Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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Irish toaster

Introduce your characters here(The more detail,often the better but its up to you ;) )

11/14/2008 #1
Irish toaster




Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian :



Hair color:

Eye color:

Physical description:

Background and basic personality:

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Irish toaster

Name:Richard Owen



Job in respective group :British sergeant



Hair color:Black

Eye color:Blue

Physical description:Richard is a handsome man with black hair and blue eyes,He has a small scar on his forehead.He is slim and pale.Often has a distainful look on his face.

Background and basic personality:Born into a wealthy family he is well read and speaks eloquently and smoothly.However Richard is not a nice man.He is arrogant and spiteful,not to mention quite sarcastic.He finds the Irish a disgrace to the British Crown.He loves the finer things in life and will cross anyone to get what he wants.Many of his fellow British soldiers both loath and fear him(especially the working-class who Richard regards as 'White slaves')

Richard is not a pleasant man who is hard to befriend indeed.

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disused account

Name: Albert (Ailbe) O'Connor ( ó Conchobhair)

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Job in respective group, IV,

Weight: 215

Height: 5’6

Hair color: blond

Eye color: green

Physical description: A fair young guy I guess..can look hard during battle.

Background and basic personality: Was insipid to join the Dublin Brigade by the writings of PatrickPearse. He has never killed anyone but will gladly do so if Ireland calls for it. He feels Home Rule is not enough and he will only stop at Republic.

11/18/2008 #4
Irish toaster

Name:Rory Kinsella

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Job in respective group:Seargeant

Weight: 235

Height: 5’7

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Physical description: Medium build and tough :p

Background and basic personality: Rory is a large man who knows how to get things done.He instills great bravery in his men and they look up to him.He does not except any of his men to drink.He cares greatly for his soldiers and only takes risks when they are plausable in success.He may seem rough but he is full of wisdom.He is a true patriot but has a rare respect for his enemy.

Little is known of his background but he was born in offaly.

11/22/2008 . Edited 4/19/2009 #5
Irish toaster

Name:John Shern

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Job in respective group:Raw recruit

Weight: 201

Height: 5’8

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Physical description: Handsome and intelligent looking with blond hair.

Background and basic personality: John was born into a well-to-do family.He is well spoken and mannered.He considers himself a poet and nature lover,also a romantist.Joined the cause to fight for the freedom of his country

11/25/2008 #6
Star the Foxhound

Name: Robert Sween

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Job in respective group ( IRA, CA, IV, English Army, Civivain : civivain

Weight: 198

Height: 5'6

Hair color: blond

Eye color: brown

Physical description: short hair, and roundish sort of face

Background and basic personality: A quiet, shy man

12/7/2008 #7

Name: Kate (Catraoine) O'Neill (ó Néill)

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Job in respective group: Civillian- has no idea the rebellion is happening... yet.

Weight: n/a

Height: 5'4"

Hair color: red-brown

Eye color: green

Physical description: Kate's long red hair was kept in a sensible braid hanging down past her waist. She often wears simple blouses and long, flowing skirts with sensible boots on her feet.

Background and basic personality:Kate grew up with Ailbe but began travelling with her Aunt when she was eighteen and has not seen her dear friend since then. She and her Aunt travelled Europe through the theatre circuit (her Aunt being a somewhat noteable actress of the times) and dipping their toes with high society. Kate is a fairly happy, often oblivious person who is a bit of an innocent romantic. At times, however, if someone really pushes her and frustrates her, Kate can bring down quite the storm on their heads with a sharp tongue. She dislikes bullies and people picking on others because of differences.

12/7/2008 . Edited 12/7/2008 #8
Irish toaster

Name: Connor O'Brien

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Job in respective group: Civilian(Artist)

Weight: n/a

Height: 5'7

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Physical description: Short brown hair with a small cap.He is a handsome young man and a bright,open appearance about him.He often wears scrubby overalls full of paint which for no apparent reason walks around town with them on.Can often be seen with a paintbrush in his overalls pocket.

Background and basic personality:Connor was born to the son of a Lawyer but his true passion was to be an artist.A detail which has caused his Father to disown him.He spends his days dreamily going from one place to the other painting to his hearts content and selling some to make a living.He is a cheerful bright person but although his sense of humour is much admired,his terrible jokes and puns are infamous.

12/7/2008 #9
disused account
Name: James Byrne Age: 19 Sex: Male Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : soldier in the IV, has a small contact in the IRB as well Weight: 200 Height: 5’8 Hair color: deep red Eye color: blazing Physical description: Tall man wit fiery eyes. Quite a hit with the ladies. Even in the worst of times he can laugh and smile. Background and basic personality: His is unwilling a child of the ascendancy. His father is life-time Captain in the Royal Navy. While his mother, is a catholic blinded by the wealth England had to offer. His father said, “Son its time you do something that would make your country proud.” (Hoping James would join the navy) He had other ideas and joined the IV.
12/12/2008 #10
Star the Foxhound

Name: April Quinn

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian): Nurse for the Volunteers

Weight: 108

Height: 5'2

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Bright Green

Physical description: A skinny and beautiful young lady with curly red hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Her eyes are round, green and innocent looking. April usually wears her hair up to keep it out of her face when she is working but people tell her that she looks even more beautiful when she wears it down.

Background and basic personality: April is very easy going, likes to talk and wants a republic in Ireland. She doesn't want to fight herself but she thinks it is important to her beliefs to work as a nurse and take care of people who are working hard to make her country the what she has always dreamed it could be. She worked as a nurse during the uprising in 1916 and started again when the Civil War broke out. Although she doesn't always like all the fighting she works as a nurse because it is the right thing to do and she wants to be with James.

12/19/2008 . Edited 2/15/2009 #11
Irish toaster




Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian :British army private


Height:5 ft 7ish

Hair color:black

Eye color:brown

Physical description:Alex is a slim boy with military uniform.

Background and basic personality:Alex was born in newcastle to working class parents.He has just joined the army and the rising will be his first ever combat.

Alex is a gentle soul and naive.

12/19/2008 #12

Name: Mary “Molly” Kelleher

Age: 20

Sex: female

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : IRA, Cumann na mBan

Weight: 130

Height: 5’6

Hair color: long silky black curls

Eye color: china blue

Physical description: She’s a regular Snow White with her fair skin and stunningly red little mouth, she’s rather buxom, but not heavy in the leas, in fact she prides herself on her tiny waist, she’s the kind of girl you always have to look twice at when she passes you on the street.

Background and basic personality: This rose has thorns though, she’s stubborn, head-strong, and what’s more, she’s educated, so she usually knows what she’s talking about and means exactly what she says. Her mother died when she was four and while her father, a wealthy merchant, gave her every luxury she ever desired, he was also usually absent or preoccupied. She was thus raised by a nurse who sang her all the old Irish folk-ballads and told her tales of the week folk, and the ancient times when Ireland was a proud nation. Later many of her tutors also had very Republican sympathies which they had no qualms in expressing to their young and impressionable pupil. Mr. Kelleher had no idea that his young and pretty daughter was being raised up into fierce young rebel. When Molly finally did make her opinions known, at fifteen, her father threatened to throw her out and then sent her away to county Clare to live with her very strict, and very unionist Aunt. When Molly was eighteen her father died, leaving his entire estate to Molly. She defied her Aunt and returned at once to Dublin. She hired two advisors, one a former tutor and turned her father’s company over to them, provided they present her with a bi-weekly report. She then presented a large portion of her inheritance to the leaders of the Republican movement and joined the Cumann na mBan and Citizen Army.

Notes: A close friend of Countess Constance Markievicz.

12/28/2008 #13

Name: Anna Duffy

Age: 20

Sex: female

Job in respective group: IRA, Cumann na mBan

Weight: 114

Height: 5'3

Hair color: Long & red, tied back.

Eye color: Dark green

Physical description: From looking at old photographs, people say Anna looks identical to her mother - long hair, seductive green eyes, with a gentle figure that's worked in her favor many times. She's taken to wearing the mens' clothes from time to time when she can easily swipe them - not an easy task, but worth it in the end. She differs in only one way from her mother - her hair is long and red, which is extremely unusual considering most of her relatives have dark hair. She keeps a family heirloom tied around her neck - a bullet from the Mexican-American war that struck her grandfather, who survived and kept it on a chain.

Background and basic personality: She has Ireland in her blood and the American spirit in her soul. Her mother, Laura Duffy, was half-Irish on her father's side and her grandfather was Irish as well. The fond tales she heard from both of them, and her grandfather, made her long for the emerald shores. On her eighteenth birthday, she stowed away and arrived to find the beautiful land under siege. She joined the Cumann na mBan and works to carry correspondance. Her Brighelm blood makes her good at hiding letters and keeping secrets. And, according to her grandmother, good at bewitching men.

Notes: Heh heh... *hides from Lee* This is like starting the Civil War RP all over again.

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disused account

(I just put Gaelic cuz that's what Abie likes to called- its more thing of defiance, it the English caught you speaking that beat until begged to die. Wow that's morbid! Yeah does, but I don't think I'll be romancing with you this time :D

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(Thank god. XD)

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(What's that soposed to mean? ^:(

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(No Lee Lovin'. XD *hugs* I'll stop chattin' now.)

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Name: Michael Collins

Age: late 20s

Sex: Male

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian :Leader of IRA in Dublin

Weight: ? light

Height: medium

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: ??

Physical description: Imposing man, but do to his “hiding in plain sight no one knows what he looks like.

Background and basic personality: Grew up in West Cork. Is fun and is a big hit at parties. But he is a brilliant military mind.

(Epic fail, huh Toast?)

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Irish toaster

((Big hit at parties? xD))

2/16/2009 #20
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(Ya, girils like loved him.

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Name: Liam O'Carroll

Age: 24

Sex :Male

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : American journalist

Weight: 145

Height: 5’5

Hair color: dark red

Eye color: sparking green

Physical description: Medium higeith. Though his name is Irish he is distinctly American.

Background and basic personality: Nice, and laughs a lot. Told he smiles too much. Came to his parent’s homeland to report what goes on.

2/20/2009 . Edited 2/20/2009 #22

Name:Schuyler brates



Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian :civilian; horse trainer


Height: 5'5''

Hair color:blonde, almoast white

Eye color: deep blue

Physical description: hair is extremley long, short, curvy

Background and basic personality:born in ireland, very outgoing, stubborn,

4/18/2009 #23
disused account

Name: Craig O'Leary

Age: 25

Sex: M

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : Farm boy visiting family

Weight: 120

Height: 5’7

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: brown

Physical description: has lotta muscles and I duno

Background and basic personality: Grew up in Wicklow as a sheep and horse breeder, in Dublin to visit his sister. (If y’all wanna make her cool, if not, I’ll roll.)

4/26/2009 . Edited 4/26/2009 #24
William McKinney

Name: William McKinney

Age: 25

Sex: male

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : IRA guerilla

Weight: 170 lbs

Height: 6' 5''

Hair color: red

Eye color:green

Physical description: Athletically built, and well muscled from working at the docks in his home town

Background and basic personality: he was born in a small town and grew up there, the youngest of three brothers, he took up dock work, until joining the IRA later on too fight. he loves a good fight, and won't hesittate to start one. He can be cold sometimes, but is nice and completely loya to people he deems trustworthy.

8/25/2009 #25
disused account

(Welcome we could use a little fresh blood round here. Say hello in offtopic

8/25/2009 #26
Irish toaster

Name: Simon Beuford

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : British army corporal )

Height: 5'9

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Simon is of a standard build with brown hair.

Background and basic personality: Simon was born in Reading to a middle-class family. He fought in the first world war when he was just a boy. He was promoted to corporal when his bravery was shown, refusing to abandon a dying soldier as the Germans advanced on his position.

He has been sent to Ireland to fight the war against the IRA. He is known not to hate the Irish and in fact his grandfather was Irish himself. Though not keen on the war he sees it as his duty.

12/6/2009 #27
Irish toaster

Name: Connor Hogan

Age: 19

Sex: male

Job in respective group ( IRA, British Army, Civilian : Irish irregular private )

Height: 5'8

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: blue

Physical description:

Background and basic personality: A younger irreguler who joined the cause to fight the british and free Ireland. However like many of the Irish rebels he is inexpirenced.

He is a bright soul who knows all too well the danger he is facing.

12/6/2009 #28
The Red Raven

Name:Frank O'Moore



Job in respective group:Irish blacksmith



Hair color:Grey

Eye color:Brown

Physical description:Tall and fearsome with a white beard.

Background and basic personality:Frank was born to the Munster clan O'Moore.He was a son of the local blacksmith and inherited the position from his brother who died unexpectedly after inheriting his father's forge.

7/10/2011 #29

Is anyone still around this forum? If they are I'd love to join...

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