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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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(We're nearly done with the Rising but will move into the War for indepence and civil war.. I'd say nurse limme find you some reserch stuff.

1/24/2009 #301
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Bruke got up and made omlet'.

1/24/2009 #302

(Yay shtuff.)

Sarah stood up on her tippy toes and watched her dad make breakfast.

Levi walked in, shirt rumpled and obviously exhausted. "Sarah, we don't go for another two hours!" he complained.

Sarah grinned.

1/24/2009 #303
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here ya are T)

1/24/2009 #304
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"Early riser."

1/24/2009 #305

"Like mommy!" she said brightly.

Aliyah got up and came in, smiling at the gathered group.

"Sarah, you have piano lessons after school today. Levi, baseball practice."

The two groaned.

"Then you're going to uncle Albert's."


1/24/2009 #306
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(You could always make a decent of Annie.)

Bruke laughed.

1/24/2009 #307

(That's always fun. XD)

Aliyah smiled and the children ate quickly, hurrying to catch the bus.

1/24/2009 #308
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(I'll link it, right now there's romance goin' on cuz its filler until toaster gets on. but we're on day 4 of the rising. Best do some reading.

Bruke sighed when left. "What a handful.."

1/24/2009 #309

She looked watched him as she cleaned up the counter.

"I'm greatful every day for them."

1/24/2009 #310
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"Me too, and you."

1/24/2009 #311

She chuckled and kissed him, fixing his shirt.

"You look handsome."

1/24/2009 #312
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"Snice when?" he laughed.

(How's the char makin' coming.

1/24/2009 #313

(Lousy. Too much info for one night! :P)

She laughed, eyes dancing.

"Oh, I almost forgot - could you drop me off at the doctor's again? I forgot my scarf there yesterday."

1/24/2009 #314
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(How so?)

1/24/2009 #315

(More than one wikipedia page hurts wittle Sissi's brain.)

"Thank you."

She smiled and put her hand on her stomach.

"I think this one will be a lot easier than Sarah."

1/24/2009 #316
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"Yeah..we'll have a real doctor.."

(Poor baby!)

1/24/2009 #317


Aliyah smiled.

"I'll be grateful for that!"

1/24/2009 #318
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"Sorry for the last time."

1/24/2009 #319

She smiled and took his hands.

"Don't." she told him. "Don't remember it. It's behind us."

1/24/2009 #320
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he pulled her close. "Why did god let me have you?"

1/24/2009 #321

She held him tight.

"Because I needed you."

1/24/2009 #322
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He kissed her.

1/24/2009 #323

She kissed him back and smiled.

"You're going to be late if you don't hurry."

1/24/2009 #324
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"Oh..that.." he gave her a goodbye kiss and was off.

1/24/2009 #325

"Wait!" she called after him. "Remember? My scarf?"

1/24/2009 #326
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"Oh yeah.." they drove to the hipail.

1/24/2009 #327

She laughed and kissed him.

"I'll walk home." she assured. "Don't be late because of me."

1/24/2009 #328
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"Are sure? I mean with the baby and all?"

1/25/2009 #329

"I'll be fine, love." she said with a smile. "I always have been, right?"

1/25/2009 #330
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