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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He held her tight and ran a finger down her body, inspecting her curses.

1/29/2010 #841

She suddenly felt self-concious about herself. She was skinny, she knew that too well, and small-chested. She looked up at him and it her lip.

1/29/2010 #842
disused account

He kissed her softly. "You're beautiful," he said truthfuly.

Patrick smiled at Kath.

1/29/2010 #843

Her heart began to beat faster and she smiled, blushing.


Kath chuckled and stood.

"Sleep time for us."

1/29/2010 #844
disused account

"Really," he whispered in her ear.

Patrick took her hand. "What did you and Lilly talk about?"

1/29/2010 #845

She sighed and looked at him, the straps on her arms feeling itchy.

Kath chuckled, following him.

"Sisterly things, Mr. Nosy."

1/29/2010 #846
disused account

He looked back with a smile.

"What sort of things?"

1/29/2010 #847

Kath smirked at him.

"Now now, Pat, sisters do not share secrets with their husbands."

Lily untied the ribbon on the front of the dress.

1/29/2010 #848
disused account

Pat leaned into her. "Iknow, just thought I'd try."

Auggie leaned foward for a kiss.

1/29/2010 #849

She kissed him softly and fell back, her head on a pillow.

Kath smiled.

"Have I told you about that Townsend boy who's been after Maggie?"

1/29/2010 #850
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He peered down at her. "Can you get my shirt?" he asked meekly.

1/29/2010 #851

She blushed and nodded, undoing the buttons. Her hand slipped and slid, greasy with nervous sweat.

"Sorry." she murmured, bashful.

1/29/2010 #852
disused account

"Its ok, my darling."

1/29/2010 #853

She pushed the shirt off his shoulders, looking up at him.

1/29/2010 #854
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He pressed against her, their chests meeting as he hugged her.

1/29/2010 #855

She gasped, starting to have trouble breathing evenly.

1/29/2010 #856
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"Are you ok?" he asked, his face flushed with worry.

1/29/2010 #857

She nodded.

"I'm fine, Ags." she smiled. "Really."

1/29/2010 #858
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He kissed her. "Good..if something happened I'd.."

1/29/2010 #859

"Shh." she said softly, stroking his face. "I'm alright."

She looked down at their nude torsos and blushed.

1/29/2010 #860
disused account

He contuned to kiss her.

1/29/2010 #861

She kissed him back and apprehensively reached for his pants.

1/29/2010 #862
disused account

Feeling her hands drift down, he gave a nerous laugh.

1/29/2010 #863

"I love you, Ags."

1/29/2010 #864
disused account

"I know, Lilly. I love you too."

1/29/2010 #865

She pulled the covers over them and pulled down his pants, her legs instinctvely spread beneath him.


1/29/2010 #866
disused account

Augie lay snuggled against her. "Wow.."

1/30/2010 #867

Lily still gasped for air, but smiled at him.


1/30/2010 #868
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"It hurt a little..but it"

1/30/2010 #869

She nodded and kissed him softly.

1/30/2010 #870
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