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Alexis looked around, waiting for Lewis to explain.

"Marie, love... he wasn't here. He isn't."

2/21/2009 #61
Star the Foxhound

"Give me a minute," Lewis said to Jen before he arrived in the room appearing out of thin air.

"Marie," he said coming up to her, "Alexis is right, I'm really not here..."

2/21/2009 #62

Alexis sighed with relief, while Marie brightened.

"Lewis!" she cried out, wanting him the wrap her up in his arms and tell her everything was alright, that it was just a nightmare and he was really here...

2/21/2009 #63
Star the Foxhound

Lewis stepped to her side and wrapped his arms around her. "Marie," he said, "I'm dead..."

2/21/2009 #64

She looked at him.

"No you're not." she said. "You're here..."

2/21/2009 #65
Star the Foxhound

He took her hands and held them. "Yes Marie I am," he said softly, "I killed myself..."

2/21/2009 #66

She just kept shaking her head, figuring it was just a dream and she could wake up from it any time now.

2/21/2009 #67
Star the Foxhound

"Look Marianne," Lewis said, "Surely you can tell that I look paler then usual! And how else can you explain how I just appeared out of the thin air. I'm sorry but it's the truth."

2/21/2009 #68

"But... Lewis..."

She looked at him.


2/21/2009 #69
Star the Foxhound

"Because it was getting to dangerous for you," Lewis said sqeezing her hand, "I didn't want you or the baby in danger any more."

2/21/2009 #70

She looked at him, her heart breaking.

"Lewis... please..."

2/21/2009 #71
Star the Foxhound

He shook his head. "I'm sorry Marianne but it's true. I shot myself to protect you, I always felt sure that if the need came that I would die for you."

He kissed her hand gently and looked at her. "There's no going back."

2/21/2009 #72

She couldn't understand Lewis not being here anymore. He couldn't just... leave her.

"You promised..."

2/21/2009 #73
Star the Foxhound

"I promised that I would protect you forever," he said softly kissing her, "And I will still be here whenever you need me the most. That I can still promise you."

2/21/2009 #74

She looked at him, then wrapped her arms around him.

"Please don't go." she whispered. "Je t'aime."

2/21/2009 #75
Star the Foxhound

Lewis kissed her again. "I'll stay with you for as long as you need me too," he told her, "I have nothing to do and no where I need to be."

2/21/2009 #76

She smiled and sat up to hold him. Alexis backed out quietly, allowing the ghost and Marie some time.

2/21/2009 #77
Star the Foxhound

Lewis rested a hand on her still almost flat stomach. "How's the child doing?"

2/21/2009 #78

Marianne looked and her face fell.

"I don't know." she said. "The doctor said she's alright, but something happened earlier... I don't know why..."

2/21/2009 #79
Star the Foxhound

"She?" Lewis said, "How do you know it's a she?"

2/21/2009 #80

She gave a tiny shrug.

"I just don't like calling her 'it'." she said. "Sometimes it's a he, but something just tells me she's a girl."

She blushed.

2/21/2009 #81
Star the Foxhound

Lewis smiled. "I'd like it to be a girl."

2/21/2009 #82

She smiled and looked down at his hand.

"I wish you never had to leave." she whispered.

2/21/2009 #83
Star the Foxhound

"I do too," he replied, "It was the worst thing I've ever done but I'll still be here for you."

He took a deep breath. "Do your parents know?"

2/21/2009 #84

She nodded.

"Oh Lewis, they want me to give her up!"

2/21/2009 #85
Star the Foxhound

He stared at her. "Give her up? Why?"

2/21/2009 #86

"I don't know." she said. "They think I'm too young, that I shouldn't be... I shouldn't be carrying a dead man's baby."

2/21/2009 #87
Star the Foxhound

Lewis kept his hand over her stomach and took a deep breath. "Alright," he said, "Marie, what do you think they would do if they saw me?"

2/21/2009 #88

"They'd run and scream." she said. "Lewis, please don't let them see you. I don't care if I have to have this baby with Alexis, just please don't let them take her."

2/21/2009 #89
Star the Foxhound

"I won't let them see me then," Lewis said looking at her, "And I promise that I won't let them take the baby away. I just have one request love, if she's a girl can you name her Susan."

2/21/2009 #90
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