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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"An SS... Dad, you're joking!" Sarah said. "Dad?"

Levi bit his lip and Aliyah looked on sadly, nodding.

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"It is true.."

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(Sure. Hazua!

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Aliyah held her son close throughout the long train ride to wherever they were taking them. The car was crowded, with children crying and parents muttering among themselves. You could almost smell the fear in the air. Eventually the little boy in Aliyah's arms fell asleep, but she was still awake. She hadn't slept in days, worrying about what was going to happen to them.

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Burke watched from the platform as a whisk of gray smoke indicated a new train of Jews was a arriving. He hid his face in his arm for a moment. 100s were to die again. God, forgive us. As the doors opened he said into his bullhorn. "All those under 15 and above 50 form a line to the left. The rest will be delt with later. This is a work camp, you been given the honer of helping the fatherland!"

He breathed hard, those to the left would be sent to die.

God, forgive me.

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The people in the car were herded out as if they were sheep or cattle, confused and scared. Aliyah shook her son awake and, having not heard the announcement joined the line to the right. She didn't like the look of the one to the left. They were all so young, or so old. She saw an old couple hold hands, and a mother in her line begging to go with her young children. She held on tight to her Levi, almost thirteen.

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They line was marched out by some SS men, toward a trail of black smoke. bruke tried to mask his sadness. How can we do this?!

A Jew came over to the wire and whispered to her, "Tell them you have a trade."

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Aliyah turned her head at the noise, surprised.

"A trade?" she asked, still trembling with nervousness.

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"Any work you can do," he nodded.

(Lee got his article done!

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(yay! What's it about? Cyber craziness?)

Aliyah bit her lip, then nodded. She held tightly to her son and looked down at him, whispering in his ear.

"You have to be a good boy." she whispered. "And go along with whatever I say."

Levi nodded. He clutched his mother's hand.

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An SS man asked if she had trade.

(Now Do's and Don'ts of CW reenacting.)

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(Care to share?)

Aliyah stood still for a moment, racking her brain for something she could do. She barely had any idea what a trade was, she'd been so sheltered. All she knew was taking care of her family - or whatever remained of it.

"I... I can cook..." she stumbled. "And clean... and take care of the children..."

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He nodded. "Follow me."

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Her face went pale. Had she said something wrong? Was she being taken with the others? She swallowed and looked at Levi, rendered unable to move.

"Go, mom." Levi said, his eyes wide with concern.

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The SS man led then to the kicken. “You will cook for us and your fellows. The best will be given a better job.” He rolled his eyes at this. “There will be an inspection after luch. You have 4 hours to cook soup and bread for 800 inmates. Get moving!” With that he left

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Aliyah stared around her. Many women, from frail sixteen-year-olds to grandmothers with silver hair, stood in the middle of the tiny kitchen and stared at each other.

"What do we do?" one asked.

"There's some flour over here..."

"No! We can't do this! If we do we'll be helping them!"

Aliyah looked at them.

"We have to."

The room went quiet.

"We're not just feeding the Gestapo. We're feeding our families. Our brothers and sisters, our children. If we don't make food, they'll starve."

Aliyah sighed.

"Get that flour and milk mixed for bread. Someone find firewood and matches to warm up the stove. We'll need a large pot for the soup."

The girls scurried about like hens.

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The SS dude came back in a few hours.

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Aliyah was pulling the last few loaves out of the oven when the room suddenly got quiet. Her hair was tied off her face in a dirty red kerchief and she held the ladle for the soup in her other hand. She stared at the man and swallowed.

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Bruke and few SS men marched into the room. "Who was responseable for this?"

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The ladies looked amongst themselves and chattered nervously, wondering if they were displeased and if they would be punished. Aliyah stared at them and bit her lip. She was always a kind person, and if they were angry it was better her than these women.

"Me." she said softly, walking forward.

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"Come with me."

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Aliyah looked behind her at the women, who were unsure what to do. The mother swallowed nervously and followed them, her head bowed.

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He led her to a small house, with chiped-pant at the edge of the compound. "You're now my personal cook."

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She looked at the man.

"I... excuse me?" she asked, not understanding.

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"You're to cook for me."

(If ol' Ally was real I'd marry her in a heartbeat XD)

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((Good luck finding her. XD))

She looked past him at the house, unsure what to say.

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"Let's test your skills with a Tamto soup."

(I hope in Hevan I get to meet mah chars. I posted in Dublin btw..)

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((Oh man, if that happens... XD))

"Yes sir." she said, still following him to the house.

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(I'll make out with all three Luruas XD)

He showed her to the kicken,

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