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Marianne gave her a smile.

"I know." she said. "Let's go upstairs with Alberta and Rowan, maybe we can go play something."

3/2/2009 #91
Star the Foxhound

"Ok," Susan agreed running up the stairs.

3/2/2009 #92

Marianne smiled and went to get her girls, gathering little Rowan in her arms and ushering Alberta upstairs.

3/2/2009 #93
Star the Foxhound

Susan was waiting at the top of the stairs. "What are we going to do Mama?" she asked eagerly.

((Can you post in WWI on the ship??))

3/2/2009 #94

((*facepalm* I knew I forgot something!))

Marianne set Rowan on the ground and Alberta grinned.

"Let's play dressup!" she said.

3/2/2009 #95
Star the Foxhound

"I'm the knight!" Susan shouted grabbing the old cane and holding it like a sword in front of her.

((XD, that's alright, just reminding you!))

3/2/2009 #96

((Oh thank god I thought the glitch thingy happened again o.0))

Marianne chuckled.

"I'm a princess!" Rowan declared as she and Alberta went to rummage through the old box of Marianne's dresses.

"Alright, you girls get dressed, I'm going to go check on something downstairs." she said with a smile.

3/2/2009 #97
Star the Foxhound

((If it did I would have been so mad!))

"Alright Mama," Susan said before he grabbed a dress from the box and pulled it one.

3/2/2009 #98

"Look at this dress, Rowan!" Alberta said, holding up a red and black beaded dress. "You'll be a very pretty princess."

3/2/2009 #99
Star the Foxhound

Susan took the dress from Alberta and walked over to Rowan. "Do you need help putting it on Rowan?"

3/2/2009 #100

Rowan nodded and held her arms up, dropping Ralph in the box.

- - -

Downstairs, Marianne went to find something to eat. She found the leftover pancakes and took one, nibbling on it like Rowan would do.

3/2/2009 #101
Star the Foxhound

Susan pulled the dress onto her youngest sister and smiled. "You are now crowned Princess Rowan!"

3/2/2009 #102

Rowan claped and giggled.

"And here's the Royal Prince Ralph!" Alberta laughed, retrieving the stuffed dog and putting a glove around his neck like a cape.

3/2/2009 #103
Star the Foxhound

"What are you Ally?" Susan asked looking at her sister, "The Queen?"

3/2/2009 #104

Marianne suddenly clutched her stomach and almost fell on the ground from the sudden pain, her hand gripping the counter. She recognized the pain, but a million thoughts in her head contradicted it.

It's too soon. It's too strong. It can't be...

Another wave of it hit her and she passed out, starting to bleed.

- - -

"I'm gonna be the evil witch!" Alberta said, pulling on a black evening gown.

3/2/2009 #105
Star the Foxhound

"Stay away from my princess," Susan cried wacking the wall with the cane, "Or I will fight you to the last!"

3/2/2009 #106

Rowan scuttled behind Susan, feigning fear.

"Don't worry, Ralphie." she said to the dog. "Susan'll protect us."

- - -

A few minutes later, Marianne was awake and saw the extent of the damage. Her dress was coated in blood, her belly ached and she knew she had to get to a hospital. I've got to clean this up first. The girls can't see this.

She threw a few towels on the ground, hoping that would hide the stained wood floors for awhile, and debated wether she should call Lewis.

He's got the car. He can drive you.

She looked at the phone, unsure what to do.

3/2/2009 #107
Star the Foxhound

Susan pretended to be wacking Alberta with the cane. "Dye witch dye!" she called out giggling.

3/2/2009 #108

Alberta squealed and hid under the bed.

Rowan giggled.

- - -

Marianne knew she couldn't make it up the stairs now, and called Lewis' office.

((And he's not there XD))

3/2/2009 #109
Star the Foxhound

Susan chased Alberta into the room and peaked under the bed. "Come out witchy!"


Lewis was in a small room talking to a young man, the man that he was going to have to try and defend when the phone rang. Not expecting Marianne to call he didn't answer it but one of the other lawyers did. "Hello," he said, "George Clark on the line, how may I help you?"

3/2/2009 #110

"I need to speak to Lewis Filler." Marianne said, her voice obviously strained. "It's an emergency."

- - -

"I'm stuck!" Alberta called desperately.

Rowan immediately looked concerned.

3/2/2009 #111
Star the Foxhound

George lowered the phone. "Lewis," he shouted, "It's for you!"

Lewis looked up and told his client that he would be right back. "Hello," he said, "Marianne?"


"Ally," Susan called desperatly reaching a hand under the bed.

3/2/2009 #112

"Lewis, you need to come home." Marianne gasped. "There's something wrong..."

She saw that she was bleeding again and bit her lip to keep from crying out.

- - -

Alberta began to cry.

"Get mommy!" she plead.

3/2/2009 #113
Star the Foxhound

"Alright," Lewis said, "I'll be right there."

He put down the phone and looked around the office. "I have to go," he said, "My wife's in trouble, I'll continue this tomorrow."

And with that he hurried out the door and started the drive home.


"Mama," Susan shouted down the stairs, "Alberta's stuck under the bed!"

3/2/2009 #114

"It's okay love, Daddy's coming!" Marianne shouted back up, feeling dizzy and faint. "Oh..."

Rowan held Alberta's hand, afraid for her big sister.

3/2/2009 #115
Star the Foxhound

"Mama!" Susan shouted, "We need help now!"

She ran down the stairs and then stared open mouth at what she saw. "MOMMY," she cried bursting into tears, "What's wrong?"

3/2/2009 #116

"Love, love, it's okay!" she said, trying a smile. "Can you be a very big girl and do Mama something? Alright? Go upstairs and get mommy's pink dress, the one on my bed. Then go tell Allie that Daddy's going to be here very soon and he can help her, okay?"

She desperately wanted to reach out and hug her.

"Don't be scared, everything is alright, I promise."

- - -

Alberta whimpered.

3/2/2009 #117
Star the Foxhound

Susan trembled slightly and hurried upstairs, coming back with the pink dress. "Here Mama," she said handing it to her, still crying.


Lewis came in the door and stared for a second before he ran to his wife's side. "Marie," he said kneeling next to her, "What's happening?"

3/2/2009 #118

Marie smiled at her daughter.

"You're a brave girl." she said right before Lewis came in. She turned to her husband.

"Love!" she exclaimed. "Please, go upstairs with Susan, Alberta's stuck under the bed. I'll explain everything."

3/2/2009 #119
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sqeeuzed her hand and freed Alberta from under the bed before coming right back downstairs to his wife. "Alright," he said putting his arms around and helping her stand up right, "You look like you need to get to the hospital..."

3/2/2009 #120
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