Escape From Hellveiw
An interactive story, joining could mean the end of you... Who will be the one to escape from Hellveiw?
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In Hellveiw there are only 96 people. Throughout history there has never been more, never been less. These residents have... A very odd hobby. No one has ever been in Hellveiw for more than an hour and left, alive or dead. These people are mysterious, and the most anyone knows about them is that they are all very twisted.

One man who made it out of Hellveiw after 20 minutes stated 'They're sick fucks! You should see the shit they have in their houses...' He went on to describe a few things inside the home that he saw. He had looked through the window and saw rolls and rolls of barbed-wire, blood-stained chainsaws, a large crucifix leaning against a wall, several nooses lying on the ground and a large pile of bloody knives. After seeing these things he immediately left the town, never to return.

We are going to be delving deep into the society of Hellveiw, and hopefully we will uncover the mystery.

But if this man is right, none of us are coming back.

We will be taking video cameras and tape recorders. Hopefully we can show everybody what this place is like.

Chad Miller, 26/10/2008

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #1

Awesome! This is a cool start!

10/26/2008 #2

Another little bit will soon be ready, this next bit will be from the first chapter. The chapter is far from done, though it is in progress right now. I will need at least 3 more characters though from 3 more people before the chapter can be completed.

10/26/2008 #3


I got a new chapter up, can u read it?

10/26/2008 #4

I'll read it as soon as possible. ^_^

10/26/2008 #5
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