Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

Actually that was the way it was.

12/28/2008 #61
Irish toaster

Well they wern't really evil.Maybe the odd one or two but most were just bad.I suppose the black and tans were the worst though.Not all English are bad though.The film made it seem like they were lol

12/28/2008 #62
disused account

The English themsleves are good people, yeah but the tans were instructed to 'terrorize.' And most what did was out of frusation. The IRA would ambush them and disappear. This left them scared and argery so they turned on the people.

12/28/2008 #63
Irish toaster

Yup true true

12/28/2008 #64

Hello hello,

Good evening and all that *ducks from rotten fruit* My sincerest apologies for the disapearing act I pulled. It was unavoidable and on short notice :D But I have returned.

How has everyone been? Keeping outta trouble I hope ;) I will now take questions... and rotten food if you so feel the need.

1/17/2009 #65
disused account

*Hugs tightly*

1/17/2009 #66

Yaya. A hug :D

*hugs* hows ya been boyo?

1/17/2009 #67
disused account

Good but I g2g! Post with Kate.

1/17/2009 #68

M'kay. See you later then.

1/17/2009 #69
disused account

I don't have too..but its midnight so I should. Post in GOP and FF

1/17/2009 #70
Irish toaster

Hey welcome back :)

1/18/2009 #71
disused account

What day are we on?

1/18/2009 #72
Irish toaster

Day 3 I think

1/18/2009 #73
disused account

What haapened then? I think they sent the wounded to a hospail in Dublin right?

1/18/2009 #74
Irish toaster

I don't know.How would they of? Unless the army agreed to it.Anyway we are half way through it until the forum is done O.o haha

1/18/2009 #75
disused account

I told you to label it Easter Rising/War of Indepence/ Civil War for a reason.

You should change yer name to the mad Irish hat man :)

1/18/2009 #76
Irish toaster

Ok keep yer hat on I'll rename it near the end :P

Nah toaster is better.What can beat toast? ;)

1/18/2009 #77
disused account


1/18/2009 #78
Irish toaster


1/18/2009 #79

Helloooooooo... I've been dragged in by Lee and I don't know what to doooooooo... Heeeeelp...

1/25/2009 #80
disused account

I din't drag you, I sucked you in with romantic garbage.. What do you need?

1/25/2009 #81

Same thing. I believe that's how you tempted me to join Civ RPG too. o.0'

Well... what do I do now? Where do I start?

1/25/2009 #82
disused account

You could have her take care of wounded or somthing..

What did I do in cw?

1/25/2009 #83

You reviewed one of my fics and sent me some advice, a song, then asked me "Sissi, will you join my Civil War RP?"


Wow, internet love story right there. XD

So where, exactly, are the wounded?

1/25/2009 #84
disused account

In a random room in GPO. I could make another guy less you wanted wait for Toaster.

1/25/2009 #85

Know when Toast's coming on?

1/25/2009 #86
disused account

Soonish. He's acully from Ireland so he's a bunch of ours ahead of us. Like 4pm for me is like 11pm.

1/25/2009 #87

Ah yeah, forgot about that. :P

1/25/2009 #88
disused account

So I shall make char, but Toaster does have this hansome artist guy (or so I say)

1/25/2009 #89

XD Alright.

1/25/2009 #90
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