Escape From Hellveiw
An interactive story, joining could mean the end of you... Who will be the one to escape from Hellveiw?
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Hellview is a small town found in the middle of the Verela Forests, and anyone who passes through Hellview finds out it’s a very strange town. No one knows much history of it; it isn’t even on the map. The only ones who know anything of the towns past are the residents, but they only reveal small details to the people passing through. But we have gathered all of the information the residents have given and we have made a mini history. But there are large gaps in it, and the history of the town only begins 20 years ago, as we have not found out anything from before then.

The town of Hellview is riddled with strange things and haunted places, and the passers by notice new things every time, and other things just seem to disappear. Over the years, according to the little information we have gotten from the residents, there have been tragedies and unexplainable phenomenon.

1988: Gerald Hornwall’s family was enjoying dinner when he barged in and shot every one of them with his shotgun. He was found the next morning by some of the residents, he was just sitting on his porch leaning against his door. He said “96, it had to be 96…”

The strangest thing about this very disturbing event back in 1988 is that he said “96, it had to be 96…” and the population of Hellview is, as the sign in front of the only road in or out of the town informs, 96. That sign has not had to be changed, ever, as far as sightings of it say.

1999: Over 30 people were found dead inside a bus that was running a field trip for the students at RidweatherHigh School. They broke down and the teacher went to get help. 2 hours later the townspeople found the corpses of the kids inside the bus, and an hour later they found the mangled and beaten corpse of the teacher.

1991: The Hellview Hotel is opened, and many people began living there. No reason for everyone beginning to live there has been found.

1993: The number of people who have unexplainably died in the hotel rises to 148, though the population never rose over 96. Many different ways of death have been ascertained, murder, drowning, suicide, electrocution, even spontaneous combustion. But no one has been arrested for these deaths, nor has anyone been blamed. They have just been overlooked.

1996: A mysterious snake appeared in the center of town. A young boy walked near it, young enough to be curious and not old enough to have any caution. This black and purple snake opened its mouth wide and ate the boy in one gulp. Supposedly this snake comes back to dine whenever it feels hungry.

1997: 3 people are killed in the same room in the hotel; one man who managed to stay a night recounted a terrifying event before skipping town and never looking back. He was also found dead only a few minutes later, inside his wrecked vehicle, with half his innards partially eaten and hanging out. He had been up in the room watching the TV, when he heard the sound of a tap being turned on. He got up, scared but curious, and slowly walked to the bathroom. Then he heard the tap turn off and a splash. He turned around the corner through the door and saw something horrible; a plump woman had appeared in his bathroom and had submerged her head in the full sink. Her skin on her hands which held the basin was very pale. He heard running footsteps behind him and turned, seeing a hatchet come flying towards his face he ducked, and then ran right out the door. As soon as he reached the street everyone around him witnessed the same hatchet fly from a window and buries itself in his head.

1999: A couple just driving through the town blew a tire, and the man got out and walked over to the bar nearby, hoping to find someone who knew how to help. When he asked a man if he knew someone who could help, the man got to his feet and smashed his beer bottle right into his nose. Then the man proceeded to stab him to death. The woman waited for 20 minutes, or around about there, and then she looked over at the bar her husband had entered recently. There she saw her husband hanging from a tree next to the bar, half his scalp torn off and scars all over his face. Blood ran freely from his wounds and the wife got in the drivers seat and hightailed it out of there. The woman would not appear before police and soon disappeared, most likely ditching her old life and creating a new one.

2000: 2 young men decided to head over to somewhere they thought wouldn’t have much in the way of law enforcement, namely Hellveiw, to set off a lot of illegal fireworks for the new millennium. Those men shouldn’t have disturbed the peace like that. Under the explosions they were brutally slaughtered, and then partially eaten.

2003: A group of 5 teenagers, who were most likely drunk, drove into Hellveiw to look around the ‘MostHauntedTown’. They barged into the ‘Knicks, Knacks, and Furniture’ store making a lot of noise. The store, despite its friendly yet very odd name, was owned by a not so friendly man. He bashed in their heads and skinned them. Afterwards he hung the skins up on hooks inside his store. They can still be seen there.

Later that year 58 people went to Hellveiw for a rave, on Halloween. According to the residents of Hellveiw, who are glad to tell these little horrible history lessons to anyone, a group of people with blood flowing from their mouths and a sick look in their eyes ran from the houses surrounding the ravers. They ripped everyone to bits and drank their blood. Some of the ravers were eaten by these cannibalistic things, the rest were just thrown into the river running along the right side of the town.

2005: A couple, along with their young son, stopped to get directions. Their little boy wandered off. They frantically searched for him, and finally found him hanging from a short tree, a hatchet buried in his forehead.

2006: A man drove through Hellveiw, and saw something very weird on Halloween night. There were people dancing about, odd facial paint smeared over their sinister features. On the ground near their fire were several bodies, on which people were feeding, pulling guts from their stomachs. There were more bodies. Already half-eaten, hanging from the trees above, but instead of rope around their necks it was strands of barbed-wire. He quickly fled the scene, never coming back.

2008: A man was driving through Hellveiw, and decided to stop in Hellveiw. He walked around for a little bit, just seeing the sites. Everyone he saw was either sitting with their backs turned to him through a window, or staring coldly at him. He even saw one little boy slitting his wrists with a disturbing joy. He had the sickest smile on his face, and seemed to greatly enjoy every cut which brought him closer to death. The man then looked through a window, and saw some things which greatly disturbed him. He saw rolls and rolls of barbed-wire scattered everywhere, a blood-stained chainsaw, several nooses, a crucifix leaning against a wall and a large pile of bloody knives all inside this person’s house. There were bloodstains throughout the room as well. He fled from the town after only 20 minutes of being there, that last sight scarring him for life.

After gathering all these stories, I am reasonably creeped out. Many more people have either died or disappeared in Hellveiw, and many more are sure to follow. Nobody had lasted over an hour inside Hellveiw and lived to tell the tale. If any of you readers are planning on going to Hellveiw, we advise you to take some holy water, a crucifix, and a gun. And, if possible, as many friends as you can find.

Because down in Hellveiw, population 96, evil lives in all corners.

19/10/2008 Krystal Moore

11/3/2008 . Edited 11/3/2008 #1

Very nice preview. ^_^ I wonder why Hellview has to have 96 people.

11/3/2008 #2

Listen to (or download) the CKY songs '96 Quite Bitter Beings' and 'Escape From Hellveiw' and you'll see why. Well, hear why anyway.

11/3/2008 #3

Cool preview. It's nice to know that they're cannibals. This is going to very interesting.

11/4/2008 #4

Very. Do you think you'll make the right choices? Can you be the 'Sole Survivor'?

11/4/2008 #5

No dude I don't think I can. I end up killing people a lot. Accidentally and purposely. We'll see though I may have stroke of luck and she won't be killed.

11/4/2008 #6

Lol, could happen, but if you aren't trusted by the other members of the team then you may be left for dead. Lol. ^_^ Everyone has the same amount of chance to win, I can assure you right now that I probably won't win.

11/4/2008 #7
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