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Marianne sat in the kitchen, her head in her hand and her hair frazzled in untamed curls around her face. Her stomach felt awful, and she felt like she could waste away at any moment. She was tired of having children, and even though she loved all of them dearly they took an unexpected toll on her health.

Rowan sat at her feet, playing quietly with her stuffed pets. Alberta sat in the living room and read to herself, a few of the words coming out of her mouth in eagerness.

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Susan came in from outside and grinned at Alberta. "Ally," she said, "I didn't fall off the horse once today, I think I'm really getting good. But don't tell Ma I was riding because Pa wasn't there to watch me."

Since they had a lot of money Lewis had payed for two horses, a pony and a barn in the their large yard. Riding had become one of Susan's favorite hobbies.

Lewis was upstairs, writing a letter to Albert since they had been keeping in touch since the war had ended.

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Alberta grinned.

"I won't tell." she said, closing her book and leaping off her chair as she went to follow her sister to see if she wanted to play.

Rowan looked up at her mother, who sighed again as she held her stomach.

"Mama, are you alright?" she asked, looking up at her mother.

"Yes love." Marianne whispered, giving a small smile. "I'm just tired."

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Susan grinned at Alberta. "Hey let's go play in those old dresses in my room again," she said, "I'll let you be the princess this time!"

She ran up the stairs without even waiting to see if her sister was following her.

Lewis finished his letter and sealed it before standing up just as his oldest daughter ran by him. "Slow down there," he said stepping to the side, "There's no need to run, you'll get to where you're going soon enough."

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Alberta ran after her, grinning.

"Hi Daddy!" she greeted, hurrying past him into Susan's big room.

- - -

"Is the baby hungry too?" Rowan asked. "I am."

Marianne sighed.

"Ask your Daddy, tell him Mama's sick."

Rowan nodded and set down her dolls, going to find her father.

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Lewis smiled as his two oldest children ran into Susan's large room before he headed down the stairs and came into the kitchen. "Hey dear," he said going over and kissing Marianne on the forehead, "How are you feeling?"


Susan pulled out the box from under her bed with the dresses in it. "You can pick first," she said, "Because you didn't tell Mama and Daddy that I was on the horse."

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Marianne gave a smile when Lewis walked into the room and kissed her.

"Mommy's not feeling well, daddy." Rowan said sadly.

"It's just the baby." she whispered to him. "I'll be alright."

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"No more babies after this one dear," Lewis said, "I think they're wearing you out."

He knelt in front of Rowan. "How's my little princess doing?" he asked putting his arms around her and smiling.

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Marianne nodded and leaned on the table, smiling at Rowan and her husband. The little girl giggled and held up a stuffed dog.

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((Are Marianne's parents in the picture or did they stop talking to them??))

Lewis patted the stuffed dog on the head. "What's the doggy's name?" he asked her smiling.

He looked up at Marianne, "I've got a letter to send to Albert. Can you handle the children for a bit or should I take them with me?"

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Marianne nodded.

"I'll be fine." she said, getting up with difficulty and going to see what she had in the way of dinner.

"His name's Ralph!" Rowan said in delight, a Daddy's girl through-and-through.

- - -

"I want Mommy's wedding dress!" Alberta said. "Can I? You can have her ballgown."

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"Alright," Susan agreed grabbing the dress and pulling it on over her clothes.


"Hey Ralph," Lewis cowed to the dog before he scooped up his daughter and spun her around once. "Daddy has to go get a letter in the mail darling," he said, "You want to come or stay here with Mama?"

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She giggled.

"I want to come with you."

- - -

Alberta fumbled with her dress.

"Where's her veil?"

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Susan pulled it out from the bottom of the dresses and handed it to her sister. "It's here Ally!"


Lewis grinned. "Is Ralph coming too?" he asked looking at the stuffed puppy.

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Rowan nodded and hung onto him.

- - -

Alberta grinned and took the ragged mess that was once her mother's wedding veil and set it on her head, the wax orange blossoms askew.

"I'm Queen Mary!" she grinned, referencing the wife of England's king.

(English History fail)

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Lewis adjusted Rowan into just one of his hands and kissed Marianne on the cheek. "We'll be back soon love," he said before carrying his daughter out the front, smiling as he went along towards the post officer, the letter to Albert in his pocket.


"And you have been captured be an evil prince!" Susan shouted, "And I'm coming to save you."

She leaped to her feet in the dress, tripping as it were long on her and landing on her butt on the floor, laughing.

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Alberta giggled.

"Oh no!" she laughed, "My savior seems to have fallen!"

She collapsed in laughter on the floor.

- - -

Marianne watched them go and walked around, her hand on her swollen belly as it ached with subtle yet constant pain.

- - -

Rowan smiled and leaned her head on her father's shoulder.

"Where's the post office, Daddy?"

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Susan giggled as well and got back to her feet, climbing onto the bed and holding out her arms. "I'm going to fly to you," she shouted jumping off the bed and landing with a large thud on the floor.


"In the center of town," Lewis told his daughter walking into the office and going up to the desk, placing the letter on the desk. "I have a letter going to Canada," he told the man, shifting Rowan's weight onto both his arms.

2/28/2009 #18

"Where's Canada, Daddy?" Rowan asked.

- - -

Marianne heard the thud and glanced up.

"Girls, keep it down!" she called, sitting down on the steps as she clutched her belly.

- - -

"Susie, are you alright?" Alberta asked, hurrying over.

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"It's all the way across the ocean," Lewis said, "I'll show you on the map when we get home alright honey?"


Susan was still laughing. "Oui," she said, "I'm alright!"

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Ally grinned and laughed, figuring the danger was over.

- - -

"Okay." Rowan nodded, holding on tight to Ralph.

- - -

Marianne got up and went upstairs to get into nightclothes.

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Susan jumped on her. "I've save you Queen Mary," she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Now bow before me!"


Lewis carried Rowan out of the post office and headed home.

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Alberta looked confused.

"No, you bow to me!" she said. "I'm the Queen, and I'm going to make you my knight."

- - -

Marianne looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Whatever beauty she had before her children had long since left - her rich red-brown hair had thinned and now remained tied back as often as possible. She was thin, mostly skin and bone around her limbs and thick from child around her midsection. She pulled on her nightress and tossed the dress she'd been wearing to the side.

How had the years gone so quickly?

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Susan got on her knees before her younger sister. "Yes Queen," she said, "Make me your knight and I will slay anyone who means to harm you!"


Lewis came into the house again and placed Rowan on the floor. "You're starting to get too old to carry around," he said laughing, "Soon you'll be as tall as me!"

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Ally put her finger to her lips as she looked for a sword. She found an old cane and used that instead.

"You are now, Sir Susan." she paused. "Um, Miss Knight Susan."

- - -

Rowan giggled.

"No, Daddy!" she said. "I'm gonna be a little girl forever!"

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Susan took the cane and swung it around, wacking the wall hard with it and giggling the whole time. "I will slay an evil dragon!" she cried.


Lewis laughed again and picked her up again, heading up the stairs. "Marie," he called, "I'm back love!"

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Maria sat in bed, ready to fall asleep when she heard something smacking the walls of Susan's room.

"Girls, quiet!" she called, her voice strained and sickly.

She heard Lewis and smiled again.

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Lewis came into their room and sat down on the bed next to her, Rowan still in his arms. He let go of her after sitting her next to him on the bed and rested a hand on Marianne's cheek. "You alright love?" he asked, "You look really sick? I could get a doctor..."

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"Mommy?" Rowan asked, looking afraid for her mother.

"Love, I'm fine." she said to the two of them. "I just need to sleep."

She offered them smiles and looked at Rowan.

"Go to bed, sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning."

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"Come on then big girl," Lewis said to Rowan, "Let's get you ready for bed."

He looked at Marianne and smiled briefly before he took Rowan's hand and lead her to her bedroom, pulling off her clothes and putting her nightgown on instead.

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