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She smiled.

"A toi aussi." she whispered, kissing him.

3/1/2009 #61
Star the Foxhound

Lewis hugged her but didn't open his eyes as he was getting very tired. "Good night mon ami," he said softly.

3/1/2009 #62

She closed her own eyes and fell asleep beside him, forgetting the pain.

3/1/2009 #63
Star the Foxhound

((The Next Morning))

Lewis had fallen asleep almost right away and he woke up at the usual time, getting dressed and heading downstairs to cook his family a nice breakfast.

3/1/2009 #64

Alberta was the first one up.

"Morning Daddy!" she greeted, hugging his legs.

3/1/2009 #65
Star the Foxhound

"Morning darling," he said leaning down to kiss her on the top of her head, "How'd you sleep?"

Lewis stood up again to flip the pancakes.

3/1/2009 #66

"Good." she said, peering at the pancakes. "Can I have blueberries daddy?"

3/1/2009 #67
Star the Foxhound

"If you get them," he chuckled, "They're in the fridge, top shelf."

Susan came downstairs. "Hey Daddy," she shouted, "Hey Ally!"

3/1/2009 #68

Alberta scrambled to the fridge.

"Hi Susan!" she said, reaching for the container of blueberries. They fell off the fridge and the container burst, blueberries pooingl around her feet.

"Whoopsie." she said.

3/1/2009 #69
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed and went over to her, kneeling to pick them up and carry them to sink where he began washing them. "I don't want blueberries," Susan said, "They're icky."

"Then you don't have to have then," Lewis replied mixing the blueberries into the last bit of batter, "There's some with and without."

He set the table and placed the finished pancakes in the center of it, covering them with a napkin so that they would stay warm until his wife and youngest daughter woke up.

3/1/2009 #70

Alberta scrambled for the chair and sat down at her spot, reading one of her books.

Marianne came down, Rowan wiping her eyes sleepily in the crook of her arm.

3/1/2009 #71
Star the Foxhound

"Morning," Lewis said looking up, "Breakfast is already on the table."

He gestured towards plate in the center of the table. "Eat up, I have to go to office in an hour, I may have a new case."

3/1/2009 #72

Marianne set Rowan in her chair, then sat down by Lewis.

"A good one?" she asked, taking a feeble bite of her pancake.

3/1/2009 #73
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shrugged, "It's ironic actually considering what it is but I'll tell you about later...It's not something I want to discuss in front of the kids."

He got up to grab the syrup before sitting down again.

3/1/2009 #74

"Okay." Marianne nodded, looking over at Rowan who held her plain pancake in her hands and ate it like a squirrel. Alberta's face was blue from the berries.

3/1/2009 #75
Star the Foxhound

Lewis finished and his pancakes and cleared his place before taking a napkin and wiping Alberta's face. "You can't eat blueberries without wearing them can you?" he asked.

Susan poured syrup all over her pancake and started to try and cut it but her elbow hit the edge of the plate and sent the plate and pancake flying. "Ops," she said watching it.

3/1/2009 #76

Alberta giggled when the blueberries came off her face, then laughed even harder when Susan dropped her pancake.

Rowan just watched, eyes big and filled with sleep.

3/1/2009 #77
Star the Foxhound

When he finished cleaning Alberta's face Lewis picked up the plate and pancake, placing them back in front of his oldest daughter. "You're lucky that didn't break," he remarked.

Susan giggled and started eating the pancake, "Thanks Daddy!"

3/2/2009 #78

Marianne smiled at her family and pushed aside her plate, enough pancake left for Rowan.

"Here love." she said to the baby, kissing her head. "Enjoy."

The girl beamed and ate her mother's remaining breakfast.

Alberta giggled at her sister.

3/2/2009 #79
Star the Foxhound

Susan finished her pancake and jumped to her feet. "Can I go riding this morning Mama?" she asked Marianne, "Please!"

3/2/2009 #80

Marianne shook her head.

"Not today, love." she said. "Daddy has to leave soon and I'm not feeling well."

3/2/2009 #81
Star the Foxhound

"Aw," Susan whined, "But isn't there someone else who could watch me?"

Lewis finished cleaning up and smiled at his daughter. "I'll take you later if I have time Susie," he said.

3/2/2009 #82

"Can I go too?" Alberta plead.

"Pony!" Rowan squealed with delight.

3/2/2009 #83
Star the Foxhound

"If I have time," Lewis repeated giving each of his children a quick hug, "We'll all go together."

Smiling at his family he hurried up the stairs to grab the things he needed to take with him to the office.

3/2/2009 #84

Marianne followed him.

"I've got your lunch in the icebox." she said, starting to feel hungry again.

3/2/2009 #85
Star the Foxhound

"Merci my ami," Lewis said giving her kiss and picking up his briefcase, "Call the office if you need anything. I should be there and if I'm not they'll know where to find me."

3/2/2009 #86

She nodded and smiled.

"Je t'aime."

3/2/2009 #87
Star the Foxhound

He kissed again and smiled before going out the front door and heading off to work.

Susan watched him go with a sigh. "I want to ride," she whined.

3/2/2009 #88

Marianne hugged her oldest.

"I know love." she said, going down to her level as much as she could with her sore stomach. "But I'm just worried you'll fall and no one will be able to find you. You wouldn't want that to happen, love."

3/2/2009 #89
Star the Foxhound

Susan shook her head and hugged her mother back. "I wish Daddy never had to work," she said, "Then he could go riding with me every day!"

3/2/2009 #90
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