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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"I c-can't feel my l-legs..."

2/25/2009 #331
disused account

(Then they die of frost bite, THE END!)

2/25/2009 #332

(Wow, you should write tragedy.)

2/25/2009 #333
disused account

(I freakin' do! :O)

Auggie just kissed her.

(I'm going to TRY and get that WW2 story published.

2/25/2009 #334


She kissed him back, perhaps a little longer than she should've. But he was like a big soft dog, all nice and warm...

2/25/2009 #335
disused account

"This is twice you saw me indesposed..'

2/25/2009 #336

She blushed.

"Don't remind me." she giggled.

The light of a lantern shown in the distance, moving quickly towards the abandoned barn.

2/25/2009 #337
disused account

(no, no too early. They should fall asleep in each others' arms he would think..)

He laughed.

2/25/2009 #338

The lantern veered off in the opposite direction, following a howling dog.

"Well, it won't be the last time either." she laughed, her cheeks aflame.

2/25/2009 #339
disused account

"Oh really?"

2/25/2009 #340

She looked at him blankly.

2/25/2009 #341
disused account

He laughed.

2/26/2009 #342

She laughed along and hugged him.

"Don't scare me like that."

2/26/2009 #343
disused account

He kissed her.

2/26/2009 #344

She kissed him back and smiled sleepily.

2/26/2009 #345
disused account

"Let's rest."

2/26/2009 #346

She nodded and curled up in his arms, giving him one last glance.

"You're sure you won't freeze to death?"

2/26/2009 #347
disused account

"I swar."

2/26/2009 #348

She smiled and fell asleep, her head on his chest.

2/26/2009 #349
disused account

He wasn't far behind.

2/26/2009 #350

A few hours into the early dawn, Mr. Cross was coming out to look for a strayed sheep when he came across the abandoned house. He peered inside, figuring his sheep might've taken shelter in here, and his heart seemed to stop when he saw his Lily, in an ill-fitting work uniform, laying in the bare arms of Auggie Cross. He grew infuriated.

"LILIANNE CAINE!" he exclaimed, jolting her awake.

2/26/2009 . Edited 3/28/2009 #351
disused account

(She's not a Cross yet.)

Auggie stared wided-eyed.

2/26/2009 #352

(Crap, I mixed it up with Caine. Fail.)

"Pa, it's not..."

"Get up, young lady."

Pa grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

2/26/2009 #353
disused account

"We didn't really..its not that!" he peaded

2/26/2009 #354

He grabbed Lily's jaw and held it in a vice grip.

"Get back to the house young lady." he said through gritted teeth. "You're lucky you're marrying him anyways."

Lily whimpered.

"Pa, you're hurting me."

2/26/2009 #355
disused account

"Sir, its not what you think!" he cried. "I would never."

2/26/2009 #356

Pa let go and Lily ran back to the house, and he glared at Auggie.

"How dare you let her see you like that." he said, narrowing his eyes. "Get out before I get the gun."

2/26/2009 #357
disused account

Picking up his cothes he dashed away. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

2/26/2009 #358

(time lapse?)

2/26/2009 #359
disused account

(To what?)

2/26/2009 #360
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