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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Lee's ghost re-born


12/18/2008 #1

Hmn... where would you like to start?

Maybe she didn't die... obviously... and Jackson found out about the kid?

12/18/2008 #2
Lee's ghost re-born

How bout like whole vagus shootup never happened and she’s just taken a preg test.

12/18/2008 #3

Haha. Have her snappy at Jackson for no particular reason then take the preg test... lol.

12/18/2008 #4
Lee's ghost re-born

oo! Yay!

12/22/2008 #5

Hehe... so, they won't be married? Cuz I think I'd like to develop their relationship a little more, including the bubs....

12/22/2008 #6
Lee's ghost re-born

(The wha..?

12/22/2008 #7

((The baby you goose :D))

12/22/2008 #8
Lee's ghost re-born

OH! How we starty this??

12/22/2008 #9


12/22/2008 #10
Lee's ghost re-born

Jackson sat his desk, map in front of him.

12/28/2008 #11

Callisto was downstairs, checking on the equipment. Once she was sure everything was in order, she trudged upstairs to report to Gallagher. She frowned, however, having the strangest urge for lemons.

Knocking on the door lightly, she waited a moment then stepped inside.

12/28/2008 #12
Lee's ghost re-born


12/28/2008 #13

"Just reporting on the computers. They are all running well." she explained, folding her hands together behind her back.

12/28/2008 #14
Lee's ghost re-born

(How far back did we go??)


12/28/2008 #15

((Hmm... before they really had a ro,antic relationship... and it was just casual...?))

Callisto nodded, standing there awkwardly.

12/28/2008 #16
Lee's ghost re-born

"Everything alright?" he asked.

12/28/2008 #17

She opened then shut her mouth again then nodded. In honesty, she was a little confused as to where they stood with each other. However, she had never been one for honesty or appearing unsure of herself... he knew that.

12/28/2008 #18
Lee's ghost re-born

"I know you're freak am I."

12/28/2008 #19

She sighed a little and stepped further into the office, relaxing slightly at his admition.

"Well... What now?" she asked, attempting to think rationally.

12/28/2008 #20
Lee's ghost re-born

"I don't know."

12/28/2008 #21

"That makes two of us then." she grinned crookedly.

12/28/2008 #22
Lee's ghost re-born

"Just come 'ere," he said. the wolf grin returning.

12/28/2008 #23

"Oh?" Callisto's smiled turned impish, "Why?"

12/28/2008 #24
Lee's ghost re-born

"I need you," he said. "I feel safe with you.."

12/28/2008 #25

"You mean you feel unsafe at other times?" Callisto teased, inching closer, "I don't believe that of the great Jackson Gallagher." though her eyes glowed at the complement.

12/28/2008 . Edited 12/28/2008 #26
Lee's ghost re-born
He reached for her.
12/28/2008 #27

Callisto did not resist and smiled as she sat in his lap.

12/28/2008 #28
Lee's ghost re-born

He kissed down her neck.

12/28/2008 #29

Callisto smiled cattishly and leaned into him, practically purring.

12/28/2008 #30
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