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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He leaned into her.

2/7/2010 #961

She gave a little smile.

2/7/2010 #962
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He touched her hair.

2/7/2010 #963

She blushed a little.

2/7/2010 #964
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"You're such a sweet thing."

2/7/2010 #965

She looked down shyly.

"I... I suppose."

2/7/2010 #966
disused account

He kissed her.

(Jo and Liam)

2/7/2010 #967

She kissed him back softly, stroking his cheek.

(Saw Avatar again. :P)

2/7/2010 #968
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He sighed, playing wit her hair.

2/20/2010 #969

She giggled a little, her ears ticklish.

2/20/2010 #970
disused account

"Oh are we tickleish?" he nibbled her ear.

2/20/2010 #971

She laughed.


2/20/2010 #972
disused account

He smriked.

2/20/2010 #973

She reached over to tickle his feet.

2/20/2010 #974
disused account

He laughed.

2/20/2010 #975

A bright smile came to her face and she kissed him.

2/20/2010 #976
disused account

He gave a soft moan.

2/20/2010 #977

(I must be crazy - Mr. T and I named our six brainchildren. Among the names include Sissi II, Dot, and Rain.)

She stroked his cheek and giggled.

"If I was still teaching, my students would think I was crazy."

2/20/2010 #978
disused account

(To be honest I find the hs love thing crazy by itself, but knowing you hun, I'm not surprised by those names a bit :O)

He kissed her neck.

2/20/2010 #979

(Erm... thanks?)

She sighed a little.

"Mama, why did Da get mad when Uncle Auggie and Auntie Lily wouldn't shut up?" Laura asked, tugging on her mother's sleeve.

Kath sighed.

"We do not say 'shut up' in this house, Laura."

2/20/2010 #980
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(I read a play tomrow for English its so boring..)

Auggie grinned.

2/20/2010 #981

Lily smiled and crawled in under the covers.

"Brr..." she shuddered.

2/20/2010 #982
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Auggie wrapped his arms around her.

2/21/2010 #983
She smiled at him and cuddled up close.
2/23/2010 #984
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(That was a scary cuple days without my Teaseal *Hug* He kissed her head,
2/23/2010 #985
(*hugs* I'll never leave you again. Unless absolutely necessary.) She smiled lovingly.
2/23/2010 #986
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He cuddled closer.
2/23/2010 #987
She smiled. "You wanted a nap?"
2/23/2010 #988
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"I'm not tried anymore," he gave her a soft kiss.
2/23/2010 #989
She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck lovingly.
2/23/2010 #990
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