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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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(I figured they were back from the doc's)

11/15/2009 #1,351


Kate followed carefully behind.

"Go sit on the couch." she said, taking his coat.

11/15/2009 #1,352
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he nodded and sat. "I feel so useless right now."

(Lee sucks at love letters..why are feelingy?)

11/15/2009 #1,353

(You're not seriously gonna write to that girl?)

She kissed the top of his head.

"You're allowed to be."

11/15/2009 #1,354
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He hugged her.


11/15/2009 #1,355

She hugged him back briefly and went to make him lunch.

11/15/2009 #1,356
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He leaned his heaf on her shoulder.

11/15/2009 #1,357

She chuckled.

"You'll be better soon, babe."

11/15/2009 #1,358
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"Not soon enough.." he grumbled.

11/15/2009 #1,359

She gave him a peanut butter sandwhich.

"I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow."

11/15/2009 #1,360
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He ate. "Anything you cook is good."

11/15/2009 #1,361

She chuckled.

"How's your stomach?"

11/15/2009 #1,362
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"Why don't ypu check Nurse Kate," he said rasing his arms.

(And why shouldn't I write the girl. I must not be seeing somthing? Share the womanly ways)

11/15/2009 #1,363

(It translates into cowardice. No chick wants to date a guy who hides behind a letter. Save that for your anniversay.)

She looked at it and nodded.

"It isn't bleeding."

11/15/2009 #1,364
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"Always a good sign," he pecked her nose.

11/15/2009 #1,365

She laughed.

11/15/2009 #1,366
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(Well Mr Lee sutters on phones and won't physically see her till xmas what is a guy to do Suz? I relized I shoulda been 18 about too dacdes ago lol)

He kissed her lovingly.

11/15/2009 #1,367

(You should've been eighteen 2 centuries ago.)

11/17/2009 #1,368
disused account

(Nope I feel the 1979 vibe :)

11/17/2009 #1,369

(Need good, easy topic for persuasive essay. Best I'm coming up with is how crappy TV is.)

11/17/2009 #1,370
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(Wither the US should have gotten invoved in Nam. Can you believe I got a D+ on my second English essay? :(

11/17/2009 #1,371

(Something that I don't have to stay up until 5AM researching please? And no, but I'm currently at a low B on mine so... :P)

11/17/2009 #1,372
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Sam poked Kate's nose.

(That..Canada will team up with China and distory us all?)

11/17/2009 #1,373

She kissed his cheek.


(As cool as that would be, no. Srsly, I really really need a topic. I'm seriously considering just doing it on some insanely controversial topic I don't care about and insulting a whole bunch of people in the process. :P)

11/17/2009 #1,374
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(ooo Abortion! That always pisses people off...or that God is really a duck! do that!)

Nothing," he smiled. "I love you."

11/17/2009 #1,375

(... Love you dearly, but I don't think I'm gonna ask you to help anymore.)

"I love you too." she smiled back. "Now rest up."

11/17/2009 #1,376
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He pouted.

(Well what do you like? Know alot about?)

11/17/2009 #1,377

(History, dogs, country music... annoying little sisters that want to brush my hair...)

"Well you have to get better!" she said. "The house isn't going to paint itself."

11/17/2009 #1,378
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(Oh no she didn't say that lol)

"I do hate siting around and my back hurts!"

11/17/2009 #1,379


"Then lie down." she laughed. "Doc said you can take the painkillers when I get dinner ready. Alright?"

11/17/2009 #1,380
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