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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She smiled half-heartedly.

"I understood though." she said. "You wanted to get away from this place. You couldn't stand walking around in the same places that I used to be."

She reased up and touched his cheek.

"But I'm here now."

11/18/2008 #211
disused account

He kissed her hard. "We're sinin' in heaven," he chuckled.

11/18/2008 #212

She laughed.

"No we're not." she said. "I may be dead and all, but you're still my husband."

11/18/2008 #213
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"I'm Kath's too," he said untieing her hair.

11/18/2008 #214

"I know." She said, her face young again with her hair falling down her back. "I just want this one night."

11/18/2008 #215
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“Me too,” he smiled and held her tight.

11/18/2008 #216

She smiled and brushed his cheek with the back of her hand.

"You haven't changed a bit."

11/18/2008 #217
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He kissed her deeply.

11/18/2008 #218

She kissed him back, feeling like it was the first time again.

11/18/2008 #219
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He pulled her close and laied kisses down her neck.

11/18/2008 #220

She moaned, senses heightened.

((turning in. :P))

11/18/2008 #221
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(And they did some things ride em cowboy fade out.)

He stroked her hair when they had finished

(Me 2

11/18/2008 #222

((B4 I go: Ride 'em cowboy? What a disturbing mental image.))

11/18/2008 #223
disused account


11/19/2008 #224


Laura smiled and ran her hand down his arm.

"Just as I remember."

11/19/2008 #225
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He chuckled.

11/19/2008 #226

She laughed and rolled away.

"Still as handsome too." she grinned.

11/19/2008 #227
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He gave a snort.

(Kath should walk in “Uh..we just havin’ ghostsex :D

11/19/2008 #228

(*disturbing mental image*)

She flicked him.

"Come on." she smiled. "Let's head back."

11/19/2008 #229
disused account

(I still think it would be fun to have Kath find em.)

11/19/2008 #230


Kath found them. She stood in the edge of the doorway, trying to be unseen.

11/19/2008 #231
disused account

(I didn't really mean it!

11/19/2008 #232

(God, you're more confusing than women!)

11/19/2008 #233
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We I'm goin with it now.

He began to dress.

11/19/2008 #234

Laura looked over her shoulder at him.

"You think Kath's gonna know?"

11/19/2008 #235
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His stomach did a knot. “Even if she doesn’t I need to tell her..I think she could understand you’re my wife too and I needed you.”

11/19/2008 #236

Laura nodded and gave a half-smile.

"That's why I liked her so much." she said. "You ever noticed that she never blamed you for anything?"

11/19/2008 #237
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"No," but he no recalled how few fights they had had.

11/19/2008 #238

She smirked and ruffled his head.

"You and I got at each other's throats all the time."

11/19/2008 #239
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(Not true but ok :)


11/19/2008 #240
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