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She looked around and immediately got to work. She found a pot and set it on the stove, heating it up while she poured water into the pot.

A momentary glance at the man later, who's face seemed distantly familiar, and she was finding the preserved tomatoes in the pantry and combining them with some tomatoes. Her instinctive want for additional ingredients, like salt and spices, made her glance around and snap her fingers to look for them. She almost called out to Levi to find them for her, when she remembered he wasn't here.

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Bruke watched.

(Why must I listen to Packy Go Home?! Tis is me head!)

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((Try this one:

She decided to go without and stirred until it thickened, and she ladled it out for the man into a slightly chipped bowl.

"Here." she said quietly, passing it to him.

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(Hm..your friends have good taste XD)

"Thank you. He tried it and nodded. "Good."

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(Nah, I just learned from teh mastah. Are you a Halo fan?)

She nodded and turned away.

"Anything else, sir?" she asked.

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"You have a boy, yes? How old is he?"

(No, I PS3 hardcore!

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She glanced up, unsure how to answer.

"My... my son?" she asked. "He's... he's almost sixteen..."

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He nodded and had him fetched.

"If you can work hard and be a good servent, you may stay with your mother here."

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Levi looked at the man, frightened. Aliyah looked at them and was afraid to speak for him.

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"What is your name, boy?" he asked.

4/6/2009 #100

"Levi." he said, taking off his cloth cap. "Levi, sir."

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"Well Levi, you seem a good lad, just do what I ask and you'll be alright," he said, flashing a smile.

4/6/2009 #102

Levi nodded and went over to his mother.

"Is there anything you need, sir?" she asked, looking up momentarily at her son.

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"Levi here, can scrub my boots."

4/6/2009 #104

Levi went over and did as he was told, sitting in the doorway and cleaning off the commander's boots.

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"Good work."

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Aliyah watched them carefully, watching the man. His face was just too familiar, and she desperately wanted to know where she had seen him before.

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"Can you make roast beef?" he inquired.

4/10/2009 #108

She glanced up and nodded quickly.

"Y-yes sir." she said. "I can make anything you ask."

Levi bit his lip and kept working.

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"Alright, make me some."

4/10/2009 #110

"I-It will take awhile, sir..." she said apprehensively.

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"I'm sure it'll be worth the wait."

4/10/2009 #112

She nodded and started, looking through the fridge.

"I.. I don't see any roasts, sir..."

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"Then see what you can find."

4/10/2009 #114

See searched and bit her lip at what she saw.

"There's some pork here, sir."

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Aliyah swallowed and started to work, cooking it similar to how she cooked fish, seeing as she'd never done pork. Levi glanced over his shoulder from time to time to make sure she wouldn't get sick.

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'smells good.'

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She nodded and kept working, trying to avoid gagging on the terrible smell of pork. Usually she didn't mind the smell too much, she'd sat in restaurants and only suffered a little headache. But this was awful.

"Mom?" Levi asked suddenly, noticing how pale she was.

"Shh." she said, knowing if the guard thought she was weak he could kill them both. "I'm alright."

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When it was done he tried it.

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