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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She moaned a bit louder than she intended.

"Mom?" Sally called. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, go back to sleep." Jen called. "Jack..."

11/6/2008 #91
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He smriked. "I love you.."

11/6/2008 #92

She smirked back.

"I love you too."

11/6/2008 #93
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His lips parted.

11/6/2008 #94

She sighed and let him kiss her wherever he pleased.

(fade out?)

11/6/2008 #95
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(I dk, should we fade cuz this is a prtive rp..but I really don' write much further anyway..but it might be fun to try somthing diff idk

11/6/2008 #96

(Got a point; though at the risk of FP folks finding this and going WTF?!?!?! I think we should fade out.)

11/6/2008 #97
disused account

(Point taken. Its somthing I suck at and want to improve somehow. Like find a blance beteewn. "They went upstairs.." and porne, ya know?)


11/6/2008 #98

(That's where smut ficlets come in. XD)

Jen rolled the blankets around her tightly. It was freezing.


The kids thundered through the hallways, chanting with glee. Trip day! Oh boy! Jen groaned.

"Why don't they get up this early on a school day?" she mumbled.

11/6/2008 #99
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(I just wanna get to point where I can discrbe without yaking. Like reading the sex sences in the Godfather is health all over again. :D)

"Damn them," he mumbled.

11/6/2008 #100

(Oh fun. XD)

Jen chuckled and kissed him.

"You're the one who wants to go on this trip the most." she laughed.

11/6/2008 #101
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He kissed her back. "Why did we have them?"

(How's concamp story coming?)

11/6/2008 #102

"Aaron was an accident." Jen defended. "You reminded me about Sally last night."

(*headdesk* you had to ask...)

11/6/2008 #103
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He laughed and kissed her.

(I wanna see it!)

11/6/2008 #104

She kissed him back and ruffled his hair.

"Go get your uniform on." she said. "I'll get the kids ready."

11/6/2008 #105
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He dressed and came out.

11/6/2008 #106

She had gotten on her clothes - his blue dress - and sighed.

"Can you get the back?" she asked.

11/6/2008 #107
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He laced it. "How you mange to look beatful in anything?"

11/6/2008 #108

She smiled and twirled.

"'Cause I'm yours, and therefore you think I look pretty no matter what."

11/6/2008 #109
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He kissed her neck. "Let's get the show on the road."

(Lee sleepy. And has a Chem test, plz pray. :D)

11/6/2008 #110

(Good luck, Liesl. XD)

"Right behind you." she said. "Or in front... aw forget it."

She got the kids ready; Sally in her little red calico dress that she'd managed to sew without too much difficulty and Aaron in a miniaturized version of his father's uniform.

"Do I have to wear this?" he mumbled. "It itches."

11/6/2008 #111
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Jack tossed him his church clothes.

11/7/2008 #112

"Eh, it's an improvement."

He took the clothes upstairs to change.

Sally looked at her father and grinned.

"You look real good, Pa."

11/7/2008 #113
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“Thanks, sweetheart.”

11/7/2008 #114

Aaron came back down.

"Now I'm the hot shot." he said with a grin.

"Sorry love." Jen said. "Girls tend to lean towards the soldiers."

She leaned on her husband, pretending to swoon.

11/7/2008 #115
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He leaned his head her shoulder.

11/7/2008 #116

Aaron pretended to gag, and Sally giggled.

"Come on!" she told them. "I wanna go!"

11/7/2008 #117
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“Just one kiss?” he said pretending to ask his daughter then kissed Jenny. Then he urged them out the door.

11/7/2008 #118

"One minute!" Jen said, rushing back inside to grab something. She came back out a few minutes later and put on her bonnet, slapping one on Sally's head as well.

"But Ma!" she complained.

11/7/2008 #119
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Jack snorted.

11/7/2008 #120
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