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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"I'm 5 feet away, babe."

3/29/2009 #421

She rolled her eyes.

"Help, please?" she asked.

3/29/2009 #422
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He got it on. "There, the the best lookin' one at the ball."

3/29/2009 #423

She laughed.

"Yeah, right." she said, twirling slowly. "If I were dead."

- - -


Lily glanced over her shoulder to see her father, standing in the doorway. She stood up with the folds of her dress falling around her romantically.

"Yes, Pa?"

3/29/2009 #424
disused account

"But you're not dead so let's go to a wedding."

3/29/2009 #425

"Close enough." she grinned. "I still have my dress somewhere. Granted it's covered in stains, but still."

- - -

Howard came close to his daughter and hugged her tight.

"You look beautiful." he whispered.

She smiled.

"Thank you, Papa."

He smiled and pulled something out of the pocket of his coat for her.

3/29/2009 #426
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He smiled. "You know at least I think you look great."

3/29/2009 #427

"Well, at least there's one." she smiled, going over to kiss him.

"Jack! Hurry up!" Mrs. Cross shouted from downstairs, in a tizzy. "Aggie! Where are you?"

3/29/2009 #428
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Aggie came out in a back coat and tie. "It ichs

3/29/2009 #429

Mrs. Cross smiled and covered her mouth, trying not to cry.

"Oh Aggie... my little boy..."

Jen looked at her husband.

"Your tie's lopsided again." she noted.

3/29/2009 #430
disused account

"No waterworks, Ma."

"Always somthing," smriked Jack.

3/29/2009 #431

"Oh, I won't." Mrs. Cross tried, adjusting the suit on her son. "I knew we should've gone up a size..."

Jen fixed it and smiled.

"There. Now we look equally presentable - me with the beer keg and you with the rumpled shirt."

3/29/2009 #432
disused account

Aggie sighed. He had suggested it, but no.

Jack smiled up at Jen.

3/29/2009 #433

She grinned.

"Alright, just let me find my hat and my jacket."

"Oh, don't cry over spilt milk, Aggie." Mrs. Cross said. "Lily won't find it seemly of you."

3/29/2009 #434
disused account

He found them for her.

3/29/2009 #435

She blinked.

"Thanks." she said with a smile.

Mrs. Cross smiled.

"There." she said with content. "You look more handsome than your father did."

3/29/2009 #436
disused account


burry them under the bed next time."

Aggie rolled his eyes.

3/29/2009 #437

Mrs. Cross grinned.

"Well you do."

Jen rolled her eyes.

"I can't even reach under there."

3/29/2009 #438
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Cross chuckled and led her out.

Aggie walked toward the church doors.

3/29/2009 #439

Mrs. Cross and Jen waddled after them, one because of aging bones and the other because of her baby.

"No more kids, Jack." Jen mutterd.

- - -

Ma, Maggie, Pa and Lily sat in a hired carriage, mostly because Ma was insistent on not getting her dress dirty.

"It's straight from England, I'm not about to have it destroyed by dust!" she'd complained when the dress first arrived a few days before.

3/29/2009 #440
disused account

Jack turned to help her. "Ok."


Aggie took his spot at the fornt of the church.

3/29/2009 #441

Jen made it into the church and took up nearly half a bench, and Mrs. Cross took a seat at the front close to Auggie.

Kath walked in, holding little Laura's hand and looking almost as nice as the bride in pale green with a matching hat. She turned to Patrick to make sure he was behind her.

3/29/2009 #442
disused account

Pat smiled, lifting Lura into his arms.

3/29/2009 #443

The little girl giggled and hugged her father's neck.

"Can you watch her?" Kath asked. "I'm going to check on Lily."

3/29/2009 #444
disused account

He tweaked his daughter's nose.

"We'll be alright."

(How did it ge to be 5

3/29/2009 #445

(No idea. :P Stupid daylight savings.)

Kath smiled and kissed his cheek, heading back to find her sister.

3/29/2009 #446
disused account

Pat took his seat.

3/29/2009 #447

Laura squirmed.

"Play." she asked, wanting to be let down.

3/29/2009 #448
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"No sweetie, we gotta watch your Ant get married."

3/29/2009 #449

She pouted, but sat still.

Jen leaned over.

"Any idea how long this is gonna be?" she asked Jack.

3/29/2009 #450
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