Escape From Hellveiw
An interactive story, joining could mean the end of you... Who will be the one to escape from Hellveiw?
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I will be writing a story called Escape From Hellveiw (yes, I did get the idea after listening to Escape From Hellveiw by CKY), and I want you to create your own character. You will have to fill in all these subjects for your character:





DESCRIPTION (what they look like):

RELATIONSHIPS (with the other characters, or people who never actually appear in the story):

Later on more questions will be asked, and you will have to fill in some more information about your character. Also some people may need to make choices, and what their choices are may decide whether their character lives, or dies.

Whoever can escape from Hellveiw alive will appear on my profile as 'The Survivor'. Others may have honorable mentions depending on what they decide to do in the story.

Who will be the one to escape from Hellveiw?

10/25/2008 #1

Another few subjects to fill in are:




10/25/2008 #2

Ok I'll have a try

NAME: Yudai

AGE: 17

PERSONALITY: Calm, quiet and mysterious.

BACKGROUND: Australian

DESCRIPTION: Brown hair, brown eyes average height, normal build.

STRENGTHS: Good at sport, smart and rarely loses his temper.

WEAKNESSES: Too cold to friends


10/26/2008 #3

Thanks, but Yudai has to have some phobia, even if he never shows his fear. Also I forgot to add GENDER:

10/26/2008 #4


PHOBIA : Is their a fear of losing people close to you? Losingclosepeoplephobia?

10/26/2008 #5

My character:

NAME: Ryan White

AGE: 16


BACKGROUND: Ryan was abandoned by his mother recently, and left to travel from orphanage to orphanage. No one wanted a boy that old, they all wanted the small, under-privelidged children. His father and mother had broken up years ago, and his father had died just after when he took a swan dive from a bridge near their home. When he was given the oppurtunity to finally be with people, and to finally get away from the orphanages, he was more than happy to go. Unfortunately, these people wanted to go to Hellveiw.

DESCRIPTION: Ryan has short brown hair, fairly well-muscled, medium height, and has blue eyes.

RELATIONSHIPS: Ryan has had no one he was close to his whole life. His mother and father had never been close to him, they had been abusive, both verbally and physically. He is looking to find love though.

STRENGTHS: He will go to any length to save or help friends.

WEAKNESSES: He would give up his own life for a friend.

FEARS/PHOBIAS: He is terrified of heights, after his father commited suicide he has stayed away from anywhere more than 2 storeys high.

And yes, that would count as a phobia for Yudai. ^_^

10/26/2008 #6

Cool Kar-zid! I can't wait to see how this'll turn out. Btw I want Yudai to survive. If he has to die it doesn't matter.

Chapter 5 of my story will be up soon maybe an hour. It a big chapter.

10/26/2008 #7

I will not be keeping people alive just because I am friends with the person who created them. It depends on your decisions as to if you survive or not. There will only be one survivor. There will only be one who escapes.

Btw, the first mysterious sneak preveiw of the actual story is on this forum, called The Residents. That part will not appear in the story, but it does tell you who started it all (Chad Miller [I created the character a while ago, his name is actually a homage to 2 members of CKY]) and a little about Hellveiw. More of these small things may be added before the actual release of the first chapter, and more will be added throughout the progress of the story.

10/26/2008 #8

Nice I'll take a look at sneak preview now.

10/26/2008 #9

Another should be added very soon. I still need at least 3 more characters before the first chapter can be fully written.

10/26/2008 #10

Oooh what fun! Here's my character!

NAME: Chase Stevens (no middle name)

AGE: 18

GENDER: Female

PERSONALITY: Very bubbly and loud. Some might call her obnoxious, but the people closest to her know that she's actually really shy, and her boisterous attitude is just an act.

BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

DESCRIPTION (what they look like): Medium height (5'5") and slender with short, naturally auburn hair. Emerald eyes. Fair complexion with freckles.

STRENGTHS: Can run really fast and is good with a gun. (It comes from hunting with her stepfather since she was six)

WEAKNESSES: As per the usual stereotypical teenage girl, Chase always falls for the bad guy... ALWAYS... (It's a cosmic rule.)

FEARS: Being alone. Utterly and completely alone.

I tried to think of some interesting stuff that you could work with. Thanks for letting me in on this!

10/29/2008 #11

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Sounds interesting. So...this is like a live realty show? By the by, I don't really care if my character lives or dies. It's up to you really. Well, here it goes.

P.S. That's a good song.

NAME: January Winter Summers

AGE: 21

PERSONALITY: She's always had a curious interest in the supernatural. She enjoys being the witness to people's death-just to see what might happen. She does not enjoy torment or torture-just death itself. She's very secretive and doesn't enjoy talking to people she doesn't know. Sometimes she can be sarcastic, but usually remains silent.

BACKGROUND: She became interested in death after witnessing the brutal murder of a friend-who was hit by a semi-truck. Her mother took her to several therapists and psychologists...none of which cured her of her new fascination for death. Her father had completely abandoned her after she found her new hobby. She claimed that she saw her friend's soul step out of the body and then disappear. She has tried to re-find such visions ever since. She was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. She learned, through research, that she is an ancestor of an old woman; who was burned for being a witch. It was assumed that she cursed her persecutors, each of which died horribly afterward. She doesn't believe she has the same abilities as her ancestor, but tries to.

DESCRIPTION (what they look like): 6', 0''; long naturally black hair (under certain lights it appears to be a dark blue color); black eyes; thin, but not lanky; usually dresses in a goth dress.

RELATIONSHIPS (with the other characters, or people who never actually appear in the story): Anti-social in every way possible. Usually just sits and watches the people around her.

STRENGTHS: She able to call upon random abilities (like seeing spirits, becoming unnaturally strong, or stop things from moving) during times of stress or panic.

WEAKNESSES: Sometimes her fears over-power her; making her too weak to do anything. She sometimes will also feel the pain of others, and that'll usually makes her weaker.

FEARS/PHOBIAS: She fears feeling the pain, and is terrified of being pulled into another person's death.

10/29/2008 #12

NAME: Natasha Matthews

AGE: 18

PERSONALITY: She's always been sarcastic and cold. Being stuck with a demeaning father did nothing to help her become a better person. Around her few friends she can become a person who laughs and has fun, even then it's very rare.

BACKGROUND: Her mother committed suicide before she had a real chance to know her. Finally free from her demeaning and cruel father, she jumped at the chance to do anything with the likes of creepiness and adventure. Leaving her past in Savannah, Natasha is going to live life to the fullest. Natasha has always had a strange fascination with horror movies and roller coasters. Watching a horror movie a day sometimes isn't the greatest thing. Especially because she doesn't have keep in contact anyone. Leaving all those horrible thoughts to herself.

DESCRIPTION: 5'9", curly brown hair, expressive ice blue eyes, athletic built, dresses in jeans and jackets even in hot weather.

RELATIONSHIPS: She had a few friends back home but dropped contact with everyone she knew. She just dumped her boyfriend of 3 months.

STRENGTHS: Brave, knows scary movies inside and out, fast runner, and can keep her cool for a while

WEAKNESSES: When she loses her patience she losesit, pessimistic, and can't stand for people with huge ego and are cocky.

FEARS/PHOBIAS: She doesn't like heights very much, falling in love, and actually dying one of those gruesome deaths she's seen

10/29/2008 #13

Great character im.a.werewolf.rawr, maybe a bit more background could help but other than that you did great! ^_^ Btw that was a great choice for a fear.

10/29/2008 . Edited 10/29/2008 #14

Awesome character Marner, the fascination for death was a great idea! ^_^ Btw what's that stuff up the top of your post supposed to be? Lol. Also the name January Winter Summers is very seasonal, lol, great job. ^_^

10/29/2008 . Edited 10/29/2008 #15

Awesome character IHateMyLoveLife, she sounds like a very disturbed young girl. ^_^ Now that I have these characters I'm going to be able to write up the first chapter. If anyone wants to join better do it quick, because once the chapter is written no one else can join.

10/29/2008 #16

Yeah, I realized that I should have added more background information after I had already replied...

Chase lives in an apartment above her mother's grocery store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her mother, stepfather, and older stepbrother, Jackson, (when he comes home from college for the weekends to do his laundry). Her family was relocated to Houston, Texas during Hurricane Katrina, but returned soon after to help with the clean up. She's lived a pretty normal life. Her mother and father divorced soon after she was born, so she's never known her real father, but that hasn't bothered her. Chase has many friends, but is actually closest to her brother.

I can think of more, if you need it, but I'm kind of spazzy right now... I'm trying to sneak this during class and am constantly looking over my shoulder lol

10/30/2008 #17

Lol, thanks, that's great. ^_^ What makes her want to go on this little 'excursion' to Hellview, may I ask?

10/30/2008 #18

Why does she go? ... Hmmm.... Okay

Jackson tells her about a guy he goes to school with who went down there and never came back and Chase doesn't believe him, so to prove him wrong, she decides to take a trip to Hellview.

Is that okay?

10/31/2008 #19

Yup, that's good. ^_^

10/31/2008 #20

A new preveiw is out, called 'Hellveiw: Most Huanted Town. Ever.' Need a link? Just ask.

11/3/2008 #21

Okay, I DEFINITELY want to be part of this! Though it seems like it hasn't been active for a while...

NAME: Terran Muro

AGE: 16

PERSONALITY: Very outgoing, personable, and fun. Likes to have a good time and is always making jokes. Kind of crazy and can be annoying, but is also really nice and sweet to almost everyone he meets.

BACKGROUND: He is originally from Spain, but his parents moved to the US when he was 3. He does not have an accent, however, and knows very little Spanish. He is the middle child of five siblings, though he does absolutely nothing to encourage the Middle Child stereotype.

DESCRIPTION: Long, chocolate brown hair with bright blue eyes. Has tan skin and is fairly tall with a swimmer's build.

RELATIONSHIPS: Kirsten Wheeler--His girlfriend for two years he plas on marrying

STRENGTH(S): He is very athletic, attractive and is actually very intelligent.

WEAKNESS(S): He tends to act on impulse and not think things through.

PHOBIA(S): He is deathly afraid of clowns and dolls after watching IT and Child's Play when he was very little.

I hope this takes off!

12/28/2008 #22

Well I've been doing other things, writing other stories, I do plan on making this sometime soon though! ^_^ And awesome profile, you filled out the descriptions perfectly. And what a coincidence, I was watching IT (for the fourth time ;) I really like the movie) last night. ^_^

12/29/2008 #23
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