
disused account

He moaned her name.

4/20/2010 #669

She pulled him close.


4/20/2010 #670
disused account

(You and your random fades, she's the kinky one :P

He poked her nose. "Think she's out there?"

4/20/2010 #671

(Oh :P Sussi gets her teeth pulled tomorrow, keep me in your thoughts.)

She nodded, breathing heavily.


4/21/2010 #672
disused account

He stroked her hair.

(You have Lee's love for the day.

4/21/2010 #673

She smiled and reached up to kiss him.

4/21/2010 #674
disused account

He smiled wrapping his arms round her.

4/21/2010 #675

She giggled.

"Put some clothes on and go check."

4/22/2010 #676
disused account

He kissed her. "I'd rather stay here."

4/22/2010 #677

She giggled.

"Yeah, I know." she said. "You can't get enough of me. But seriously, I don't think I want her hearing me scream your name again."

4/22/2010 #678
disused account

"Sooo lazy.."

4/22/2010 #679

"Well then, I suppose I'll just have to do it." she smirked.

4/22/2010 #680
disused account

He nudged her out of bed.

4/22/2010 #681

She slowly got dressed.

4/22/2010 #682
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He waited.

4/22/2010 #683

She went out into the lobby and saw Mrs. Duffy, sitting in a chair.

"Are you ready to leave?" she asked. "The train leaves in a half hour."

"I'll have to ask Owen." Laura said, attempting to be polite before heading back upstairs.

4/22/2010 #684
disused account

When he saw her he smiled.

4/22/2010 #685

She smiled back.

"Hey." she said. "Your mom wants to go."

4/22/2010 #686
disused account

"Nope," he smiled.

4/22/2010 #687

She came over.

"Come on." she said. "We've had a good long honeymoon, and I miss Pa and Ma."

4/22/2010 #688
disused account

"But we're married, we should have a home, not go theiers.

4/22/2010 #689

"Please?" she asked sweetly. "I could stay with Ma & Pa for a little while while you find a house in town for us."

She kissed him.

"Then we'll please both parents. And rub it in Loretta and John's faces."

4/22/2010 #690
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