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The Adventures Of Mandy The Mermaid Deep beneath the sea was a kingdom. There was a beautiful mermaid who lived there. Her name is Mandy and she had long blue hair and a lovely tail, Mandy lived in a little underwater village that was named Crystal City. Mandy's father was a nice man and he was friends with King Titan. But King Titan needed her fathers help. He needed to swim 3 sea's with him and then they would go and kill the wicked Sea Queen named Myrnah. Mandy was very upset about the invitation. Mandy didn't want him to go because the evil queen Myrnah had special powers. She had the ability to call sharks and make them do whatever Myrnah wanted them to! That was horrible! Mandy was worried that her father would die or get hurt. She would do anything for that not to happen! But she knew it was her dads duty. So her father kissed her on her delicate cheek and swished his tailfins and swam off. When she could no longer see him she sighed.Mandy only hoped and wished that her father would come back okay. But she knew in her heart that she must go and help her father. But also, she knew that it wasn't going to be easy. Chapter 2 Getting There So she packed all her stuff and whistled for her friend Penelope the dolphin. "I need to go to the West" Mandy spoke in dolphin. The dolphin nodded and started swimming. Chapter3 The Journey Mandy had been riding for 2 hours now and was exahausted. So she lay down flat on Penolope's back. She had horrible dreams of her father foing through her head as soon as she touched Penolope's back she fell asleap. But as soon as she woke up she realized that her ride had stopped! Penolope stopped because there was a huge net in the way! Mandy asked Penolope if she could jump over the large net. Sadly Penolope answered no. Mandy was sure of it that she could do it! So she explained to Penolope and dismounted! She got far away and as fast as she could swam as hard as she ever has! When she got to the net she jumped! Well, her plan had worked! SUCESS! "Yes!" Mandy cryed! "I jumped the net!" Now Mandy was wondering how to get Penolope the Dolphin over the net! Because if she couldn't.... She would have to swim the 3 sea's ALONE! That fact scared her a little bit! Mandy spent the whole night at a near by island thinking of a way to get Penolope over the net. Mansy thought, and thought, and thought some more. But she still couldn't think of a way to get Penolope over the net. Then it occured to her that the net MUST be comeing from SOMEWHERE! So Mandy look around for a solution. Finally from far away Mandy saw a boat! Mandy thought,"Only illegal nets are that long! That fisherman is using illegal nets!' So Mandy told herself,"I have to be brave and I can't pass this up! Innocent creatures could die!" So then Mandy told Penolope a plot. In fact a plot so big and bold that she couldn't keep it inside her! Mandy had a devious plan! Her plan was to make the fisherman knocked out but still not bad enough to where he would still wake up.Then when he did wake up they would bribe him to go to the edge of the boat. Then he would realize,"A mermaid? Thats not possible! I must leave immediatly!" Then he would bring up the nets and leave! Simple as that! Tomorrow the twosome would suceed, but they needed their sleep! Penolope said goodbye and returned to the back of the net! Chapter 4 Plan Fisherman! As Mandy slowly woke up, the fisherman was still there. Mandy wanted to call the Alantic Police, but they would recognize Mandy and take her home. Mandy realized,"I can't call! I have to have courage and still go on! I really want to call the police, they would take care of that old mean fisherman!" But she knew that she couldn't because her journey, would come to an end. Mandy woke Penolepe up and then they set their plan in action! But, Mandy soon realized, there was a twist. How could they hit a man in the head when a man is on the boat, and the mermaid is on the bottom? Mandy had told Penolope in her special power. Mandy just had to catch up with her father! She just had to! So Mandy soon came up with a substitute for the devious plan. Mandy thought,"I can just act like a real person in the ocean and of course a man would be drawn to a women in the ocean! Yeah that'll work! That'll set that mean man in order!" So she told penolope in all those beautiful clicks and Penolope understood. They set a plan in action!" Mandy was acting all pretty, getting her hair fixed, putting on lipstick, and just acting like a grown women! Or at least trying to! But the plan worked. It actually worked! Mandy had yet another thought,"Now, how do we get the nets up?" Mandy was at, yet another stop in her plan! Mandy decided that after all that hard work, they would finally just go. I know the thought makes people queasy, just animals being left to die is a horrible thought! But Mandy knew she had to pass it up. Penelope understood immediatly and started going. Then Mandy started to wonder,"What happened to that fisherman? Oh well, it'll have to remain a mystery I guess." Mandy figured that she might as well stay awake because soon they would come to the 2nd ocean. Mandy told the spirited dolphin in her secret way,"Hey, you really need to tell me when we get to the second sea!' Penolope nodded. Mandy was very tired and drifted to sleep. Penolope told Mandy in those nice clicks,"Mandy! Mandy! Wake up! We are there! We are finally there!" Mandy quickly asked Penolope how she drifted to sleep. Penolope shrugged, or what looked like a shrug, with her fins. "I guess you were just tired!" "Well, anyway, it dosen't matter because we are almost there! Keep going please!" Mandy told her taxi driver! Chapter 5 The 2nd sea's adventure Mandy had traveled only 2 miles when Penolope had to stop. Mandy asked why her water taxi had stopped. Penolope answered,"Mandy, Im way to tuckered out. I think I'm sick and weak. I can't go on!" Mandy's jaw opened. "What?! No, no, no! I bet it's just a little nap you need! Yeah that must be it!" Penolope nodded and said the following. "Mandy. It's true. I cannot go on any further!" Mandy sighed deeply, after all, her taxi driver just stopped because of the flu! Mandy said,"I'll go into the sea and the closest city and then get a vet!" All Penolope could manage to do was nod her head. Mandy swam as quickly as she could into the nicely colored sea. Even though it was a beautiful day Mandy knew, it was a horrible day for the twosome. Mandy swam to the nearest village or city she could find! It was actually 1 more mile away. Mandy quickly asked all the bystanders if she could see the vet or have directions to the vet. Everyone answered the same way,."I'm sorry, I have no idea where it is or if the doctor is even in town! I'm very sorry!" Mandy asked to every reply,"Do you know any home remedies for the flu? Please! I know home remedies are secret but my dolphin taxi driver has almost passed out and really needs medicine or a treatment!" Finally a doctor passed by! Mandy told the merman,"Hurry! I've read that to dolphins the flu can be very deadly! Please doctor-" "Jones. Doctor Jones" "Oh Jones then. Just hurry!" Doctor Jones did exactly like Mandy said. They rushed to the surface where the sick dolphin lay. Doctor Jones examined Penolope and soon said,"Mandy, I'm afraid you have a very sick dolphin on your hands. But-" Mandy interrupted,"I know she is sick, but what dose she have?!" "I was getting to that! Anyway, Penolope dose not have the flu, just a non-deadly sickness called Hypothesis. You can get it from just being tired and swimming to much! She will be fine! Now, the fee is 50 meleabucks. Mandy thought,"I don't have 50 melabucks! Oh. no! Now he is going to make us work for him!" Then Mandy said out loud,"Dr.Jones, I'm afraid I don't have 50 melabucks. Just 20 sir. I know what you are going to say. But go ahead so you can have the fun!" Dr.Jones has something up his sleave. "Mandy, you know what most people would have said. Not me, I'm different then most people. You can go save your dad and come back and work. You know, on the way back." Mandy thought,"You are so generous!" Then Mandy said aloud,"Dr.Jones! Really? Are you sure? Thank you, thank you., thank you! You are a lifesaver!" Dr.Jones softly laughed. "I know, I know. Your welcome! I trust you enough. Don't worry! I know you'll come back with your dad!" Mandy said,"Thank you! Good bye!" "Your welcome! Good luck!" They both waved. "Dr.Jones!! Wait!" "Yes?" "What do I do with Penny?" "Just let her rest! Go on without her! Bring her to an island and let her sleep! She'll catch up to you when she feels better!" "Okay! Thank you!" "No problem!" They waved once again and was sad their yelling conversation had ended. Mandy slowly started swimming. She thought,"What a nice sunset!" And with that, she was off swimming on the surface! Chapter 5 A Helper, A Journey, and a shark Mandy was very tired and needed a water taxi. Mandy swished her tail back and forth. Mandy did this because it was a habit, it helped her to calm down. So as Mandy swam slowly and tiredly she said,"Why can't Penny just come? I'll bet ya she'll just come when I need her least. I really need a helper-" someone interrupted her thoughts by saying,"Hello. My name is Sarah, a dolphin back there wanted me to tell you that she is very sorry and can feel how real people feel. You are Mandy, right?" "Ummm, yes I am Mandy. You speak dolphin too?" "Yes, I was born with it. Anyway, back to what Penny wanted to tell you. Mandy, the fate of King Tritan is in your hands now. I will be fine and I sent my best friend Sarah to help you along your journey. That is what Penny said and I guess, that now I'm your helper!" Mandy thought,"Wow! An answer to my prayers!" Then she said aloud,"Thank you Sarah! You really are an answer to my prayers! Well, anyways, lets get going. We don't want Myrnah to kill Tritan and" Mandy sniffled. "And, and, and-" "It's okay. I know what you mean. So lets go!" Mandy was still sniffling a lot. She was just sad that her father had gone to help Tritan. Sarah had gotten a head start, while Mandy just stayed there, sniffling. "Mandy! Come on! Lets go!" "Huh? Oh, sorry! Lets go!" Mandy soon afterwards thought,"Sarah and Penny and I are a lot alike. For one thing we can all speak dolphin!" Mandy giggled. "Whats so funny, Mandy?" Sarah said. "Oh nothing!" replied Mandy in a soft voice. Mandy was still giggling about the whole situation. Sarah broke the laughter by saying,"Uh, Mandy, those sharks look like TROUBLE!" Sarah said with a scared look on her face! Mandy looked paralyzed! Mandy didn't move while Sarah rushed inside an un-occupied building. "Mandy! Move! Quick! Hurry!" But still, Mandy stayed where she was, just floating below the sea. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" said Sarah. Sarah could see the sharks coming right for her! Sarah very quickly pushed Mandy inside the building that Sarah was in before. They both squeezed into the tiny house. Mandy jiggled her head and said,"Thank you soooo much Sarah! What can I do to repay you?" "Well. lets see. Hmmmm. You could eat snails? Nah, not anything to benifit me. Hmmm, oh I got it! You need to come home with 100 snailfoos (another way of saying melebucks) and keep 50 to yourself and give 50 to me! Yeah, thats good enough!" "Ok! Will do! For sure I will enjoy working at Bob's Lucky Emporium in the Mall! That'll be fun!" "What is a Mall?"Sarah asked. "In Lorvato City there it is a thing called a Mall. You buy things with snailfoos! It's fun working there because you earn snailfoos when you work there! It's great! One time I had to work there AND travel there. The working part was fun but the traveling part........" Sarah laughed! "Mandy, you are so funny!" Sarah managed to say between laughs!

Did you like my story for kids? It is still not finished but..... sStill! did u like it?

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REALLY! did like it? plz say yes!!

10/22/2008 #2

It looks nice but it's hard to read one big huge paragraf like that.

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