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Me 1st oh shite!

3/31/2009 #1

Or me, what did we decide?

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Chapter 1

Bruke lay in bed, the light from the window dim and gray. He gave a labored breath and his chest crackled. A balding doctor leaned over him, sighing. He hated giving bad news.

“Mrs. Kruse?” he called stepping from the doorway. “Your husband is..dying..”

3/31/2009 . Edited 3/31/2009 #3

(We're not going with first person? Damn, I had a shpeel all written up! XD Oh well, gimme a minute...)

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(How can guy who dies write??

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Aliyah looked up at the doctor, her lined face crestfallen at his diagnosis. She felt Sarah hold onto her arm.

"Oh Mama..." The woman said, shaking her head and trying not to sob.

"You must be wrong." Aliyah said, her voice aged and thin, shaking her head. "Please, check again."

3/31/2009 #6
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"Ma'am, his vitals are failing you don't have much time," he tried to say as gently as he could.

3/31/2009 #7

She stared past the doctor's imposing figure towards her husband, who looked so helpless it pained her to see.

"Bruke?" she called softly, struggling to stand with the pains in her knees.

"Mama, sit down." Sarah said. "You'll hurt yourself."

3/31/2009 #8
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"Daring? Where are you?" he held out a hand amlessly.

3/31/2009 #9

Aliyah looked from her daughter to her husband. This was Bruke, her husband, her reason for living. He couldn't just leave her.

"Love, don't worry." she called softly. "I'm here."

She looked at the doctor, begging him to let her up.

3/31/2009 #10
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"Take my hand," he pleaded.

The docter waved her forward.

He turned to Sarra. "There's no more I can do." He showed himself out.

3/31/2009 #11

Leaning on her walker, she stumbled towards his beside and took his large hand in her tiny veined one.

"Love." she whispered tenderly, "It's alright. Don't worry about anything."

Sarah glanced up and looked at her parents. She bit her lip and followed the doctor out.

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3/31/2009 #13
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"Where are the children?" he gropped around with his free hand.

3/31/2009 #14

(nvm, comp update is slow. :P)

"Shhh." she whispered, squeezing his hand gently. "Love, Levi's coming as fast as he can, and Sarah's outside."

(What about child numero 3?)

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He gave a half smile at her touch. "I love you." He weezed after saying it.

3/31/2009 #16

She smiled and felt a tear run down her cheek, through the creases in her skin.

"I love you too." she whispered, squeezing his hand tighter as if to ease the pain. "Is it your heart, love?"

Her knees began to ache and she searched for someplace to sit.

3/31/2009 #17
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"I think so..the doctor said I was dying." There was a soft fear in his eyes only she could see.

3/31/2009 #18

She shook her head and sat down on the side of his bed, steadying herself.

"Love, you remember, they said that last time." she said, puttin on a brave face for him. "You bounced right back, remember? And it isn't nearly as bad as last time."

3/31/2009 #19
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"I know this time," he whispered.

3/31/2009 #20

She looked at him, and bit her lip.

"Not now, love... please..."

3/31/2009 #21
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He looked at her dim figure. "Its my time, love."

3/31/2009 #22

She clutched his hand tightly, her throat tightening.

"Please... just a little longer..."

Sarah peered back in.

"Papa?" she called, as if she were a young child again.

3/31/2009 #23
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He held out his other hand. He sqeezed both thier hands.

3/31/2009 #24

Sarah flung her arms around him, crying.

"Papa..." she sobbed.

Aliyah looked up and stroked her head.

"Sarah, love, it's alright."

3/31/2009 #25
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"Aliyah, I can barely see you," he cried out.

3/31/2009 #26

"Shhh..." Aliyah said, looking to him and seeing the panicked look on his face. It chilled her.

"Love, it's alright." she said. "I'm here. It's alright, don't be afraid. I'm here... I'm here..."

Sarah looked on, afraid for her father.

3/31/2009 #27
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He kissed her hand. "Sarah?"

3/31/2009 #28

"I'm here dad." she whimpered.

3/31/2009 #29
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He smiled. "I never could have asked for a better daughter. I want you remeber that."

3/31/2009 #30
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