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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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He smiled. "Hello ma," he said sitting down his pencil and giving her a hug. "How are you keeping yourself? Lilly's getting dinner ready, I offered to help, but she's detrimed to do it all on her own," he chuckled.

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"That's your girl." Ma said with a wide grin. She stepped onto the porch and set down her basket of gems, dust and grains tumbling out between the thick wicker weave. She untied her bonnet, handing it to her son in law.

"Be a dear and hang this up, Auggie." she said as she moved to pick up the hamper again. "It's brand new and I don't want it rumpled before the christening."

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"Of crouse Mom," he said. He wasn't quite sure when the name had grown on him, but they were all a family. He hung it up and peered over at the two sniffing the air. "Cherry pie?"

(My Mom made strawberry for my Dad's Bday tonight. om nom nom.)

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Lily giggled and nodded.

"I've been wanting some for days now." she laughed. "Anything cherry. Kath even dropped by with some lemonade she'd made with cherry in it."

Mrs. Caine laughed, and hugged her daughter.

"With you, it was all about the sugary things. Your Pa brought home more sweets from the store than a child gets at Christmas. He was just relieved because with Kathie it was lemons."

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Auggie kissed the back of her neck. "You married the right man," he grinned. "This baby is gonna have all rotten teeth," he laughed. He leaned against Lilly for a moment. "She's been awful quit so far hasn't she?"

(Bruke, Kath :O

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"She's getting ready for her grand debut." Ma laughed, going over to stir the potatoes. "Take a rest, love, I'll look after these."

Lily nodded and moved towards the sitting room, holding onto her husband as she sat in her favourite chair and pulled up the last of her knitting.

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He sat beside her, still shocked by how there life had turned, "You know, I got got six orders for dressers so far," he said, smiling a bit. "One from Pat and Kath just came in." He chuckled.

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(Dressers? Who orders dressers? I'm going to hope that you meant dresses.)

Lily laughed.

"I hope they're all at least plainly colored." she smiled. "I felt so bad when I gave Kath that pink gown before her boy was born!"

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(dresser as in the thing you put clothes in. They do order them, I have the original one my great however many grandpa bought in 1880 for his new bride, pre-ordered and carfted in Chicago, sitting in my room. Auggie is a craftsman remember?)

7/6/2011 #1,599

(yeah, but why would they "just come in" if he's making them? This is why you need more detail in your posts!)

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(He means as in they asked for them, he's so good its all custom stuff.)

Auggie smiled for a moment, thinking of how far they'd come.

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Lily chuckled.

"You'll have your hands full." she said with a smile. "I don't know if you'll even have time to hold the baby!"

7/7/2011 #1,602
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"I'll make time," he smiled back. "You're going to make an amazing mother, I know that."

7/7/2011 #1,603

Lily beamed, squeezing his hand lovingly.

"You'll make an even better father."

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"Oh I doubt that," he chuckled.

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"Well, I know it." Lily said softly. "If you're half as good a friend to our little one as you've been to me, then it will be the luckiest."

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He smiled and kissed her softly.

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Auggie sat in the extra room on a wooden chair borrowed from the dining room.He leaned down over the cradle, a deep grin cut into his face. His own light blue eyes stared at back at him. The little boy had crop of his mother's downy strawberry blond hair.

Auggie had been worried he wouldn't be a good father, he was used to working with croase and rough things, not things frail and small. But from the moment he met his son, that notion died. He had thought you could only fall in love once in a lifetime and even that was rare. He had been wrong. He had fallen in love again.

The little boy threw his hands in the air as if trying to catch the air.

"He's as restless as his papa," laughed Auggie, knowing Lilly was standing in the doorway.

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Lily laughed, smiling at the pair of boys who now owned her heart.

"Restless? Hardly." she said as she approached them. "He wants to be coddled all the time."

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He grinned at her. "He likes being held by you, father like son."

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Auggie smiled and pitched his son's chubby cheeks. "He has your hair," he grinned.

(What shall we name him?)

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"Hair? What hair?" Lily laughed. "He's so blond I didn't realize he had any!"

(Jacob? Daniel? Adam? Caleb? Oooh I like Caleb...)

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(Adam be my name, he noes can have it. :P)

He chuckled and passed Caleb over to his mother.

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Auggie grinned at his son and Lilly. He squeezed her free hand. For a baby in the early stages of life he wasn't all that fussy; yes he cried in the middle of night but it seemed as soon as he understood his mother would be there for him, the eyes closed and he was content until hungry. Lilly was so good with, when he took a turn to look after him, the baby would wail on into the night. He seemed to be his mother's boy. He wondered, would grow to trust him too?

Auggie grinned again, "It's amazing isn't it? Nearly everything I wanted in life can fit into ome room."

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Lily chuckled and kissed him softly, and leaned her head on his shoulder. She stroked the soft, downy little head and hummed a little lullabye.
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(Not to long ago you were all like, "Gah! No more babies!" :P) He watched his boy enchanted by Lilly's voice. A smile came to his face. "He adores his mama."
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