Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

Major stonghold in 1916

11/17/2008 . Edited by Irish toaster, 11/17/2008 #1
disused account

Albert O'Connor rode his bicycle toward the post office. His Volunteer uniform beneath a coat his mother had made. His rifle was slung over his shoulder, but no passerby seemed to mind. They think we’re the King’s soldiers! He grin broke out. He laid his bicycle with the rest and went inside.

11/22/2008 #2
Irish toaster

A man was sitting on a bench inside.He lowered his news paper and raised his cap slightly.It was Rory Kinsella.

Good he thought The rising will begin soon.Once the chess pieces are in position.

11/22/2008 #3
disused account

He gave the Sergent a cheery wave.

11/22/2008 #4
Irish toaster

Rory rolled his eyes.Lets hope he dosn't draw too much attention.

"Over here lad"he said calmly."Sit down beside yer' old uncle"

11/22/2008 #5
disused account

he nodded.

11/22/2008 #6
Irish toaster

Rory cast a quick glance around.Then leaned close to whiper in a hushed voice.

"Where are the rest of them?Are they scheduled to arrive?"

11/22/2008 #7
disused account

"They'll be round in a minute," he said.

11/22/2008 #8
Irish toaster

"Ok good."Rory regarded the boy and sighed."You can still get out of this lad.The chances of success are slim.We will be totally outnumbered by the enemy.We are making a point here,I'm sure success is a secondary option.This is a blood sacrifice."

11/22/2008 #9
disused account

(Don't think a real IV would be so gloomy..)

"I'd rather die than have the Union Jack fly another day, so I would!"

11/22/2008 #10
Irish toaster

((They werent all flag waving extremly zealous people.Some gave a realistic assessment.They knew victory was highly unlikely but that the rising would be used for future generations to rise up))

Rory clapped him on the shoulder."Thats what I want to hear."He grinned."For Ireland my friend"

11/22/2008 #11
disused account

He gave a smile. “A free Ireland,” he said dreamily.

11/22/2008 #12
Irish toaster

He smiled wryly"Don't worry boy.It will be free one day and if we fight bravely and give no quarter-we could have it within the week"

11/22/2008 #13
disused account

Albert gave a chuckle. More byscles appeared.

11/22/2008 #14
Irish toaster

"Here come the cavalry"Rory said,his eyes lit up.

11/22/2008 #15
disused account

(Member two spaces after a period..)

He began humming A Soldier's Song

11/22/2008 #16
Irish toaster

((Two spaces after a period? O.o))

11/22/2008 #17
disused account

(Yup, basic English.

He felt the crouge to sing aloud.

"Seo dhibh a cháirde duan Óglaigh Cathréimeach briomhar ceolmhar Ár dtinte cnámh go buacach táid 'S an spéir go min réaltogach Is fonnmhar faobhrach sinn chun gleo 'S go tiúnmhar glé roimh thíocht do'n ló Fé chiúnas chaomh na hoiche ar seol Seo libh canaídh Amhrán na bhFiann

11/22/2008 #18
Irish toaster

People wached as they walked by

"Shut up you damn fool!"He hissed." Do you want everyone to know its starting!?"

11/22/2008 #19
disused account

His ears turned pink and quitted.

11/22/2008 #20
Irish toaster

"At least we know your ready for this"he smiled.

11/22/2008 #21
disused account

"What now?"

(Is he really his Uncle or is that just a phrase?)

11/22/2008 #22
Irish toaster

((That was just a cover not to draw suspision:) ))

"Well,I think we greet the lads"he said with a smirk."Lets do this"

((Gotta go see ya))

11/22/2008 #23
disused account

He nodded and stood.

11/22/2008 #24
Irish toaster

John Shern entered into the main area of the building.Guessing the other two men who were now watching him were to be his brothers-in-arms he smiled.

"The names John Shern"he said cheerfully.His polite tone evident along with his good manners.He lowered his voice then"Some lads and I have arrived."he grinned.

11/26/2008 #25
disused account

Albert gave a nod.

11/26/2008 #26
Irish toaster

((Dang gotta go.You can make characters there to add to the people joining the fight.))

"And here are some of the other fellows joining us."

11/26/2008 #27
disused account

He took them all in.

12/7/2008 #28
disused account

Captain James Byrne rode into the GPO and came toward his men. He said in a low whisper. “I’ve got our assignment, were to be spread out as snipers mostly and some down at Kelly’s..”

12/13/2008 #29
Irish toaster

Rory strode over purposefully to James and inclined his head."You've arrived Captain.It is good to see you"

12/13/2008 #30
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