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She gave a half-smile and squeezed his hand, biting her lip.

"I love you daddy." she said, trying not to sob.

3/31/2009 #31
disused account

"I love you too. Punkin."

3/31/2009 #32

She smiled and stroked his head. Aliyah watched them and smiled, thinking back to when Sarah was nothing but a thought pressing in the back of her mind.

3/31/2009 #33
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He gave a wariy sigh. "I'm geting tried.."

3/31/2009 #34

Sarah glanced up.

"But daddy... Levi isn't here... you have to wait!"

Aliyah just kept holding his hand.

3/31/2009 #35
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"Levi did always like a dermatic enternce," he smiled.

3/31/2009 #36

Aliyah smiled and stroked his head.

"Rest, love." she said. "Just don't let yourself go yet."

3/31/2009 #37
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"Kiss me," he murmured.

3/31/2009 #38

Aliyah looked down at him and bent for her lips to meet his, feeling the years wash away as she closed her eyes.

3/31/2009 #39
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He put hand on her neck and kissed back with all his might. It hit him it might be his last.

(Have Levi show so can get into this..)

3/31/2009 #40

(So he just dies in the first chapter? Dammit.)

Aliyah stroked his face and sighed, her heart breaking with every second that passed, thinking these were the last ones she'd spend with him.

Sarah sobbed quietly in the corner.

3/31/2009 #41
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(No, get Levi here and Bruke'll say somthing to get em in flash back.

"I love you," he repeated.

3/31/2009 #42


Aliyah stroked his face.

"I love you too." she whispered.

Footsteps echoed down the hall and Levi came in, soaking wet and panting like a dog.

"Dad?" he called. "Dad - oh my god..."

3/31/2009 #43
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"Levi, come here by your father.." it was geting harder to talk.

(Going to bed)

3/31/2009 . Edited 3/31/2009 #44

(Always at the good part... *mutter*)

Levi hurried over, glancing at Sarah and his mother first.

"Dad?" he asked again, kneeling by his side.

3/31/2009 #45
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"You've turned into such a good man.." he marveled.

(Now I'm going.)

3/31/2009 #46

He smirked.

"I've got you to thank for that." he said with a chuckle.

3/31/2009 #47
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(OO! He starts talking to Levi bout the camp then Sera's like "What?" cuz they never told her.

"Even at the camp I knew you were a good strong boy," he smiled pating his arm.

(And maybe Ay, doesn't want her to know..)

4/1/2009 #48

(I think Sarah might've clued in by now.)

Levi smiled back.

"Come on, dad." he said. "I chopped wood."

4/1/2009 #49
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"You were so brave," he mused.

(Well we need somthing..)

4/1/2009 #50


Levi chuckled and Sarah looked at them.

"Camp?" she asked.

4/1/2009 #51
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(I found out my buddy Jake proposed to his girlfriend last night. She's 16 tho, (I think you can marry with a note right?) So I'm excited for them but kind of o.o

"Druing the war.."

4/1/2009 #52

(*shrugs* depends on how you look at it.)

"What war?" Sarah asked again. "The one with germany in the fourties?"

Levi glanced up and her and sighed.

"Sis... it's a long story."

4/1/2009 #53
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"Yes...I think she should know the truth.."

4/1/2009 #54

(end chptr 1?)

4/1/2009 #55
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(Cupple of lines yet. Ally'll protest and he'll be like no she has to know. Then he'll say he was a SS officer and Sera will be like o.O and dat's how its gonna go down! Hazuh!)

4/1/2009 #56

(Sweet. You a Halo fan?)

"Levi, don't." she warned.

4/1/2009 #57
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"I want her to know.." rasped Bruke.

4/1/2009 #58

"Mom, we need to tell her." Levi said calmly, looking from his distraught mother, to his dying father, then to his confused sister.

4/1/2009 #59
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"During the war," he said, his eyes pained with deah and the scrert. "I wasn't a German-Jew, I was an SS officer."

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